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Still on a rush from last night. The fans are such a huge part of what we do & @wrestlecircus fans are out of this world. With that said, who do you guys want to see me face Nov 18?


Last night was one hell of an anniversary for @wrestlecircus 🎪 @thedavecrist is a stand up guy in and out of the ring, thank you for last night. The fans at the circus are unlike anything anywhere, we couldn’t do it without you guys! 🔥💎


Ohio is for Killers ...BUT.... Tessa is Forever 💎 #CircusMania #Crist #Blanchard THIS SATURDAY AUSTIN, TX


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KILLER day in the lab fueled by @iamfitmiss & @musclepharm 💪🏽 Really pushed hard today... Getting ready for @wrestlecircus #CircusMania this weekend. Walking in with two championships; walking out with two championships 😈💎 #BeUndeniable #TessaIsForever @gabifit.wear


Be undeniable. #TessaIsForever 💎 .
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Wow. @robschamberger is absolutely amazing. So incredibly talented. 🔥


Feb 2015 to July 2017 ... thank you for being an inspiration 🖤 @natbynature


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Yesterday we celebrated @kingricochet birthday & it was a blast! Our stomachs where full, we had some great scares and some even greater laughs. In life, there’s a never ending cycle of highs and lows; it’s important to be with someone where you both encourage, motivate, and push each other to work hard in the pursuit of your goals. I’m proud of the man that you are @kingricochet - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️


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Women's Wrestling Wins ... Preview Chapter 2 on YouTube- House of Glory and Subscribe @hogwrestling @tessa_blanchard