I’m me and that’s phenomenal.

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Goals Goals Goals and I still won’t stop grindin! Gotta see it before I go! Gotta get established, things my daughter could inherit! 💯


Gotta .....


#Tbt# When we team up in the house against the other half 🤣 you best be on my team cause we surviving!!!!!! We got locked out of the house by the other team and I broke right back in through the bathroom window 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Me##MySquad## @amorairaa @simplimee. Had the other team lock themselves in the room🤣


It’s almost time for Easter y’all! Contact @brittinij for your Easter needs! Her baskets be fulfilling! Candy, toys, etc! My baby still has this lil cool night light lamp from a basket we got from her years ago! Just tell her your theme and she’ll make it happen! 🍭🎀💜🍡


I got a beauty and if you say different ya trippin.... DFWT 👊🏽🔪💉🔫💣🔨🗡️⚰️ #TapPicForDetails#


I can’t stand a scavenger.....but we good. I teach her that material things can be replaced and she didn’t cry. I’m proud of her 💪🏽


Greedy Saturday


Got some and I’m lovin it!


You know they’re folded good and tight when you only need one bungee to stretch around them. 👍🏽


Yaaaas tarp game still on point 😜


Happy International Woman’s day! Work hard! Grind hard! Get it out the mud then go get a mud bath at the spa! Don’t be afraid to be you! Stand out! And always keep your eyes to the sky! Let’s raise our daughters to be Queens and let me know they deserve a King! Be a savage but keep it classy! 💋💄 💪🏽 #ProudToBeAWoman#
Be Phenomenal!