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Tomorrow we are doing a brief meet & greet in San Bernardino. It’ll be great to get back to the #WestCoast with @spmusik @poisonpenbk @chinoxl @bobbyboutit plus DJ Master Teacher @therealmrchoc and many more. June 15th we will be at Riverside but tomorrow it’s a smoke session at the Meet & Greet. See you tomorrow Cali!!! #immortaltechnique #westcoast #fucktrump #openthecages


Myself and a whole lot of super talented people are going to be celebrating the life of my friend Robert Diaz aka Pumpkinhead aka PH. So if you’re in the NYC area this Friday come downtown to the @mercuryloungeny and join us in celebrating the life of #PH Peace & Respect #immortaltechnique


Was going through some old USBs and I found this old gem from back at Rock The Bells. I miss my friend Arch. Jaye was such a humble dude and I think of him often. How we used to burn L’s after shows and talk for hours. He had a lot of street smarts and he gave me good advice about being forgiving. How I shouldn’t internalize anger and hatred. He said my real gift came from being able to “reach into people and talk to who they were under who they needed to be in front of others.” I wish he was here now. At 6’8” 400lbs he was a big dude. However his heart was almost bigger than he was. For a big black dude from the Bronx he also spoke Spanish fairly well. He knew mad songs and how to dance Merengue. Lol I remember Archie using @poisonpenbk little bathroom and how he was low key scared of Bam’s puppets LOL I close my eyes I see him arguing with @spmusik about food and Merch. lol He was always getting us into all kinds of exclusive spots. Here we are watching @snoopdogg in the front. He “talked” security into that one lol We had all access badges but we just wanted to see the show. Artists were not supposed to be in the crowd. But hey, fuck it. It’s me You know, we all got homies and family that passed away. I’ve personally lost a lot of people in my life, especially lately. I was just sitting here putting my apartment in a box because I’m moving from Harlem to Washington Heights and I found this video. Pour out a little liquor for the homies. I’m doing this for us. “Cooked Food.” Rest easy my old friend, I saw you in a dream not long ago and you told me it was all going to work out. Love you brother. We all miss you man. Goodnight. #Jarch #cookedfood #immortaltechnique #Rebelarms


If you’re in Philly later today and want to check out an amazing event please come by. It’s a Free event, and door open at 5pm. I will be there participating on a panel at 7pm, but also very interested in hearing the other speakers. (5507 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144) I appreciate my brother @marclamonthill for putting this together with so many other great friends and great minds. See you tonight Philly! Looking forward to the panel and talking to many of you after the conversation on stage. #MalcolmX #Philly #Harlem #ImmortalTechnique #FreeMumia


I was recently in a bad place because of a lot of different things but mostly family health and my health. The album had a little set back, I lost my insurance, someone fished my card lol etc...and then I got a visit from this little Golden Afro Buddha and he told me everything was going to be alright. He actually trashed my house, eating all the vegetables he could get his hands on while muttering a bunch of fuckin incomprehensible wisdom. I asked him about the future and he laughed at me and said “It’s all gonna work out man...” I can’t tell you why but I feel much better now. The album is back on track. There are still a bunch of other problems to work out in life but I feel more confident now. I’m ready to face anything with a smile. I’m moving to a new place and I have a summer full of shows and new music on deck. Thank you Golden Afro Buddha aka Toure Jr for coming through to my crib and destroying it while dripping... no dropping knowledge on all of us. LOL #family #GoldenAfro #immortaltechnique #Toure #bigbaby #Harlem


Love you Mom. Sorry for making you pick me up from countless police stations. Sorry for you having to drive 8 hours to see me Upstate. Sorry for my disrespect and immaturity. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for not giving up on me when others did. Thank you for teaching me many languages. Thank you for healing me. And thank for fronting me 9 months rent. I got you Mommy. I am everything that I ever will be, because you loved me. #happymothersday #Harlem #9monthsrent Lol


Good morning West Coast California. Hoy es el cumpleano de mi madre asi que voy a estar occupado... I just wanted to tell you that I’m coming back to the West Coast June 15th, specifically to Riverside, California. I’ve done shows in San Bernardino, Pomona and a few other places close by but never in Riverside. It will be a pleasure to return and do some new music and some underground classics. lol I’ll be coming through with @chinoxl @poisonpenbk @therealmrchoc @vel_nine @pawz1 @bobbyboutit and many many more. Thank you to @who_is_cano and @mclyfe_ I’ll see you all in Riverside California June 15th !!! Love is Love. We are riding for la gente que no tienen vos en este gobierno. Los immigrantes, trabajadores, y muchoa mas. #immortaltechnique #riversidecalifornia #westcoast


Good Afternoon NYC. It’s my Moms birthday today so I’m just stopping by to let you know about two special shows happening soon. The first one is this tribute to my brother PH aka Pumpkinhead who I miss dearly. I always tell people that I learned a lot from him and @breezevahflowin myself along with a gang of other really talented people and some special guests will be coming through. Please spread the word if you are in the #NYC area JUNE 8th and Mercury Lounge @spmusik @poisonpenbk @cf201 @djstatic222 @bigd_ceo_bgfent @swavesevah @da_circle @chinoxl @bobbyboutit @akir170 I haven’t done a show in NYC besides a brief episode at the cannabis parade. It will be an honor to rock with some old friends. If you can make it that would be great if not please spread the word. I’ve been in the lab working on new stuff and the book as of late. In the next weeks I’ll post some pics of who I’ve been working with. #pumpkinhead #immortaltechnique #eow #nyc


Today I woke up and had breakfast with my father and mother. My father is recovering from surgery (he’s good thank you for those of you who reached out) and then I stopped by the Church in Harlem to see some of my extended family. Here is the Harlem legend herself Miss Spriggs with my brother @swavesevah I met this woman about 20 years ago and she said your friend is so quiet isn’t he hungry? Haha. I went to visit her in the hospital recently and we prayed together. I’m not even an extremely religious person but she is and I prayed with her and she only asked for one thing. She asked for her family to be healthy and all together not arguing and getting along. And today on Easter in Harlem her wish came true. I love to see the people in my life getting healthier and doing good. Makes you realize what’s important in life. Another #Harlem story. There is one of those on #TheMiddlePassage be safe out there!


Summer can’t come here fast enough. #immortaltechnique #westcoast gonna give away some tickets for this. Took a minute away from working on stuff today to see some old family friends and I’m gonna post that. Hopefully I’ll see you guys out there at this show! @necrorules @deadprez and many many more! @poisonpenbk Be safe out there today!


It’s been a minute since I posted a new show on the #EastCoast I’ve been working on some new music for #TheMiddlePassage but I’m gonna take a break and rock out this weekend in nearby Stanhope, NJ. Besides the album I’ve been working on a book that I’ve chipped away at. I appreciate your patience and all the love. It’s coming. This Saturday though, I’m gonna be in NJ with my friends @djstatic222 and @cf201 and the homie @originaltimboking as well as all of the openers. Doors Open at 7pm//AllAges//20 and I should be on around 11pm. Much love to Jersey. Big news coming about #SouthAfrica & #Canada soon. This record has been a long time in the making, the music @spmusik and I worked on has enabled us to travel the world. I look forward to getting to those places I haven’t been to before. See you soon. #immortaltechnique #NJ #Stanhope #HipHop #Livemusic it’s gonna snow tonight on the East, drive safe out there...


I still remember borrowing a book of his from my father when I was just a small child. The way the universe was described it made me remembered this quote from him and it brought back memories. Rest now professor, we will all return to the stardust one day. Just praying for a little more time for all of us... #stephenhawking #space #time #immortaltechnique #abriefhistoryoftime


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