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Yon peyi ki fè eskal
[A country in transit]
Sou tout lanmè eskandal
[over all the sea's roaring] ~Haitian poet Georges Castera

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The love of my life in the trenches with me this eve. Not many people want to or are willing to create stories in this medium (film) from concept to directing to shooting to editing. Soup-to-nuts doc filmmaking is something @renan_ozturk and I have been doing together (and largely, separately) for a number of years now. When the glamour of shooting exciting stories or unique environments subsides we find ourselves in our basement, at this table, swimming for our lives under the depths of decision making that needs to happen. One tiny decision after another. One clip in sequence after another. Documentary is unscripted thus up to the director and editor to create what’s meaningful from the materials at hand. It usually looks and feels like this. (Cue: pain) But this, in my mind, is beautiful. Mainly, that adorable face, right?!?! #smittenkitten #respecttheprocess @gatherfilm @thenorthface @mrsanjayr @pat.patrol @versacemovs @rudy.le @freddiewilkinson @ebarnett210 @hillygoat_climbs @robwassmer @kiyomeo @brandonjosephbaker @camp4collective


An article came out today analyzing the real correlation between the outdoor ‘industry’ and conservation. Conclusion? Statistically #inchoate. My head spins like the A-Star chopper we flew last month to celebrate and elevate one of the most beautiful islands. New Zealand. My mind bends bc... wtfisgoingon. Stories both told and untold, present and needing to unfold, the place in which my presence can even respectfully hold the right frequency to really resonate and co-create. I spoke to my father today as he bore soil samples into a Superfund site, patiently described to his daughter how toxins permeate clay and gravel silt. My father is a registered nurse tending to soil column contusions, assaults to harmless ecology. But he is a nurse (engineer) not an activist. My mother tries to figure out texting while my neck bleeds the wounds of generational misunderstanding. She saves cities from sewage mishandling and allows clean water to enter the bodies of 4 million but I struggle loving. How can I apologize for the feminine karma? My grandmother attended an art exhibit yesterday of indigenous reconfiguration, native identity and power, and she asked me “why can’t we all see this.”.... Who is “all”, grandma? How far back do we need to go?... The chopper blades spin and spew carbon. Like, lots of carbon. And everyone says it’s a mix of influence and impact. All I can say in this moment is I owe my art to those who inspire me. @renan_ozturk @ajamonet @themightyupsetter @prospektmiraorg @amivitale @ma.nush.ka @form @chivexp @nasajpl @christine_geb @moon_yogi @conpulsiv @rudy.le @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen @silverjackson @quinnthenavajo @mrsanjayr @gatherfilm @girltrek @girlschoolla @womenundertheinfluence @mrsanjayr @treefighter @morgantreks @vanessatreks @wyldergoods @jaineedial @emilymkrtichian @chelseakauai @alexandriajb @alexandrafuller @hillygoat_climbs @thosh.collins @chelsey.luger @siixuutesna @sidoutwest @nepsidhu @katuddenham @rebekaryvola @aidanle @arcosantiarizona @spacemanan @rummelmp @ben_knight @ben_moon @travisrummel @shaandiin @lksanchez32 @sandsruss @philofdreams @versacemovs @incausa @ingrid_sirois @eilenebeniquez @ciaralikhan @hadhammer


“Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” -David Foster Wallace •

A number of years ago my dear friend @ansonfogel gifted me the opportunity to act in one of his short films about the West. Due to the fact that we had limited budget and two days to do the whole thing, I remember vividly the lessons he imparted. The 5 min talk he and I had about the character I was to play, about what acting even was really! The 2 min lesson I received on how to jump and summersault off a porch from within a pyrotechnic explosion. The 10 second lesson he gave me on how to ride a motorcycle at dusk, for the final shot, because I had forgotten to mention I never had before and the next thing we knew the sun was setting and the crew had only moments left to shoot in natural light. “Stay steady, give ‘er a little gas, look straight ahead to where you are going.” Often in life we don’t get slowly paced and nurturing environments to learn new things. Sometimes it’s fire (literally), fury, and seizing every opportunity to try your best at something new. Better to disturb your comfort than miss one of those chances!! Thank you Anson for including @renan_ozturk and I in your art over these years! @camp4collective [photo by @ansonfogel]


[Jensen, 1999, Part 2] “When dams were erected on the Columbia, salmon battered themselves against the concrete, trying to return home. I expect no less from us. We too must hurl ourselves against and through the literal and metaphorical concrete that contains and constrains us, that keeps us from talking about what is most important to us, that keeps us from living the way our bones know we can, that bars us from our home. It only takes one person to bring down a dam.
There are times the lies get to me, times I weary of battering myself against the obstacles of denial, hatred, fear-induced stupidity, and greed, times I want to curl up and fall into the problem, let it sweep me away as it so obviously sweeps away so many others. I remember a spring day a few years ago, a spring day much like this one, only a little more sun, and warmer. I sat on this same couch and looked out this same window at the same ponderosa pine.
I was frightened, and lonely. Frightened of a future that looks dark, and darker with each passing species, and lonely because for every person actively trying to shut down the timber industry, stop abuse, or otherwise bring about a sustainable and sane way of living, there are thousands who are helping along this not-so-slow train to oblivion. I began to cry.
The tears stopped soon enough. I realized we are not so outnumbered. We are not outnumbered at all. I looked closely, and saw one blade of wild grass, and another. I saw the sun reflecting bright off the needles of pine trees, and I heard the hum of flies. I saw ants walking single file through the dust, and a spider crawling toward the corner of the ceiling. I knew in that moment, as I’ve known ever since, that it is no longer possible to be lonely, that every creature on earth is pulling in the direction of life— every grasshopper, every struggling salmon. Every unhatched chick, every cell of every blue whale—and it is only our own fear that sets us apart. All humans, too, are struggling to be sane, struggling to live in harmony with our surroundings, but it’s really hard to let go.” [w/ @syrp_ @renan_ozturk]


Flashback, 1999.... “One of our exercises was to pretend that the year was 2018, and that somehow our culture had undergone a revolution in values such that we were now living sustainably. We wrote what we believed sustainable communities and farms would look and feel and smell like, what technologies would be used, and so on.
I don’t know whether it broke my heart more to perform the exercise or for the group to share the results. This was due in part to the fact that no mention was made, either in the setup of the exercise or in the answers, of the nearly insuperable physical difficulties we face—for example, the fact that those in power control guns, tanks, airplanes, biological and nuclear weapons, as well as all major media outlets, and have shown themselves time and again more than eager to use these various tools to destroy any perceived threat. Nor did anyone mention the probably unconscious and certainly irrational imperative that drives all of the destruction. My discomfort arose primarily because even when we spoke of technology; no one mentioned the crash. We spoke much of “appropriate” or “friendly”’ technologies, but we did not define either one, nor did we mention how or why people would implement these technologies. Finally I could hold back no longer.
“Everyone here knows industrial civilization isn’t sustainable. We all know that any technology that relies on the use of non-renewables is by definition not sustainable. We also know that by definition, any technology or activity that damages any other community— human or nonhuman—isn’t sustainable. Finally, everyone here knows that there’s no way within the next twenty years we’ll make a transition to a technologically sustainable culture. The best we can hope for is that we begin to throttle down our overblown technology, to bring ourselves to a soft landing instead of a full crash.” [written about 20 years ago by Derrick Jensen, published in his book A Language Older than Words]
Photo taken yesterday while here in New Zealand, appreciating one of Earth’s most pristine and beautiful places with @syrp_ @renan_ozturk. Hoping we can help to create a love story here that brings us all home 🌏


My 🐝 bee-loved @renan_ozturk at our local pond, the Salt Flats, appreciating water and the mind melting sunsets that happen out there. The dance between the two. We have done many art projects over the years here, from making a raven sculpture out of feathers to send love to our lost friend @deanpotter, to an art film with @camp4collective called “Against the Sky”, and many nights just the two of us playing around with cameras and movement. I think it’s so important to make art in the places that inspire you. The land needs us as witnesses and willing protectors. #loveiscollaborativeart #thisismybrainonnature


Just found out I’m a “Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Rising.” Double propensity towards being unnecessarily dramatic. Nooooooooo way. #astrologycatastrophes #shipwreck


Yesterday the @gatherfilm team met with @sammygensaw @jlg.ensaw and @backyahdbeauty to exchange experiences from their tribes on the revival and protection of indigenous food systems.
Danielle Hill (@backyahdbeauty) of Massachusetts Mashpee Wampanoag tribe told the Northern Cali #YurokNation youth that “Our Territory is where the so-called first Thanksgiving was held. There are many problems with this story as told, but the most striking to me is as though there’s only room one day a year to give thanks over food. Our people celebrate gratitude many many times a year. It’s not just one day and one meal where we gather to give thanks as a culture and as a people.” The #ancestralguard youth @sammygensaw and @jlg.ensaw remarked to Danielle, “Your tribe was one of the first to be contacted and we were one of the last to be contacted. But the story of the destruction of our food system as a way to destroy us is identical.”
“But were all still here,” answered Danielle. ✊🏽. @mrsanjayr @tanya_meillier @renan_ozturk @sterlinharjo @fndi303 @the11thhourproject


Never known a human so courageous as @landonbassett. The one willing to question all half million ‘shame bombs’ we throw on ourselves and each other for the vulnerabilities and uncertainties of being human. If we are lucky we get a friend like Landon to help us examine our assumptions about life, love, romance, sex, the environment, productivity, community, and contribution. Thank you friend for leading us all day through true spiritual paradise. @landonbassett @renan_ozturk @lmkennedy


How do we see the unseen? Viscerally feel and more deeply understand the experiences of others? Does that create an empathy that can lead to change? -

@chivexp (Emmanuel Lubezki) and Alejandro Iñárritu recently created “Carne y Arena” - an immersive virtual reality experience of crossing the Mexico-U.S. border with a group of human beings fleeing violence or in search of a better life for their families. I had the opportunity to go through this last year and was blown away. Unlike any other VR or film, each viewer’s experience is unique and dictated by the curiosity or level of immersion you choose to explore - right into the depths of being able to peer into the body of another human and see their beating heart. It can be seen at the LACMA through July 1 and just made its tour debut in Washington D.C. this week! Encouraging all to learn more and seek out an opportunity to experience it. In awe of the creative boundaries this team is pushing. [📷 by @chivexp]


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