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Disrupt is returning to SF this September with more stages, more startups and cheaper tickets. Check the link in bio for tickets and more information! #TCDisrupt #technology #SanFrancisco


Harley Davidson will launch its first production e-motorcycle in 2019. Yes, the iconic symbol of American steel and piston popping internal combustion is shifting to voltage. It has 74 horsepower, a 93 mph top speed, 50 mile ride time, and automatic drivetrain (i.e., no clutch or shifting). @HarleyDavidson’s battery-bike news comes as the American motorcycle market struggles to attract younger buyers and lags behind the auto-industry in EV development. For the overall U.S. motorcycle market, shrinking sales and shifting consumer preferences offer manufacturers a tricky equation. #tech #motorcycle #automobile


Sonos One, the connected speaker that Sonos released last year, is a terrific sounding Wi-Fi-enabled speaker that also has built-in support for Amazon’s Alexa. On the sound front, Sonos has the most experience of any of the top three companies making smart speakers worth your consideration, too. It can also form a stereo pair with a second Sonos One. This provides true sound separation, meaning left and right channels reproduced as they were actually meant to be, instead of via some simulated stereo separation effect. #Sonos #Speaker #tech #Audio


Tesla’s Model X is arguably the best performing SUV you can buy, so it’s fitting that Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police would select it for a cruiser demonstration vehicle, revealed at this week’s Toronto international car show.

The Tesla Model X, a P90D model, features full OPP badging and black and white paint, as well as working lights and sirens, but it’s still just a demonstration vehicle at this point, meant to illustrate “the future of policing.” #Tesla #ModelX #technology


Miso Robotics just received a $10 million Series B, bringing the company’s total disclosed funding to $14 million. Miso Robotics is getting ready to deliver its hamburger-cooking robot Flippy to 50 CaliBurger locations. “We’re super stoked to use this funding to develop and scale our capabilities of our kitchen assistants and AI platform,” CEO/co-founder Dave Zito said. #tech #hamburgers #robots


Only in the Bay Area... Photo cred: Dave Andrade


We knew this day would come sooner or later. Like the cloned velociraptors before it, Boston Dynamics’ newly redesigned Spot Mini has figured out how to open doors — with either its arm or face, depending on how you look at it. #BostonDynamics #technology #robotics


Kids don’t try their hardest unless they think someone’s watching. Overcrowded classrooms and distracted parents can make pouring effort into school work feel pointless. But Seesaw’s app turns their assignments into social media they share with teachers, peers and mom and dad. On Seesaw, instead of racking up likes or receiving comments on a selfie, students get positive reinforcement on their quizzes, drawings and science projects. The app is invading schools across the country and just raised a Series A round from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and others. #Education #Tech #learning


Getting both kids to sleep at the same time #spacex #falconheavy via @panzer


One of our views of the historic #SpaceX #FalconHeavy first launch 🚀. Watch left side for takeoff and then left for booster landings. Sped up 2x for Instagram.

Cape Canaveral, Florida

It’s a huge day for @SpaceX, as the company’s historic Falcon Heavy successfully launches. #SpaceX #tech #ElonMusk #FalconHeavy


Is Apple’s HomePod right for you? Here’s a helpful flowchart. #Apple #HomePod #flowchart #technology