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This rusty mind is all entangled in Hawking’s singularity right now. But my heart’s still beating with the strength of - and in solidarity with - my @girltrek sisters. Changing the world is a science, an art and an act of love. #harrietsgreatescape


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” -Harriet Tubman -

The vision that @girltrek has for black women in America is a vision born within the dreamers themselves - these 10 women walking the length of Harriet’s escape from slavery to freedom. It’s a vision evolved from Harriet’s. Real power comes from saving yourself first and then going back for others when you can. As in many communities around the U.S., heart disease and obesity, proximity to environmental pollution, and stress are killing our people. Walking every day is the single most powerful thing women can do. It’s a health movement, a political movement, a personal journey. My #internationalwomensday love goes to these 10 warriors!!! #superheros #harrietsgreatescape


[Day 2]. -

Sleet, snow, joyful survival. The women of @girltrek push on for all those in black communities fighting to live healthier lives. #stressprotest #harrietsgreatescape #100miles


[Day 1]. -

22 miles through wind, rain and darkness, the @girltrek women walked along the beginning of Harriet Tubman’s original escape route from slavery. In this moment, @sokari1 (Opa) needed to sit down and collect herself. With the help of her sister @his_mrshubb (Nicole) and a newly fastened knee band, she dug deep and finished strong. As did each and every woman walking. #healthisfreedom #harrietsgreatescape @girltrek


We are living on a living planet, circling a living star (true story)


It’s been real NYC. Real(ly) inspiring, tasty 🍜, hectic, fascinating, grinding, and full of special weird dance classes and special weird people. Thank you for being the creative hub where @sanctityofspace is coming to life!!! W/ @freddiewilkinson @renan_ozturk @ebarnett210 @williamjeromebentley @drewness17 #leo

New York, New York

water molecules and light waves sure make hypnotizing scenes when they come together

New York, New York

@girltrek founders @morgantreks and @vanessatreks started a movement to get one million black women outside walking every day. But their work is more than a political movement - it’s about collectively fostering the strength amongst many to be leaders of health and also first responders to the physical and emotional trauma within black communities across the U.S. Ultimately though, it’s about joy : ) the kind seen here on Morgan's face as she led the GirlTrek crew last year in D.C. at the Women’s March. Follow their upcoming 100-mile walk in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman, beginning March 6th! @girltrek @morgantreks @vanessatreks @sandriawashington @themightyupsetter @jewelisascribe #harrietsgreatescape


Thanks for being so passionate in your life Renan. You’re loved by me and by many ❤️


A long winding walk, deep down into the ravine and up the cliff on the other side, led us to this puebloan dwelling. @renan_ozturk nearly had a heart attack from joy when the sun turned a corner and illuminated this dusty god ray. His photo is better ; ) stay tuned. W/ @joeraven74 @shotsfromabove @filmguppy #standwithbearsears @quinnthenavajo


Last week Renan took this bleary-eyed photo of me after hours of what we deemed a “total loss of the plot” on my part. He shared it and we soon took it down. We weren’t sure that flavor of vulnerability would be appreciated or understood. That night I was emotionally wrecked by the bombings in Afghanistan and our cultural amnesia to those realities... but also, more honestly, I was wrecked by my own challenges with mental health. I have family history on both sides of depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and raging manic episodes which I have learned are scary AF but can also be valuable explosions of insight and creativity. Or confusion and despair. The tough part? Separating what may be my instability with what I know is a deeply unrecognized and violent catastrophe - the inability of global governments and institutions to handle human rights and the care of our home, earth. These are the things that tip me into dark places daily. No answers yet, but this quote by Tennessee Williams helped... “The world is violent and mercurial--it will have its way with you. We are saved only by love--love for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share... We live in a perpetually burning building, and what we must save from it, all the time, is love.”