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i found a liquid cure / for my landlocked blues 💦

#stopdropandspin for @hoopinginspace @guapoh13 & @flowdarling 💖 passing to @photographlee & @erbodyloveslucy ~ sorry if i missed anyone, this 100daysofflow challenge has got me all techy & forgetting how to let the fuqq go, & i wanted to really FEEL something for this one for whatever reason, which has been hard lately, let's be real 😅 bc real life can be.. REAL sometimes 💫 love you guys // be easy ~

using my beauuuutiful #lumisphere from my sponsor @sequoiafeliz ~ use "TECHSWAN10" for 10% off a gorgeous hoop of your own ~

thx for capturing @briiiherenow

much love ✌️💕


my heart is full 💖 ~ life is good 😸✨


day 13 & 14 ~ static shoulder hooping & shoulder-to-shoulder passes 💫 ~

#100days100tricks #duckouts #shoulders #hoopdance #movement


day 13 ~ elbow-crook stall #100days100tricks
this is one that i've also seen @hoopfurthur
do, and i'm pretty sure is translated from contact staff
#hooptricks #flowarts #hoopdance #movementmeditation


day 12 of #100days100tricks ~ walk-around ghosting isolation 💫


@breckenrivara 's workshop series was everything & more 😭🙌 blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from one of my biggest inspirations this past weekend ✨
huge thanks to @outwardspiralhoopdance for making it happen and always bringing the best teachers to the area 🙏💕 fun fact: (i wasn't actually in this picture.. brecken photoshopped me in bc i had to leave early this day 😹)


day 11 ~ duck-ins and duck-outs

back in the day @hoopfurthur inspired me w/ her on-body goodness & they've been my fave ever since 💕


more of my favorite moments from @jamboreedenver ~ i miss these beautiful humans so much 💔

thanks to @420_wallaby_way_sydney / @sydneys_shutter for capturing all the fun 📷✨


look, ma! no hands! ~

day 10 is a fun one: chest-roll >> jaw-break shoulder-wrap >> teeth-grab to reverse-escalator 💫

#100days100tricks #breckenrivara #workshop #hooptrickery #hooptricks #hooptech


day 9 ~ 3-beat btb waist wraps
@hothoopdancemama taught these to me & boy are they a bitch 😅💕 can you see the extra rotations? also lots of meltdowns in this one, working on twins this week & finding so many transitions 😸

#100days100tricks #twintech #doublehoops #behindtheback #hooptrickery #hooptech #movement


day 8 #100days100tricks ~ idek what to call this... iso vs linear iso vs smear..? 🤔 kinda sloppy but still cool
hoops from @hoopologie ~

#tripletech #hooptech #ticdy #tricksicantdoyet #progress #movement #objectmanipulation #sacredgeometry


day 7 // triple-switch


this is an idea i've been playing with recently - basically an ocho-switch with 3-hoops/1-hand ~
25" pastel triples from @hoopologie ~ mint, watermelon sugar, & double rainbow 🌈

#tripletech #hooptech