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TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Sweet or Savory - which do you go for first? 😍
I like going in order, because I just have to end the meal with something sweet. It’s a bit of a problem really. 😂

This great afternoon tea time is available to book at Cafe Poetes -
Check out more from there on my story highlights!


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Guess who finally got back into the kitchen today, it’s been a while!Whipped up this super easy ceviche with some @krogerco precooked cocktail shrimp.
Perfect for a light dinner (add more veggies to fill up!), or you can serve it with tortilla chips/crackers as a snack.

To make, toss together:
Cooked peeled shrimp, minced raw garlic, cilantro, olive oil, lots of lime, red onions, green chilis, diced cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. Salt to taste right before serving.
You can also use whatever seafood and veggies you like!


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Guess who’s married! 🥂
Probably one of the most chilled out weddings I’ve ever seen, and if you know me, you know that’s always been the dream!
Woke up, got ourselves ready, went on top of this beautiful cliff, and said, ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams (who cried during our vows btw, probably my favorite part 😝). I’m one lucky girl.
Can’t wait to spend our lives together Myles! 💕


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

This Lobster Bisque from La Villa Saint-Tropez was so delish!
Not on the menu yet but definitely should be, and this weather is perfect for a relaxing meal on their patio/balcony. 🥂
You can check out the rest of the food in my highlights.
Thanks for having us @lavillasainttropez!

Faves : Lobster Bisque, Lobster Linguine.


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Beautiful bar, great drinks!🥂

I’m really feeling these non-food pics lately. I get bored very easily if you can’t tell, lol. Watchu think? 🙌🏼

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TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Drooling over this delish Bangladeshi Shrimp Malai (Cream) Curry. 🤤
You can also use the same recipe on any kind of fish/seafood you like!

Recipe for this is already up on my YouTube channel and www.tasnimhaleem.com ✨
Links in bio!


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Happy Friday everyone! 🥂
Also, a picture of me without food, It’s a miracle!✨
I have (almost) no plans this weekend and it feels amazing. Thinking I’m gonna get some me time, get a haircut, put on some face masks, and chill at home all day with no pants on (jk, I never wear pants at home). 🙌🏼
Haha, what are y’all up to?


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

This cold Houston weather has me craving some hot ramen. 🍜
What are some your favorite fall comfort foods?


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Beautiful sushi presentation at Tobiuo Sushi & Bar. Just look at these beautiful dishes, the Salmon Belly Sake Carpaccio that I’m holding, and the even prettier Hon Maguro Crudo (swipe left).
Had a delicious Sunday Brunch there last weekend, and definitely recommend. 🥂

Hon Maguro Crudo, Salmon Belly Sake Carpaccio, Fall Sangrias, diced Shrimp Tempura, Beef and chicken Yakitori, Lychee Icecream & Macaroons.

Check out the rest of the food and all my stories from there on my highlights.
Thanks for having us @tobiuosushibar!


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Is there anything better than a creamy, fragrant, chicken korma?
My recipe for everyone’s favorite mild Bangladeshi curry is up now!

✨Watch me make this on my Youtube Channel✨
✨Full written Recipe is on www.tasnimhaleem.com✨
All linked in my bio, check it out!


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

✨G I V E A W A Y✨(Closed)
I’ve partnered with @kingsbierhaus to giveaway THREE pairs of general admission tickets to King’s Oktoberfest this weekend!🍺

To enter:
1. Follow both me @tasnimhaleem and @kingsbierhaus
2. Tag a friend in the comments. (Multiple entries allowed, 1 comment/friend = 1 entry)
3. Like this photo.

Contest ends tomorrow at noon (Thursday 17th Oct), and winners will be announced on my stories.
Goodluck! 🍻


TASNIM HALEEM | Houston TX |🇧🇩

Did you know that Cafe Poetes is serving up a beautiful Afternoon Tea experience now? (Don’t forget to reserve seats first!)
Had such a great time there earlier this month, just look at how beautiful these chocolate and lavender mini-eclairs are!

The experience starts with some Beet and Goat Gazpacho, followed by your choice (or a mix) of loose leaf teas.
Then the beautiful mini versions of the new fall menu dishes.
First Tier : Savory eclairs of mozzarell, salmon, and chicken & herbs.
Second Tier : Quiches and madeleines.
Third Tier : Sweet eclairs, Choux, Meringue and shortbread.
Beverages also include Café Poêtes’ signature Butterfly Lemonade.

Check out all my stories from there on my highlights.
Thanks for having us @cafepoetes!