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She‘s happy when the sun shines.


I can’t think of a moment it wasn’t worth it to hike through the rain. Can you?


As two they stand together. Against the harsh mountain weather. Isolated.


One last push. One hundred more height meters. „You can do this“ you are telling yourself. You made it this far. There is no way you’re going to stop right now.

Sweat is running down your spine. Your t-shirt is drenched. You fasten the straps of your backpack. The weight of it hurts. Are those 3 beer you are carrying really necessary? Probably.

One step after another you’re getting closer. Your back feels battered . But you keep pushing. You keep pushing until you’re up there.

Suddenly. All the pain. Vanished.
You’re up there.


Can you feel the magic around you?
The light that gets softly reflected by the lake. The wind that lets the trees dance in line with the flowers. The intricate structures of civilization from above. The birds that accentuate the fuzzy feeling you have when sitting down in the grass. The cold air you are inhaling on top of the ridge.

Things that let you question how all of this can exist. Every time I think about it, I get shivers down my spine. How are we able to keep it in the pristine condition which it was discovered?


Picked up my girl @sabrina_oz
Drove to the mountains. 
Hiked up the mountain.
Pitched our tent at the top.
Got up for sunrise.
Ate banana bread.
Drank sparkling wine.
Turned 22 today.


I hesitated. I hesitated a lot to post this shot, because there is a lot of visual disturbance to this picture. Disharmony that’s not very pleasing for the viewers eye.

Power lines. Unfitting houses. Cars. More powerlines. It’s just not a clean shot, that’s usually been posted.

But I still post it, because it perfectly reflects how I felt being in Romania. I was visiting a lovely chaotic place surrounded by the the beauty of nature.
With posting this gallery I want you to feel the same.


Would you believe me if I tell you that this is Bavaria and not Canada?
A tranquille moment. Captured on last weekends hike in the bavarian alps. It was my first hike during the warmer time of the year and oh boy. I have missed it.
It remembered me of the amazing summer times I had in the mountains last year and how I loved to capture those moments. Capturing moments of joy being outdoors. Something I struggled to do the past months during the colder time of the year. Winter really hit me hard - the love somehow faded.
But I can tell you: After last weeks hike the love crawled back into my body and I am more than stoked about the summer in front of me. Anyone else?



People are like houses.
They may look perfect from the outside.
But inside they might be messed up and all worn down.
You. You never know. What’s inside. 
Unless they open the door.
They please you. You step in.

Sometimes you have the chance to clean up someone's house if you keep knocking on the door.



Romania wasn’t one for the pictures. It was one for the heart.
Harsh weather. Melting snow. Muddy tracks. Inaccessible roads.
It was just not the perfect time of the year to capture the landscapes of Romania.
No hard feelings.
Being immersed by the beautiful cities of Romania I felt a special gratitude for visiting a country that’s really special to me. A country that a lot of people have no idea about. A country that has a lot of potential. A country that has stories to tell. The country of my roots.
Those few moments we had a chance to witness the sheer beauty of Romania’s landscapes left me with a strong desire to visit this country again. To capture pictures like this. Again.
But not in March.


A seemingly closed castle.

A conversation with a romanian guy who didn’t understand a word I was saying.

A payment of 10 lei.
A little hike up to the top of the castle.

Things that had to be done to witness this scenery.


You plan. You talk. You schedule.
You fly. You drive. You eat. 
You hike. You shoot. You sleep.

And all that’s left are impressions.

You repeat. You live.

I uploaded a few impressions of my trip to Romania in my story. Feel free to check it out. ❤️


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