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Thanks to @johnfriedaus for a perfect week in Miami and for this sleek, shiny mane! I’m especially lucky to be working with a brand that I’ve used as far back as when i was a teenager. 🙏🏼 I know a lot of you use John Frieda haircare, too, so let me know what your favorites are! #YourHairTalksMakeAStatement #johnfriedapartner


Cruella de Vil goes to the Versace Mansion. 😈 dress is from @asos (I hemmed it myself, about 4 inches... I don’t recommend it lol, take yours to a tailor 😂) and shoes are @gianvitorossi.


High winds, 85% humidity, and not a hair out of place. 💫 @glencocoforhair secured a snatched pony using the @johnfriedaus Luxurious Volume Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo, (for a little extra oomph in the ponytail) smoothing out all the little flyaways with the Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Creme and setting it all with the Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray. (My personal fave!) This weather didn’t stand a chance. 😎 #johnfriedapartner #YourHairTalksMakeAStatement


People tell me how great it is that I bought my mom a house before mine. What people don’t know is that at the most desperate time of our lives, a time when our family fell apart, a time when I couldn’t keep a balance in my bank account, she supported me on her modest income and all the encouragement i could ask for. Never complained, never doubted I would achieve what I was working toward... She’s always given me not only unconditional love, but unconditional support. She is the example of unwavering faith! Even in the worst of times, always looking to God with gratitude. I honor her today and every day... Happy Mother’s Day, mom!! (Thanks to @jergensus for this photo!) #mothersday #mom


New vlog is up on my channel! April was full of special events, made me realize how much I cherish my friends and family. 💗 link is in my bio, I hope you love it!!


A few nights ago I took my mom to @vh1 Dear Mama and we had the best time!! We either laughed or cried, there was no in between. 😂 Catch it tonight at 9p eastern time!
Apologies in advance, i got my outfit like 2 years ago lol. Also my mom is wearing her favorite necklace, the @icelinkofficial alphabet medallion! #dearmamavh1


Funny story about these jeans, because everyone asks about them... in one of my PR packages there was a box of different beauty products from different clients, and one pair of jeans from @americaneagle. I thought it was kind of random lol... but I tried them on, they ended up being just the right size and I wear them several times a week lmfao. moral of the story: don’t sleep on @americaneagle denim. 😂😂 Also my vans are boys’ size 4, if you have small feet save yourself 20 bucks or so and get the boys’ size! Windbreaker pullover is from @urbanoutfitters.


You might have seen this mug at your local @target store lately!! 😁 thanks to everyone who shared photos with my @maybelline display, it made my heart skip a beat to see people so excited for this! 😌 if you haven’t seen it, head to your nearest #Target store and you might catch my #Maybelline favorites. 💕 And thank you to Maybelline for this opportunity! 📸: @sarahsilverofficial #maybellinepartner


Bummed I couldn’t be at @makeupshayla’s event with @colourpopcosmetics tonight, but I’m wearing my Perception palette! I used Culture, Played Out, and my faaaavorite color in the palette, Spill The Tea. 🙌🏼 #shaylaxcolourpop #nfldraft


Being here at the #NFLDraft brings back so many good memories from college! Thank you to @Olay for hosting a panel with the players’ moms, sister, and women working in the NFL... hearing the different ways that women are part of the experience was so uplifting! Catch some of the panel on my stories. Good luck to the players tonight!! 🙌🏼🏈 #ad


Victory. 🇦🇲🙌🏼 today of all days I am so proud of my people! Through peaceful but persistent protest, against all odds, the people of Armenia won today. As we shift from celebration to commemoration tomorrow for the #ArmenianGenocide, remember that it was UNITY and our unique strength as a people that has and always will keep us going. 👊🏼❤️💙🧡 #rejectserzh #Armenia


#esteepartner The warmer months are right around the corner, so I’m getting a head start on my glow! 😎✨ The @esteelauder Advanced Night Serum can also be used as a glow booster: Just dab a little on the high points of your cheeks, into your brow bone, and just above the arch of your brows. This’ll give you a natural and healthy looking glow and you’ll get a kick of that hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Grab yours at @sephora while their Beauty Insider sale is still going! #AdvancedNightRepair


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