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Mobile video is on a steep rise in China. A new report by E-marketer predicts that the average Chinese adult will spend 2 hours and 39 minutes per day on a mobile device this year (up 11% from 2017). A little over a third of that time will be spent watching video (58 minutes). The popularity of mobile video has been spurred by the focus on short digital video by China’s so-called BAT companies - Baidu’s iQiyi, Alibaba’s Youku and Tencent’s Tencent video. All three have developed their own subscription-based platforms, which has driven Chinese adults away from the TV and onto mobile devices. E-marketer predicts that this trend will only continue and by 2020 the site predicts Chinese adults will spend an hour and 20 minutes watching digital video every day.  #tech #mobilevideo #BAT #mobile #china


Amazon has exceeded 100 million Prime subscribers globally, 13 years after the service launched as a free shipping offering. Here's how that stacks up against other popular subscription services in terms of paying subscribers. #amazon #netflix #spotify #technology


Boosted is revamping its longboards, with two new models on the way in the coming months.
The company is planning on shipping two variations of its new shortboard: the $749 Boosted Mini S, and the $999 Mini X.

Both boards come in at 29.5″ long (versus the 38″ of their existing Dual+ longboard), with the primary differences being max distance and max speed: the Mini S caps out at 18 mph and can go up to seven miles, while the slightly heavier Mini X can go a tick faster and a whole lot farther, with a max speed of 20 mph and up to 14 miles of range.

The company is also overhauling its longboard lineup. It’s retiring the existing Dual+ line, replacing it with two long models: the $1,399 Boosted Plus and the $1,599 Boosted Stealth.

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Sparta is a human resilience platform aimed at reducing the risk of injury in athletes and service people.  Using a force plate and custom-made software, individuals take a jump test to see how much pressure they’re putting into the ground in various directions. The data is then analyzed to identify, predict and prevent injuries in the future. Recently, the VC firm Playground Global invested $7M in Sparta’s series A funding, helping Sparta expand their hardware production. Phil Wagner Sparta’s founder and CEO said his company’s next step is to take this technology into the field of medicine.

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Games, dating apps and streaming services contributed to a rise in consumer spending in iPhone apps last year, according to new data from app store intelligence firm, Sensor Tower. The firm found that U.S. iPhone users spent 23% more on in-app purchases in 2017 than they did the year prior – or, an average of $58 per active user was spent on in-app purchases, up from $47 in 2016.

To be clear, this is only on purchases made within an app using Apple’s in-app purchase or subscription mechanisms. It’s not tracking e-commerce purchases – like things users bought in Amazon – or payments made to service providers in an app like Uber or Lyft.

Games were the largest category of consumers spending in 2017, accounting for roughly $36 of the $58 spent per device; or 62% of the spending. That’s a 13% increase over 2016’s $32 spent.

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This week Lyft provided some more clarity on how much money people can make driving for its platform. Wages, of course, depend on a variety of factors, like the market, number of trip requests accepted, time of day, length of trip, whether it’s surging and so on.
On an hourly basis, Lyft says it’s most certain about how much money drivers make once they’ve accepted and completed a ride (periods two and three). In this type of scenario, Lyft says median earnings are $29.47 per hour, nationwide. In Lyft’s top 25 markets, that’s $31.18 per hour.

But when you factor in the amount of time spent online (period one), when drivers are waiting for rides, that comes out to $18.83 per hour nationwide and $21.08 per hour in Lyft’s top 25 markets.

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Tentrr is a three-year-old, 47-person company that’s promising to make it “dirt simple” to enjoy the great outdoors. How? By striking deals with private landowners who are willing to host semi-permanent campsites on their property. Picture elevated decks with Adirondack chairs, canvas expedition tents, wood picnic tables and sun showers, not to mention a fire pit, lanterns, dry food storage, cookware, a camping toilet and air mattresses that, courtesy of most hosts, will come with fresh linens. Tentrr had 100 campsites up and running in the Northeastern U.S. as of the end of last year. Founder & CEO, D’Agostino expects to have 1,000 sites by the year-end. #glamping #tech #outdoors


We've been testing out the new iMac Pro to see how it can handle the intense workload required by video and graphics editors. When it comes to performance we had no major grips, this thing is insanely fast. The 10-core configuration Apple sent us surpassed our needs for 1080p video editing and is best suited for 3-D modeling and feature-length films shot in 4K. Overall this thing is a beast, but the $5K price point is going to make upgrading a difficult decision. Read our full review on

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TIL senators don’t know what Facebook is. Pc @tank.sinatra


We’re heading to Berkeley on May 11th for a one day event focused on robotics. There will be interactive workshops, conversations with some of the biggest names in robotics, and much more. Tickets are on sale now at If you buy before Friday, you’ll save $100 #TCRobotics #robotics


Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s  testimony before Congress on Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has released the Facebook CEO’s prepared statement.

In it, Zuckerberg explains that Facebook  has always been an optimistic organization, focusing on connecting people and giving them a voice. But Zuckerberg also admits that the idealist train of thought might have blinded the company to potential misuses of Facebook’s toolset.
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