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Green sea turtles in clear, calm water. Exumas, Bahamas. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer


Somewhere over the Exumas. The Caribbean is brooding today: dark skies, strong winds, and thunder. Rain or or shine this has to be one of the most fabulous places on earth. @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


Back in October I was lucky enough to visit Morocco for the second time. Hadn't been since 2013. @eddiebauer sent me on this second adventure to explore some of the places I went on my previous trip so I could share the magic of North Africa with new friends @tullitha @viktorianorth @max.lowe and @forestwoodward . Took this picture inside a castle that was several hundred years old. I'll admit I prefer sharing places I know with others more than going new places myself. #liveyouradventure #morocco #africa #northafrica #sahara #magic


Is there anything more beautiful? Shot from my backdoor in Richmond, Virginia. Such a treat to be home this spring, though counting down the days ( a little over a month) before I head to the Peruvian Amazon to photograph green anacondas. @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


One of the great joys in my life is spending time with artists, especially those who operate on the fringes, who work in relative obscurity, who don't seem to give a damn what people think of what they do. Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Nic De Santis , a sculptor painter etcher collector. His yard was out of this world: piles upon piles of what some of us would call junk but he sees as treasure eventually to be repurposed into something that at the moment only exists in his brain. Time spent with people like Nic help me find new ways to approach my own work. The only troubling thing about all of it is thinking how many artists are out there who will live their entire lives without being recognized and that their vast bodies of work may end up in trash bins. But I guess maybe some of them prefer that outcome, maybe they truly believe art is transient, fleeting, living: to be alive only while the artist is alive and then to disappear into dust. Not to be preserved in the homes of billionaires behind glass frames. Just a thought. Hope you like this etching from Nic in the photo here. I bought it from him because I liked it and he told me he would use it to buy a new welder. Damn good day. Thanks to my pal @rvawyer for introducing me to Nic and to @eddiebauer for helping me ensure I can do what I do: tell stories. #liveyouradventure


Today out on the water with my pal @rvawyer It was hard to tell where the earth ends and the sky begins. Pictures like this remind me life is just the same: one giant god damn mystery. You think you've got something figured out and then you figure out you're completely wrong. It can be a hurdle , for sure, but kind of cool when you take a second to think about it. Never know what's coming next so we gotta do our best to embrace the uncertainty. @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


Nothing to do with wildlife or nature, just steam rising off my stove here in Richmond, Virginia. Still trying my hardest to notice the small things.


The river here in Richmond was stunningly beautiful this past week with the arctic temperatures freezing any water that dared to stand still. As beautiful as it was, I'm delighted it is warmer here now. Even old, renovated homes with insulation weren't built to deal with 0 degree Fahrenheit. Luckily I managed to keep the fish in our ponds alive! @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


Wow, what a year. Happy 2018 to everyone! Cool to see so many crocodile pictures made the top nine, rounded out by the photo of me in a miserable state , recovering from a severe allergic reaction in Borneo while working with my good friend @timlaman . See all of you next year, excited to share new adventures , especially one studying the world's largest snakes, green Anacondas, with @paulrosolie


I wish I took more time to appreciate the eyes of these green tree frogs. Have you ever seen something so mesmerizing, beautiful, other-worldly? Back in the USA after a wonderful but quick trip to Australia for @natgeo . Have no idea what is next, which is scary and exciting. More scary though! #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer


This saltwater crocodile is a wild croc, lives on the famous Adelaide River, about an hours drive from Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory. For many years now tour operators have had special permits to feed crocs on one small section of the Adelaide. This "excursion" is the only chance many people will have to see a wild croc up close and learn about them. Some argue feeding crocs like this makes the likelihood of attacks on humans increase. What do you think? #crocs #crocodile #northernterritory #darwin #adelaideriver #dinosaurs #sneakattack #liveyouradventure


Not a crocodile, I know, but I can't pass up giant, charismatic birds, like this ostrich. And as I've mentioned before on here birds and crocodiles are closely related - so this isn't too much of a stretch. #birds #ostrich #Darwin #northernterritory #topend #australia #funnyanimals @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


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