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When the last living thing
has died on account of us,
how poetical it would be
if Earth could say,
in a voice floating up
from the floor
of the Grand Canyon, “It is done.” People did not like it here. --Kurt Vonnegut


If men find out we can shape shift and rearrange the bones in our faces, they are going to tell the church!!! And it will All. Be. Over. 😱 [pic of me from last night by @alexandriajb, during a moment of sharing experiences about failure and reinvention. Over n over n over again my friends and femmes. Bc life is short but art is long] #sailorJ #lightinmexicocity #keepyourselfadaptable #listenwithhumility @themightyupsetter @prospektmiraorg @morgantreks

Mexico City, Mexico

“Seeing the historic and strong culture of Latin America, particularly of Mexico, gives me hope for what America is going through now. The people of Mexico not just survived but thrived and *evolved artistically in ways unfathomable* to U.S. Americans - through dictators more powerful than ours - through thousands of years of humanity and all its shades of grey. I think we have hope. We will survive, and evolve, together, separately, beyond this moment.” - @morgantreks. My appreciation for this social justice warrior is beyond words, so I’ll leave you with hers. Google her Ted Talk to hear more of her wonder and heart ❤️- #girltrek #morgandixon #lightinmexicocity

Mexico City, Mexico

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Krishnamurti [@alexandriajb in the vibrant limbo of tears and laughter here in #mexicocity, unraveling from the beautiful but painful process of documenting the story of Nadia Murad, a human rights activist and survivor of genocide and slavery from ISIS. Alexandria’s film “On Her Shoulders” will premiere at Sundance in January.]

Mexico City, Mexico

More art, less arguing? Maybe? ~

Here, @united_environment and I worked through the night creating this wire globe of earth’s wind~water currents, and “information streams”, for @arcosantiarizona @form festival last year. Once finished, we allowed people to write their (often conflicting) thoughts about climate change, their place on earth, or anything they wanted onto strips of used fabric and weave it into the metal structure. Collectively it represented a sea of voices, rivers of thoughts, and throughout the two days it sparked real conversations amongst the people who stopped by to participate. This felt helpful. Sometimes I worry social media isn’t as much?


Photo/art by @ben_knight. In the wake of yesterday’s greedy and monstrous theft of a land that belonged to tribes, plants, animals, and all of us, I’m left knowing all we can do is attune ourselves towards what’s next. There will be lawsuits enacted by @accessfund @protectbearsears. Activism campaigns strengthened. Important stories and films created and shared. And in the very near future, a Bears Ears Visit with Respect Center as a source of hope, solidarity, and education. **Link in my bio** to help support its construction. Thank you @thenorthface for your huge backing. @fitzcahall @ducttapethenbeer #fucktrump #standwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase


Nikola. Kokoritsa, Belarus. Hung on his walls, proudly, were all the photographs ever taken of him and his family. When he asked to see this one, he laughed with a crackling joy and said “Aha! I am clearly a Grandfather now.” Looking forward to getting some printed and sending his way. There’s a mailman that travels on horse and bicycle to Kokoritsa twice a week. @undp @prospektmiraorg @irving_matthew #climaeast #climatechangeadaptation


Bears Ears is home, and nothing requires more love and protection than your home. Solidarity to everyone protesting today in SLC!! Wish I wasn’t delayed and could be with you. I’ll be with you protesting Trump’s visit on Monday when he comes to announce the reduction of the protected areas. If you can, please take a moment to click the link in my profile which is a Kickstarter fundraising to build an educational visitors center for Bears Ears. #savegrandstaircase #protectbearsears [taken at our favorite camp spot in Indian Creek w/ @renan_ozturk]


Лёс склауся так - "Destiny has developed so" ~ [Hard to find words that explain the complexities and lives of those who we worked with these last few weeks in Belarus and Ukraine. People restoring the vast wetland ecosystems for the improvement of their own lives, the ecosystem as a whole, and for the rest of us affected by rising greenhouse gas emissions. Looking forward to diving into the edit of this short film as soon as I’m home with my collaborator and superhero friend @prospektmiraorg!! Thank you @undp @undpukraine @undpby #climaeast projects and @irving_matthew]


There’s a small cot in the corner of the new boiler room at the Kukshyn school, with what looked like a Ukrainian Sci-Fi novel resting atop the folded woolen blanket. The furnace keeper got up from the cot when we were invited in for a quick tour. Someone keeps this furnace running 24-7 and it’s now able to use biomass briquettes, compressed from detritus and invasive reeds from the surrounding peatlands, for fuel. Everything about this country makes me feel warm inside even though it’s well below freezing. #scififorlife #climaeast #climatechange #sustainableeconomy @undpukraine @prospektmiraorg @irving_matthew @undp


*link in profile* ~~~ 📷 by Emily (@aesthetic.n8tive.trash) one of the young women from this weekend’s media workshops. She took this photo of my hand as she and I explored the stream in Hoopa and talked about our relationship to water. The similarities between our world views and also the very distinct differences. How I grew up in Iowa fascinated by water infrastructure and the waste water plant by my house... how she grew up depending on this river, the Klamath, for every aspect of their physical and cultural survival. Storytelling and especially collaborative storytelling is a powerful way to learn about each other, I believe. Not just who we are, but who we are becoming (all races, in all counties, facing all kinds of situations). It allows us to co-create ways of supporting each other through an honest dialogue and equal exchange, rather than forced or half-baked notions of “assistance.” ~

The last month up here has been a humbling experience in trying to better understand the tribal resilience and political food movements rising out of such a complex and violent history. From the Spanish conquest to the U.S. state-sanctioned genocide, 90%-95% of American Indians in California were murdered, either directly or though starvation. All those living today are descendants of the surviving 5%. These facts don’t get taught in schools or textbooks, they often don’t make their way into Hollywood films or mass media, and all of this cultural and historical amnesia contributes to ongoing and overlooked oppression. Today it happens through the innumerable regulatory blockades that keep native communities from cultivating and harvesting traditional foods and thus from being a healthier people. -

Today the first story from @gatherfilm collaborative photojournalism project went live on @civileats, directly addressing these modern day systems of oppression around food access. The article speaks to these issues through the traditional Tolowa meal that @siixuutesna held with her family a few weeks ago. I would love if you clicked that LINK IN PROFILE to read the story what @riseupranch @singsinthetimber @kim_baca1 @mrsanjayr put together. It’s worth the time!


“In a way, nobody sees a flower, really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keeffe