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OVERKILL out 5/1/18! HAWKE soon a Paramount motion picture. Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University, UK. Chairman, Young & Rubicam. Film Rep: CAA L.A.


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“Ai! Caramba!”

Madrid, Spain

A prophetic book about Artificial Intelligence written 5 or 6 years ago. About the Singularity. The instant when AI meets and exceeds Human Intelligence. And guess whose got the tech to use it? Iran. I guess it’s called writing ahead of the curve. Or something.

Tehran, Iran

Happy Camper, with memories of “Ole Griz” and the smell of crispy fall air in the mountains above Aspen...heavenly days! With Carolyne Roehm and Simon Pennington in the back country.


Last memory of Summer...Arriving back in America after two precious weeks on-island at The Grey Lady. Already wistful...

Hyannis Harbor

Martha Stuart's incredibly beautiful coal-black horses! They make the color black look like grey!


"Have you ever followed the path along the bluff, when the sky is grey and the sea is rough? When, shoreward thickening, the fog drifts down until homes are the wraiths of a phantom town?
I have followed the path to Sankaty Light, when the moors were brown & the frost was white. When the sun a ball on the ocean rim, where the Indian Summer breathes with Him, From the north to the south, a curve is swept, On the far horizon a soft haze slept. And to the west the moorlands, above the sky,
In all the vast silence, just God and I."--Abbie Ransom, 1892. Walking the path this final day produced my fondest summer memories. Ah, Grey Lady, you've never lost your touch, dear!

Sconset Bluff Walk

My soulful daughter, Byrdie, offers us a brief peek at the happiness that fills her heart. As her acting career takes wing, she's become engaged to a wonderful guy. So proud of you, kid, as always...Daddy

Town of Greenwich

Captain America...And The Wings of Man. #Hawke

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Afternoon of an Author...putting the finishing touches on the manuscript of OVERKILL. #Hawke

Cru Nantucket

"My tuna tower is bigger than your tuna tower." "No it isn't." "Yes it is." "No it isn't." "Yes it is." Ad nauseam...#HAWKE

Nantucket Boat Basin

Headed out to Cisco Beach! Anybody need a lift?#Hawke

Nantucket Boat Basin