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Two little ants with parachutes dwarfed by Tantalus mountain after jumping off of copilot. What a feeling that must be, sure beats hiking back down!


Turns out you can relay cycle across mainland Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 8 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes. We cruised into Halifax earlier today but there were times where I had my doubts, it was my first bike trip and I wasn’t sure how I would hold up (I dont even own a bike). I’m grateful that my butt isn’t as sore as I thought it would be after nearly 30 hours on the saddle and for this new group of friends for their support and positivity through the ups and downs (no pun intended). Also a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated and supported the cause, together we raised over $6000 for @theoceanlegacy and @surfrider_pacificrim!!
Thanks for spearheading this @andrewfitts, it was one for the books.
#RIPlegs #TurnsOutCanadaIsHuge
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This video is a great example of how we have been going about our cross Canada bike trip. We are riding relay style, switching out riders (7 of us total now) every 20 miles cycling all day and through each night until we reach Halifax (9 days of riding total is the goal, we left Vancouver 6 days ago). Riding along the side of a highway isn’t the most inspiring but it makes you appreciate every sunrise, sunset, star filled evening and roadside viewpoint along the way that much more. All the suffering is definitely worth the cause. Learn more here: @tourdecrown / tourdecrownride.com
This video was taken in Saskatchewan a few days ago, we are currently cruising through Northern Ontario averaging 28 km/h (18mph).
3,572/6,223 kms (2220/3800 miles)
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I really like how @andrewfitts has described our trip so far, he said: “It’s important to celebrate the small things — or at least that’s how we see it. The Tour de Crown is, at first glance, a 6,223 km bike ride across mainland Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Look a bit closer and you’ll realize that the mileage, speed, and elevation change doesn’t matter much to us. We prefer hootin’ and hoolerin and supporting each other through all the ups and downs, enjoying the sweat and laughing at sore legs.” To learn more about the relay and donate to the cause, check out tourdecrownride.com. We want to #GiveKudos to everyone who has supported us already. We're currently in Ontario at kilometer 2,414, check out our club on @Strava to follow along. Your support means a lot to us, thank you all!


From the west coast to the east coast and everything in between there is no shortage of diverse and uniquely beautiful landscapes and people. I am fortunately and privileged to call this country home. Looking forward to cycling across the country to experience it from a different perspective. Two more days! More info here: tourdecrownride.com 🚲 #eh


Sunset over the coast mountains.
A sight to make your eyes sore.


It’s that time of year, warm dry summer days and cool nights.
Minor can turn to major way too quickly, be smart out there! 🔥


Rays for days and peaks for weeks. @hayoui soaking in the final moments of sunlight.


In 2 weeks a small group of friends and myself will be relay cycling from Vancouver to Halifax. Our goal is to cycle the 6000 km+ in 9 days, starting with a swim in the pacific and finishing with a swim in the Atlantic. We have partnered with @theoceanlegacy & @surfrider to raise money for our oceans.
To be honest, I haven’t really trained for this. It’s been at least a year since I’ve ridden a bike properly. However I am a sucker for type II fun and a healthy challenge. Looking forward to sharing the experience! You can support the cause by donating per km on our website “tourdecrownride.com”
Photos by @gregbalkin from last year’s trip, San Fran to Anchorage in 8 days.
What am I getting myself into... 😅


Moody skies over blue skies nine times out of ten. Always a pleasure to spend some time out in the Kootenays, especially when they put on a show like this.


Awhile back I spent some time exploring remote sections of the vast Muskwa-Kechika region via horse, canoe, float plane and foot. The "MK" is located in North East BC and encompasses 6.4 million hectares (16 million acres) of land with varying levels of conservation, preservation and land use practices. It contains 50 undeveloped watersheds and has been deemed the Serengeti of the North for its abundance and diversity of wildlife.
Wayne Sawchuk (above) knows this land in and out and played a key role in protecting this unique area, what a legend. Grateful for people who see the benefits of keeping places like this wild.


A few photos from an apocalyptic sunrise that @hayoui and I were fortunate enough to witness and experience at White Sands N.M. a little while back.