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226 miles to Diamond Creek. ✌🏼#grandcanyon #coloradoriver

Lee's Ferry

Staring contest with the King. He always wins. 👀#etoshanationalpark #namibia #nikond850

Etosha National Park

These desert elephants in the Damaraland region of Namibia are so incredible. It's such a bizarre thing to see animals of this size living in such a harsh environment. It's hot here. They use their giant ears as fans to help cool themselves. #namibia #elephant #desert


It's still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that these trees have been here in this state for longer than most trees have been alive. 500-700 years ago they died and won't decay because of the dry conditions in the desert. Amazing. #namibia #desert #deadvlei #nikond850


Campsite/Observatory #namibia #homeiswhereyouparkit


Bull elephant in the desert. So cool. Loved seeing these guys. It looks green but there was only a small amount of this lush flora amid this bizarre and wonderful landscape. #namibia #elephant


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts #etoshanationalpark #giraffe #Namibia

Etosha National Park

Hope everyone feasted yesterday as well as this guy. #lionking #namibia #nikond850

Etosha National Park

2017 has been quite a year and just want to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of it and all of you who care to follow along on this weird and wonderful social media thing. I am beyond grateful for all the people and places that photography has brought into my life this year. And a HUGE thank you to my lovely sister who put up with me on the road through Namibia these past 2 weeks. You're the best @kathrynobx Time with family and friends is the greatest gift there is. I wish all of you a great holiday and hope you get plenty of quality time with your loved ones.


Self portrait somewhere south #namibia #roadtrip


Desert meets ocean. Gotta be one of the coolest places on the planet. #namibia #droneoftheday

Walvis Bay

This seemed like eternity but it was only a few minutes long. I've dreamed about making this picture. Close up, low angle and a slightly wide focal length. All it took was a short drive from our camp. He walked straight to us, posturing a bit to show who's boss, ate a bit, shook off some dust, and carried on. What a gift! Truly humbling to see an animal like this in such close proximity. #namibia #etosha #elephant

Etosha National Park

Endless beauty here in the Damaraland region. #namibia #nikond850

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

This morning I spent a few hours with a family of desert elephants including this marvelous bull. I don't even know where to begin with all the current news making headlines back home around these magnificent animals. I just want to share this moment with anyone who appreciates the beauty of it. #namibia #elephant #nikond850


Ocean of sand. #namibia #4x4 #nikond850


Lots of this... #namibia #roadtrip


Light experiment in the Namib #namibdesert #nikond850


It's hard out there for a desert giraffe. The Namib desert is not an easy place to live but it sure is beautiful. #namibia #wildlife #nikond850

NamibRand Family Hideout

Mind blowing landscape here in the Namib. #nikond850 @nikonusa #namibia

Namib Naukluft National Park

Life in the African bush is difficult to say the least. Watching these massive animals jockey for position at this watering hole in Kruger was fascinating. The time I made this picture was a particularly dry year so animals were forced to be more tolerant of each other in close proximity in order to hydrate. You could see them cautiously watching each other while delicately finding their place to drink. #southafrica #safari #krugernationalpark

Kruger National Park

👀 ever feel like you're being watched? #hippo #southafrica #safari

Sabi Sands Game Reserve

This summer I had a very special day in the mountains on an incredible route pioneered by Fred Beckey and Yvonne Chouinard back in August of 1961. The Beckey-Chouinard on South Howser Tower in the Bugaboos is an absolute classic. I had the opportunity to experience this amazing climb with my buddy Bob Semborski this past August. Hard to believe the FA was almost 56 years to the day prior to our ascent. And today we lost Fred. What a legend. He left his mark on climbing in so many ways. For 94 years he pursued his passion in the mountains and left us all an incredible legacy of adventure to aspire to. R.I.P. You legend! #ripfredbeckey #beckeyroute #climbing #canada #bugaboos

The Bugaboos

The Cathedral Group this morning. #jacksonhole #itswhatwedohere

Grand Teton National Park

Changing my perspective recently. Loving the higher vantage points •

#drone #aerial #droneoftheday #australia

Sea Cliff Bridge