Well, I'm outnumbered. Cashie, Cookie, Beaux Gator and Gumbo & Pollo & da Cats. 💜😇💜 Paulie & Mooey & Minnie (My Angels) Save a life, Adopt!!

I can't figure out what he wants. 🤔🤔🤔🌞🏃🐕 #pollothedane #zoomies #dogswhospeakspanish


Today is #nationalrescuedogday All of our babies are adopted and have come to us through rescue. Let me tell you about Cookie and Gator, who are two of the sweetest, most loving animals ever. Cookie came to us from a rescue in Tennessee. She was fostered by a wonderful woman. Cookie was found tied to the side of the highway, starving, without water. She had been over used for breeding. Though she can't tell me I am sure she was mistreated. Gator was taken from a home where one of his owner's stabbed the other owner. There were numerous dogs rescued from home. We believe Gator was attacked by the other dogs as his ears are missing nibbles at the ends. We also came to find out he has a large number of what appears to be either pellets or buck shots lodged in his chest cavity. Yet, despite their history these two continue to give endless amounts of unconditional love and ask nothing in return. Adopting these souls saved them and me. I can not imagine life without them. Adoption saves lives! #adoptdontshop #swipeleft


When you want to Netflix and chill, but you also want to watch the inside of your eyelids. 😴 #gumbothegreat #werepartyanimals #sleepydane @netflix


We go balls to the wall crazy on Friday night's. 😴😴😴 #friyay #livingitup #pollothedane


Always making new buddies. 😄👴🐶💛 #cookie #newfriends #latergram


Picture 1. Soooooo excited!! In the car!! Doing things with Mom!! Picture 2. Realizes we are at the vet. #swipeleft #gumbothegreat #addisonsdisease


Mommy, hold me. Yo soy pequeño. #polloproblemas #dogswhospeakspanish #lapdane


Ize is just an innocent wittle puppy. #gumbothegreat #guiltytilproveninnocent #mybaby


We had to return to vet today as cookie has continued with leg weakness and falling. And what I feared the most seems to be true...everything points to Wobblers. She is still as happy and sweet as ever and I will make sure she stays that way #cookie #wobblers #adoptdontshop


A rare moment of snuggling between Gumbo and Lyric. He usually growls and runs away. #gumboandlyric #brotherandsister #grumpygumbo


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