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Roland Kraemer


As it gets colder.
We are lingering.
Around the warmth.
Of our bodies.
Pressed together.
We feel.
Our minds drifting.
We are so close.
Yet so far.


Roland Kraemer

Happy Independence Day frosty Finland 🇫🇮💙


Roland Kraemer

We ended up at this place. At this house. Surrounded by frozen flora. Randomly.
After leaving the nearest national park we had to figure out a place to shoot sunset. After a few minutes of thinking we didn’t come up with an idea. So what do you do in situations like that?
You take out your phone. You open an app that provides you with a map. And then you just head to the location that looks most interesting from above. For us it was the structure of the lake next to this house.
In the end the lake was a total flop. What wasn’t a flop was this little charming red house we found on the way to it. Another experience I made which teaches me that it’s about the path and not the destination.
Have a great frosty start in to the week guys!


Roland Kraemer

Since moving to Finland in mid August I wanted to visit Helvetinjärvi National Park, which is located about an hour away from Tampere. All those weeks & months I didn’t make it. There was always something else to do and see. Until. Exactly one week ago. When @aleksiu7 and me sacrificed some good portion of much needed sleep and made our way up there in pitch black darkness.
Seeing this landscape covered in its white dress was magical. But thinking about that it wasn’t snow and just purely frost made it even more special.


Roland Kraemer


when the coldness arises.
transition happens.
from uncovered.
to covered.
glacing the full green.
with the blank white.
a coat of frost.
minuscule crystals.
that will be worn.
that will shine bright.
until next year.

Let’s start the transition into the white feed. ❄️


Roland Kraemer

The days are getting shorter. The days are getting colder. This incredible year is slowly coming to an end. Slowly to an end like my stay here in Finland. In two days my last month up here starts and I can’t be more stoked to explore this beautiful country covered in its white dress.

This picture was taken a week ago during probably one of the last really sunny days this year in my favourite district of Tampere. the combination of the strong light and the frosty roofs of the house gives it a special feeling.


Roland Kraemer


There are a lot of trees here in Finland. No joke. Like really a lot. But the last days funnily my mind was drifting back to the trees in Germany. To the trees of the Black Forest. An area I spent a lot of time during the last two years. An area I learned to love. And an area I am missing right now.

Maybe my mind is drifting back because my time here in Finland slowly comes to an end. Or maybe my mind is drifting because I miss something I have a strong appreciation for. Who know’s. What I know is that I want to share this picture with you. It was taken during a hike this Summer we did in one of the many special places in the Black Forest.
Comparing this picture to the picture from Finland makes me appreciate that diversity we have in various types of trees even more.


Roland Kraemer


How often do we change the perspective? We often look at our subject. Our scenery. In a locked way. Our way of acting is limited by what we think can and should work out. A barrier. We keep on trying to convince ourself that we are right about how we approach the subject. Forgetting that our feelings and emotions completely disagree with what we are doing. We are fed up and reflect on our mindset. We keep on going. But with different eyes. Out of a different angle. While we constantly were trying to figure out a way to find a suitable solution from looking upwards - we forgot about looking downwards. A whole new world opens to us. The balance changes. Something sparks.

Changing your perspective is not only about how you shoot the photo. It's also about human interaction. Just keep in mind that having the ability to change your perspective in certain moments can help you understand the persons around you better. Empathy.
For nature. For humans.


Roland Kraemer


He seems to be lonely but he isn’t. He is doing things differently than the others, but nobody sees it. He’s getting questioned about why and what. Out of the darkness. On a constant battle against the stream that tries to pull him on every possible situation. Always having to defend himself. He is exhausted and full of energy at the same time. He gives without any condition. He knows he’s on the right way because there is a light shining directly on him. Illuminated. In a pitch black forrest.
He’s special.


Roland Kraemer

a short caption
As we keep walking, the giants show up again. High as buildings. Skinny as street lights. A special appearance. The density created by the masses of them feels intriguing. Millions of branches create a chaos in my head that counteracts with the straight path in front of me. A weird mixture that creates balance. Balance made in Scandinavia.


Roland Kraemer

The pier.
A place of connection. A place of exchange. A safe harbour. Where people start their adventure. Where people finish their adventure. Where people enter the water. Where people leave the water. Everyone in a different situation. Yet united in their love. For the water. For the land.


Roland Kraemer

A morning of vivid memory.
It is foggy. My sight is limited. I breathe in. My lungs get filled with cold air. I can see my breathe while breathing out again. I attach the sleeping bag to the backpack and heave it on my back. The hiking starts. Left and Right. High Trees. Overlooking the path through the forest. Our personal guides. On the ground. Soft moss in every tone of green. I am happy. A morning to vividly remember.