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Look it’s me! I gave a coaching workshop yesterday for @huckletree and it was lots of fun. Thanks to @papier for providing lovely stationery for everyone and to @lessstresslondon for promoting it. #behappy 💜👩🏻💜


Last day in town with the beautiful people 💜


Desert magic #joshuatree 💜


Wallflower #palmsprings 🌞


The Ullah’s have landed 💜 #cali


I’m hosting a workshop on ‘Strengthening Your Positivity’ with @huckletree on May 8th @6.30. If you feel you could do with learning how to improve your resilience, productivity, and happiness at work then stop by. Tickets are free. #eventbrite #positivevibes #coaching


How was it for you? Link to my new blog post on the importance of feedback in our lives, in my bio now. This one was inspired by a lot of conversations I’ve been having with clients recently and a fascinating one to explore. Oh and Happy Easter ❤️🐰❤️ #behappy


Feeling a little ruffled ❤️#behappy


Last week I read..."Everything I Know About Love" by @dollyalderton - and what a lush read it was. A glorious and uproarious celebration of female friendship in modern times, and a touching tribute to the multifaceted concept of love and its many refractions. When it ended I felt like I'd lost a good friend, so I may just read it again. ❤️#recommended #behappy


I've written a blog about Vipassana. Why it's the most challenging meditation course you will ever do, and how it helps if you are locked out of your house in your pyjamas. Link in my bio if you fancy a read. ❤️🙏❤️


A lovely collection of @papier personalised coaching diaries I've ordered for my clients. Journaling is a habit I recommend for anyone with a busy head. We're all great at giving advice to our friends, this enables you to be great at giving advice to yourself too. #behappy 💜


Lunchtime fun-times with this total bae ❤️


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