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Creator is a new burger-making robot startup in San Francisco that’s serving up $6 of algorithmic deliciousness. After eight years in development, we got a sneak peek at the process before the restaurant officially opens in September.
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Instagram is ready to compete head-on with YouTube, following the release of IGTV. The new hub allows creators to upload video up to an hour in length and the platform is encouraging everyone to be a creator, not just celebrities and influencers. Users will be able to browse and subscribe to various channels and will be alerted when new content is uploaded. “There’s no ads in IGTV today,” said Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom, but also added it’s “obviously a very reasonable place [for ads] to end up.” Systrom explained that since creators are investing a lot of time into IGTV videos, he wants to make that sustainable by offering them a way to monetize in the future. This is the same approach Facebook took to jumpstart its own video hub, Facebook Watch. With over 1 billion users on the platform, IGTV has the potential to become the TV of mobile as families continue to cut the cord, and teens ignore television altogether.
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Meet CommonSense Robotics, an Israel-based startup focused on optimizing e-commerce warehouses with cute little robots and a comprehensive software solution. The company has basically turned warehouses into a giant game of Tetris combined with Battleship. Here’s how it works: When a order is received a central computer is able to coordinate all of the robots on the floor through Wi-Fi and send them to retrieve items. In order to avoid traffic jams, each robot can navigate below shelves due to their low profile. The robots also have the ability to recharge themselves without any human intervention. All of this allows for human operators to stay at their scanning station and pick up items without having to walk multiple miles in a day. CommonSense plans to expand this system into a variety of city centers in the U.S. and Europe with the goal of delivering goods to a customer within an hour of ordering.
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The magic of unboxing. #technology #iphone #unboxing


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True to its name, SkyDeck has one of the best views in all of Berkeley. You can see UC Berkeley on one side and a wide swath of the Bay on the other, with San Francisco just barely peeking through the fog. If nothing else, the accelerator’s killer piece of real estate feels like a physical manifestation of its sky’s-the-limit approach to startups. SkyDeck officially launched in 2012, but for the program’s first few years, it existed more as a mentorship program than proper accelerator. That changed three years later, when the school enlisted Berkeley grad and serial entrepreneur Caroline Winnett to head up the program. In the past few years, SkyDeck has already launched a handful of successful startups, including gesture-recognition microchip designer Chirp and LimeBike, whose dockless bicycles have become ubiquitous in many parts of the country. In spite of having raised around $382 million, LimeBike continues to utilize the office for meetings and work space. #startups #bayarea #UCBerkeley #skydeck #tech #scooters


At Apple’s annual developer conference today, the company showed off a new walkie-talkie feature for Apple Watch. The app is uniquely called Walkie-Talkie.

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Apple’s Memoji brings an animated you to your iPhone #ios12 #wwdc18 #apple #bitmoji


Apple is adding group FaceTime video calls to iOS 12 #wwdc18 #apple #ios12


Former Twitter employees Ben Kovacs & Joel Lunenfeld prove innovation isn’t just for profit. In 2015 the pair founded Guardian Gym, a buy-one give-one non-profit MMA gym and after-school program in Oakland. Since its opening, the gym has provided free boxing and jiu jitsu classes to local kids and adults. #martialarts #oakland #jiujitsu #boxing #tech #bayarea


The electric scooter industry is booming, despite pushback from city governments. This week Bloomberg reported that Bird is reportedly raising $150M in a new financing round led by Sequoia Capital. This round would value Bird at $1B. Two weeks ago Axios reported that Lime, Bird’s biggest competitor, is trying to squeeze up to $500M from VCs to add on to the $132M the company has already raised. All of this comes at a time when city governments are clamping down on scooter regulation. On June 4 Bird, Lime and Spin must remove their scooters from San Francisco streets and apply for a permit to operate. #scooters #SanFrancisco #LA #WashingtonDC #sequoia


The college dropout turned tech CEO is a story we all know. However, a new report from Crunchbase finds that most CEOs of well-funded startups have degrees from prestigious universities. Stanford and Harvard top the list, followed by mostly Ivy League schools and major research universities. Looking at the university backgrounds for the CEOs of U.S. tech Unicorns paints a much different picture. Ivy League schools are still abundant, but one surprising finding was the prevalence of University of California schools. Three CEOs on this list attended the University of Waterloo, while others attended multiple well-known universities. #tech #startups #education #ivyleagues #unicorn