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Documentary and Commercial Film Director, Photojournalist, *Environmental Education*. I deeply ❤️ Earth and all its inhabitants.

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Taylor Rees

“When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms. When it is over, I don't want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened, or full of argument. I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.” - Mary Oliver (1935 - 2019, passed away yesterday) [Rest in the peaceful forests of your poems, my hero!]


Taylor Rees

“Capturing the rare elusive Renan on camera, in his natural habitat, requires an ethically questionable tactic - the withholding of all available snacks - and waiting for when the moment of ravenous hunger strikes this wild wonderful beast and he comes looking in your jacket pocket for his next meal.” -David Attenborough, kinda. #thisismybrainonlove #desertescapades @sonyalpha


Taylor Rees

“I doubt that the imagination can be suppressed. If you truly eradicated it in a child, he would grow up to be an eggplant.” - Ursula K. Le Guin, The Language of the Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction ~

Someone today asked me what I was most grateful for. The fact that we are all human beings and not eggplants came to mind. Enjoy your creativity, Earthlings : ) Shot in NZ with @_syrp @sonyalpha #bealpha #thisismybrainonnature


Taylor Rees

One of the first times I truly fell in love with the stark rugged surface of our shared molten planet was also the first time I lost all feeling in my outer toes. That feeling (in my feet) never returned. The sensation of being alive though - that’s still around : ) [Shot w/ @sonyalpha @underanarcticsky @renan_ozturk @chrisburkard @goalzero @volcanopilot]


Taylor Rees

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, 2005. When I met Mia she was trying to wrangle her pack of sled dog pups back into their kennel after an hour of free play down at the edge of the fjord. At the age of 11, Mia was responsible for their care. The livelihood of her family depended on raising, training and using these dogs for snow and ice-pack travel to subsistence and commercially hunt. Already that season they were used in a Musk-Ox hunt. This subsistence livelihood though, a decade ago, was already becoming harder and harder by the year. The Arctic is warming nearly three times as fast as the more temperate and equatorial zones on our planet. Those living there have been feeling the pressure to shift their lives and economies for decades, as the rest of the world feels the pressure much more recently. Mia would be 25 now. Wish, in the state of frenzied puppy madness, I had managed a better frame. And a better way to stay in touch with her. #climatechangeisreal [UPDATE!!! Through the powers of social media and @brit_ashleigh, I just found Mia. 14 years later!!’ —— Mia (@miachemnitz) updated me just now that - “when the hunting season ends they’re used for tourist tours - this is the only way for the hunters to keep their sleddogs these days. Many hunters don’t use the dogs for hunting anymore as snowmobiles are a lot more convenient. It’s very expensive to feed the dogs all year, and it’s no longer possible to make a living from only using the dogs for hunting. So the tourists are the saviors of this breed 😊”


Taylor Rees

It’s difficult in creative partnerships, especially marriage, to define yourself as an individual. Especially when so often there are endless facets of collaboration, shared values, helping each other out, etc. But I’ve realized over time just how important it is to stay rooted in my own passions, education, and dreams. So 2019 is the (scary exciting!!!!) year of independence! Embarking on a number of projects as a solo Director, this time not in collaboration with the kindest fuzziest @renan_ozturk. I’m premiering a short film on art and healing, in collaboration with @versacemovs @themightyupsetter @todd.rees and Renan, embarking on a new short film about the economic transitions in coal country Appalachia with @patagonia, a feature doc on the climate change complexities of renewable energy in South America, a photojournalism story in Haiti with my favorite collaborator @morgantreks, co-leading workshops on creativity and earth-embodiment with @mydharma_yoga (stay tuned to sign up!), guiding a photography tour with @naturalworldsafaris, and working with @prospektmiraorg on a photojournalism story to support climate adaptation strategies in Fiji. This year will also be a huge year for the evolution of our planet as a whole, and for all of you as Individuals, and I’m excited to engage in those dialogues with you about who we are as a species, our commonalities and our diversity, and where we are going.


Taylor Rees

We sat under this natural bridge, in the stand-still biting cold 9 degree air, listing the people and experiences in life we are grateful for. Made my heart ache a bit, for those we weren’t sharing the holidays with on our solo escape. But also happy to have the space to unwind. @renan_ozturk performed circus gymnastics - running sprints over the rocky terrain between his time lapses as he couldn’t quite choose his favorite frame. I cuddled into a tight ball, arms and legs zipped up in my oversized jacket, trying to adjust the exposure on this shot without knocking the tripod over, or, tumbling down the slick rock edge like a human boulder. The stars this night seemed to speak with their twinkling. Feel like I need something new to read in the astronomy / deep space physics / science fiction realms. Any book suggestions?


Taylor Rees

Gravity’s impending potential for colossal shifts and the simultaneous delicacy and beauty of what evidence we have of life before (see Ancestral Puebloan #kiva hidden below), all within a landscape we share today. These forces - gravity, geology, ecology, culture - move continuously forward together. None of them have stopped evolving. Yesterday’s jaunt through a special enclave of Bears Ears made me ever more appreciative to those working to protect it. @protectbearsears and the tribes 🙏. Shot w/ @renan_ozturk @baloointhewild


Taylor Rees

Warmest holiday wishes from our fluttering hearts to yours, friends!!!


Taylor Rees

Even icy slush
will blush if you notice it
the earth loves your love
#haiku #dumbbutilikeit #thisismybrainonnature


Taylor Rees

“You’re sleeping in? When we have bikes to ride?!” - @baloointhewild, perpetual morning judgement thrower 😂 [dirt camping w/ little brudder @jackrees20]