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It’s hard not to feel tiny in the face of it all. It’s also hard not to dance and revel in the magnitude of this big beautiful world. Perspective is a hell of a thing.


@travelwithdaniel taking the leap into Saddleback Lake. We camped here for 3 nights. Climbing golden granite by day, and enjoying camp-life by night. One of my new favorite spots.


Chasing light after a storm last night.


Last night’s campsite in the Sawtooths. ⛰️⛺️


On top of ‘Elephants Perch’ in the Sawtooths. @martinatib and I just topped out ‘Myopia’ which was an awesome climb, and we felt pretty sandbagged at 11a. Felt more like sustained mid 11 with a 12a crux to me. Leave it to the old school Idahoans to be tough as nails! We are pooped after climbing the ‘Direct Beckey’ the previous day, another 11 b/c 1,500 ft route that was also a bag of sand. Will share stories soon, when we hike out in a day or two. For now, I can’t wait jump in that lake by our tent. #IphoneForGlory #MyDSLRisTooHeavy #sandbag


I’m always torn between seeking clear skies in the mountains for rock climbing, and seeking stormy weather for photos. Despite their synergies, I find I generally have to make choices that favor one or preclude the other. For instance on many climbs I can only take an IPhone. But every now and then, the passions overlap in spectacular fashion.


The sight of the stars makes me dream. Makes me think and question. Why does the universe exist, versus nothing at all? Do the stars gaze back at us, as we stare at their enigmatic glow? How old must they be... billions upon billions. The scale of space and time just doesn’t seem to fit inside our small human minds. @goalzero


We climbed the Tuolumne Triple yesterday. A magical backcountry excursion of endless scrambling on perfect rock in a serene setting. We talked a lot about prioritizing personal goals over work, and how opportunities for work can often manifest once you commit to your goals. A powerful lesson I’m only beginning to learn. This goal was a big one for both of us, and it all went surprisingly smoothly! Looking forward another adventure soon, and thanks for the awesome 📷 @chrisburkard .


Where to next? W/ @alexhonnold on Mt Kenya. @thenorthface


Red, White and Blue. We celebrated life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the best way we know how. In the mountains. Free as birds. With @martinatib


Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Cant wait to return this summer.


Good morning world. ⛰️⛺️