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#doubledback I'm one of those people who have to leave and come back for #dessert after I have more room. 😝#tiramisu


I'm loving this #e400 in #navy. I'm still deciding on if my next vehicle should be an everyday #convertible like this or a #range?


#italian it is!! During #holiday weeks, I eat everything but #soulfood because we all know, it's going down Thursday for #thanksgiving


When your life is #fortified...#moneystreams they can't stop because they don't know about, #connections they can't disrupt because they don't know who's all connected, they may not like you, they may take shots at you, but they can't stop you! #onwardandupward


Tell 'em Mama Ross!!!


Preach @pastorcarlday TAKE CARE of the family who can't vote you out. I told the #ladies God gave Eve a #husband not a #pastor, and I'm gone piggy back off you and tell the men, when God saw that Adam was lonely, he did not give him a #church, He gave him a #wife. The #church is #Jesus #bride, not yours.


Some of your lives would flow a lot smoother if you put the church out your house. We serve GOD in my house, in part what that means is, the church is not gon take over my house. Prophetess can you come preach this one week revival? NO! I will be in the Dominican, on the beach, in a bikini, sipping rum punch with my husband. But reach out to Prophetess so and so, or pick another week, or just tell them to follow my IG...I preach everyday on there. Can you volunteer to be on this board or that board? NO. I'm already on two, which has meetings once a week. I will not spend more time at church each week then I spend with MY FAMILY, and at my house. Can you do the teen retreat? Sure! But, I need to be done by NOON, so I can have time to do what needs to get done in my house. If my limitations do not work for you, go ask somebody that's single to help out. According to the Word, that's who's suppose to be giving the church the most attention anyway. #married folks have covenant responsibilities that come before the church that need to be tended to. ***P.S. and for the #singles Don't let the church #dominate your free time. Operate off the tithe principle: 10% of your free time goes to the church, while 90% goes to developing a life that would make you attractive to a spouse if that's what you want. Don't nobody want somebody who Church is their life.


No #bishop, you're not going to run my house. No #pastor I'm not obligated to be a life long member at YOUR church. If you don't have a problem with people transitioning from someone else's ministry to your ministry, then you can't have a problem with someone transitioning from your ministry to someone else's ministry. If God says leave...I leave. We are called to be members of the BODY OF CHRIST, not a particular church.


TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! She got that right!!! I don't submit to church boys with collars and titles that mean NOTHING outside of their man-made denomination that carries NO WEIGHT in the #realworld, the #goodoleboysclub, jealous older women (not all) who wear the sheep's clothing of #spiritualmom. I KNOW God. I talk to God. The ONLY mediator between me and God is #Jesus. We can converse, I can learn from you, and you from me. But you gon get a wake up call thinking you are owed my submission. In this order, GOD, my husband (when he's submitted to God), and my bishop (when he's submitted to God).***Let me add this P.S. for the ladies...your #pastor nor your #bishop runs your house. You DO NOT submit to your pastor at the expense of submitting to your husband. My #bishop: Prophetess I need you to open up for intercessory prayer on Saturday. My husband, baby I need you to handle this Saturday morning for me and the house. Guess who I'm serving come Saturday morning??? My husband!!!! The first thing God introduced Eve to was a HUSBAND not a pastor. Get somebody else to holler in the microphone on Saturday while I submit to my husband and take care of OUR house with the option of hollering because of his microphone later 😍😝😘😂🙌🏾👶 #yesImbeinggrown #whatyougondoboutit LOL!!!


I saw this on @thekenyamoore page. WHY would someone go as far as contacting her husband in an effort to turn him against her? #jealousy Oh yes! It happens in #ministry too. Just counseled a pastor 2 weeks ago on this very thing...He saw my posts on how to legally secretly marry in countries where the US will recognize your marriage but it not be on the books here for people to search and find. People are lonely, evil, bitter, and miserable, and will lie on people they're jealous of. Why? Because misery loves company. #ButGod has a #strategy for that too!! People can't DM or inbox your spouse if they don't know who to message. Be on year number 5, with folks swearing you ain't really married. Don't correct them. Let them believe what they need to believe while you and your hubby are off collecting memories...y


I will do well NO MATTER WHAT!!! Tell em Auntee @oprah


Yassssssss #auntee and #uncle yassss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The first step in #empowering our #girls is teaching them never to fear a man, ANY man, under any circumstances. It does not matter his age, race, title, position, or inflated, egotistical level of self-importance. It does not matter if he rants, raves, screams, or threatens, YOU have power too! Stand up to him, REFUSE to fear him, report him, tell your story, don't shut up about it, empower other women. NO MAN has all power. There's ALWAYS a greater power that can bring him under control. Find out The Who and the how and go for it! #selfdefense #womensempowerment #sexualharassment #men and their obsession with #pms #power #money #sex


Whoever is offended by your #strength is too weak for you...


They have no heaven, they have no hell. They are imperfect and have problems in their own lives they can't manage and don't quite know how to fix. NOTHING infuriates a religious person more than seeing God still blessing you. Initially, it will confuse them. Hopefully, in the end, it will deliver them.


Have options they don't know about, which means they can't control.