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Tanner Braungardt

Tough guys wear tie-dye😤


Tanner Braungardt

Happy 16th birthday to my little sister!!👽 You will forever be this age right here in my mind, idk how you got so old... When I get back home we’ll go to all-star sports and we’ll win another alien


Tanner Braungardt

Last night at sunset my friend and I decided to go on a ride in the r8, which turned out to be the last. Both of us are completely fine, I have footage of all of it that I will release tomorrow. Thanks for all the concerns and love❤️


Tanner Braungardt

#TannClann lock in was a blast in Detroit!! Can’t wait for Orlando😄 Visit TBRAUNGARDT.com to come hang October 21st! Link in bio!


Tanner Braungardt

Shirt on, socks up, and the best mom ever behind the camera😊 This is me at 11 years old trying my first backflip on a mattress! 7 years later i’m still the nervous, weird kid with the same love for flips❤️ Anything is possible, believe in yourself!


Tanner Braungardt

Dysfunctional💁🏼‍♀️🙈 #fall #pumpkinpatch


Tanner Braungardt



Tanner Braungardt

Volume up... 🎶🌹 #onedirection #dontforgetwhereyoubelong


Tanner Braungardt

Little combo after sitting on a plane all day😋 Finally made it to Detroit, can’t wait to see you all @defydetroit !💘


Tanner Braungardt

This shiny chair doubles as a skrt mobile


Tanner Braungardt

Flex lyfe xD #flex #flexing #flextape


Tanner Braungardt

Awesome day on this tramp we made with @quentinmcconathy @jaydenblue.fr @tannerwitt 😂😎 FULL VIDEO IS UP ON YOUTUBE