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I want to use this caption to address a question that came up quite often the last days.

So a lot of people asked me what camera I was using to capture my pictures.

The truth is: It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. And i want to emphasize on this topic.
When you get into the mindset where you’re telling yourself you need a specific camera to create a specific picture that’s in your head, you’re slowly killing the idea. Be confident. Take what you have in front of you and start bringing the idea to life. Cause it’s just not about the perfect sharpness, cause it’s not about the megapixels and it’s not about the perfect autofocus systems.

It’s about reliving the moment you took the picture, it’s about bringing back the feeling of joy you had capturing it. It’s just about telling the story of a specific moment of your life to an audience. With words. With a vivid picture. In your own way of doing it.
This all can be done without having the best gear and taking a 100% technically perfect photo. Because what is perfect? Perfection lies in the eye of the beholder. Keep that in mind!

Rather think about your pictures than your gear. Cause that’s what matters the most. Gear comes by itself!

Schwäbische Alb

Oh deer. Oh deer.
the last few days have been incredible. Like completely astonishing. It’s hard to put it into words what happened and I still can't really comprehend it.

But one thing I now is that I am beyond honoured.
Honoured for all the positive feedback, honoured for all the congratulations, honoured for all the interest in my style of photographing and also honoured for the acknowledgement of @instagram in general.
I appreciate every single one of you following along my work of photography, but I don’t really care about my exact follower number or about my reach. It’s peripheral to me. Something that is just nice to have. Just a number.

What I really care about are the pictures I create, the stories I tell and how they connect to the people that look at them. I feel incredibly glad for the fact that the work behind a "not-so-normal" picture got acknowledged by so many people around this app.

It just shows me that it's worth spending time in picture concepts that don't feature well known landscapes.
Standing there like this little deer in the forest I have nothing more to add than: thank you! ❤️

Schwäbische Alb

hidden cabin
thank you for your incredible feedback on my latest post. It means a lot to me. It shows me once more that different stuff works.
The crucial part is that different stuff has to be a lot better conceptualised from scratch. You have to put in more energy, more time, more dedication than in something normal you already know that works.
And I think that’s the part that annoys a lot of creatives nowadays. People just keep on constantly repeating the normal and safe stuff that they know works. It’s like feeding pigs with what they want. Over and over. Until they can’t have it no more.
We have the choice. We can decide what we consume and what we want the others to consume.

Black Forest

shadow creature

You wait. You wait a lot. You anticipate. You capture it. You feel alive.
I’ve only recently started to take more pictures of wildlife. And it’s kind of interesting as it is quite different from landscape & outdoor photography. It takes a lot more patience and appreciation for your surroundings than I thought. And why is that? Well you’ll most likely will spend some time until you get animal in the position you want it to be.

Schwäbische Alb

overlooking different thoughts
The last days I asked myself the question where do I wanna go with all this? Where do I wanna head with my photography? What is my unique point? What is the goal I want to achieve? What are the feelings I wanna transfer? What are the stories I wanna tell?
And the longer I think about it - the more I keep consuming content of instagram - the more I know it has to be different.

Because different is not a word i would usually use scrolling trough my time line. And that’s sad - I would love to use it more often.

I don’t really know what this year will bring and where I am heading to, but it’ll be different.


Here's to all the exhausting hikes, the good views, the cold nights, the warm campfires, the endless roadtrips a, the fresh lake water and the time with like-minded creative individuals that 2018 will bring us. 🎉

Happy new year.


2017. What a year. A year full of memories. A year full of adventures. And primarily a year full of meeting amazing creative individuals trough this app called Instagram.
And although I don’t like the evolution of Instagram right now, it’s always the people that kept me going the past months. The people that create unique content, tell amazing stories & who dare to swim against the current.
I am extremely grateful for the memories I made and for the people I met. 2017 was a blast and I am stoked what 2018 will bring.
This is my favourite picture of 2017. It show’s one of my closest friends @fs_kunst standing there in awe while the sun is rising over the peaks of the italian alps. This post is dedicated to him, because he gave me the opportunity to join an unforgettable trip to the dolomites, wich kick-started all of this right here.
Thank you and see you in 2018.

Planet Earth

Are you ready for the leap into 2018?

Black Forest

Thank you for posing perfectly little fella!

Always remember when working with a model: cowmunication is key!

Black Forest

You know what's my favourite math subject? It's Treegonometree.

Black Forest

A photo that was taken during a special morning this summer, that should give all of you a special feeling. A feeling of being blessed for what we have, a feeling of appreciation for the people around. Just.. a feeling of gratitude.

Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this! Keep enjoying the time with your loved ones and don't stop eating.


@_jaceart_ overlooking his territory

One thing I like to do is hiking to spots that aren't easily accessible.

I love the feeling of satisfaction you'll get reaching the spot that you have been craving to see after an exhausting hike.
Investing this extra energy to simply photograph a spot will give you another sort of appreciatement than photographing a spot that is located right next to a huge parking lot.
What's your opinion guys? Are you investing the energy to hike up hundreds of meters to take a photo? Or you rather choosing the parking lot spot?