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Sandstone. Desert Flora. Snow. Incredible morning. @zionnps #zionnationalpark #utah

Zion National Park

The Watchman with a Winter coat. Woke up to snow in the desert this morning. So epic! @zionnps #utah #desertsnow

Zion National Park

Gasolina circa de la frontera. Along the Colombia Venezuela border there is a black market for gasoline. It's a crazy scene. People with barrels of petrol competing for customers on the highway. The gas comes in from Venezuela and is extremely cheap. Hard to believe this goes on. So many people in this world are living on the edge, scraping for ways to get by. #travel #colombia #pitstop @tomatribaloutreach


A beautiful Wayuu woman in the arid Guajira de Colombia. I asked if I could make a photo of her and when I saw her gaze through the camera I was momentarily frozen. I felt like she was looking far beyond the lens in front of her. There is vulnerability and resilience in her eyes. She is from a place with very little of anything. It's desolate and dry. Child life expectancy is incredibly low. In November we will return to her village to begin the next phase of @tomatribaloutreach , drilling wells to provide water access. See link in bio for more 🇨🇴#Colombia #solar #fortheplanet #giveback #water #villagedrill

La Guajira, Colombia

Boys on the back row. Love the air of confidence these guys portrayed while I was hanging in class with them. Some of the light aiding this photograph is coming from the newly installed led bulbs above their heads. @tomatribaloutreach wired their schoolroom and health center with solar powered energy. #tomafoundation #solar #renewableenergy #fortheplanet

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Guamaka from above, a traditional Wiwa village on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 🇨🇴#colombia #solar #drone @tomafoundation

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

A young Wiwa woman and her daughter descend the trail from the village of Guamaka. The Wiwa along with the Kogi and Arhuaco tribes are descendants of the great Tairona culture and live in the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia. I'm here this week to document the incredible work of the TOMA Foundation. Yesterday the team installed a solar array in the school and health center of this young girl's village. It will enable visiting health care workers to provide significantly better care to this community and hopefully a much better future for this child. See link in bio for more about TOMA. #internationalwomensday #colombia #solar #renewableenergy

Sierra Nevada, La Guajira, Colombia

Today is the UN World Wildlife Day and this year the theme is big cats. I saw this gorgeous young lion while on safari in Namibia. We humans are not making it easy for these guys or any others. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see him in the wild with the rest of his pride. I hope a lot more people get to see this too. #worldwildlifeday #lion #bigcat #namibia

Etosha National Park

They look good from any angle. Middle and Grand from the South. #tetons #wyoming #jacksonhole #amoravida

Grand Teton National Park

Gotta go up to go down. Epic walk in the park wit ze german. #jhdreaming #tetons #stairmaster

Hofbräuhaus München - Das Original

Down the cooler with @timgibbons790 Great warm up day in @grandtetonnps #jhdreaming #wyoming #i❤️couloirs

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Glory-ous view from the summit a few mornings back #winter #jhdreaming #tetons

Teton Pass