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Roland Kraemer

What is there left to say? I am blown away by how many people were reached with the text of my last post. It feels good to know that there are people out there. People of this platform. Of this community. That care. People who are questioning. People who are reflecting. On our actions and decisions. I really appreciate every single on of you who joined the conversation over the last 2 days. It was very insightful. There were so many beautiful texts with good points on how we can maybe find a way of doing all this in a more responsible manner.
It is important to talk. To discuss. To agree. In the end the most important part is to act.
Keep that in mind while walking your path.
The path of acting.


Roland Kraemer

There is something. Something on my mind. A topic I have been thinking about a lot during the last weeks and months. A topic that kept me from roaming around the world without real concerns. A topic that left me feeling worried. Worried about the future.
The change of the climate on the planet we all are living on.
I am torn. I am torn between my urge of traveling, exploring, visiting, roaming, creating and my goal of having a sustainable way of living. I am torn between the love I have for the outdoors and contributing at the same time to a global problem. I am torn.
In the last months I started reflecting and questioning my actions and decisions of the past and the future. I was especially thinking about social media in general and the whole outdoor photography community. What is the role we are playing in all this? Which picture of traveling, roaming, exploring and being outdoors are we conveying?
Is it justifiable to drive thousands of kilometres on the weekend for 2 days of shooting? Is it justifiable to fly to the other side of the planet every 4 weeks? Is it justifiable to have this unsustainable urge in ourselves of exploring every little part of this planet? Is it justifiable to encourage other people to live the same unsustainable lifestyle? Where will this lead to? I am not sure. These are questions everyone has to ask and answer themselves.
I am guilty for a lot of that and part of the problem myself - no question. I just want to raise awareness on the problem and encourage you to think twice about your travel decisions in the future. Is it really necessary to fly to the other side of the world for a few days of shooting? Isn’t there any other way of getting beautiful imagery? A more sustainable way? Have you ever been shooting in your nearest national park? Even in your nearest forest gems can be found - believe me.
I struggle myself a lot with this and I would love to hear your thoughts on this difficult topic. What is your point of view? What are you doing to travel more sustainable? Where are you seeing this community going in the next years? Have you ever felt the same like me?

We are all in this together.
In love,



Roland Kraemer

Hiking this ridge line in the swiss alps was one of the more memorable things I was able to do this year. The complex structure of the mountain took my breath away. Not only because of its beauty. It was also really exhausting to get from a to b.

Up and down. Up and down. For miles. For hours. On a small path. Where every wrong step could have had tragic consequences. It has demanded constant concentration for every step I took. To keep our heads clear it was super important to stay hydrated during the hike.
Besides all the exhausting parts, it was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun hiking the ridge with @steffenegly and @dominiclars. Looking forward to more of those moments next year.


Roland Kraemer

idyllic find
The sound of someone walking through the forest. Cracking sticks. Moving leaves. Squeaking boots. It’s a warm late summer evening. The sun is peaking through the few holes in the densely covered part of the forrest. A woman is sitting down on an old tree stump. The sun shines right in her face. It's so bright - I am barely able to see her silhouette. She’s stretching her arms. She seems to enjoy it.
In the distance I can here two runners talking about the daily business. As they are continuously coming nearer, I am getting to know more about their families and problems. In comparison my own problems seemed to be tiny. I kept on walking. Alongside the shore. Until something caught my eye. A scenery that couldn’t be more idyllic.
Where is your idyllic place?


Roland Kraemer

nature ease
As she sits on the trunk.
Thinking about what it is.
That’s leaving her speechless.
She realizes.
It’s the moment.
Of not being asked.
Of not being ordered.
Of not being responsible.
Her mind unravelling
Her body filling.
With ease.
She leans back.
And enjoys the show.


Roland Kraemer

Who’s in for a rowmantic sunset on the lake?


Roland Kraemer

Nestled in the green heart of South Germany. There is a lake. A lake that combines the calm blue color of the water with the vivid green color of the trees like no other place. Attracted by this magical lake a young soul once tried to hike up to the lake in the forrest to widen his horizon. But he forgot. He forgot about the harsh conditions during the winter months. His shoes wet. His toes frozen. As he reached the destination he felt a strong hit of disillusionment. The lake was frozen. That was the day he told himself that someday he will see the reflection. He will come back and see the reflection of his dreams. After two other failed attempts he finally managed to fulfill his goal. The reflection he dreamt of. He took a deep breath. The birds were singing.
Can you feel the grin on his face while taking the photo?


Roland Kraemer

A birds view.
On wondrous isles.
From above.
Immersed in sapphire.
Blue Water.
Softly touching.
The Shore.
Unveiling the love.
The water & the land.


Roland Kraemer

As he stands.
Untamed terrain.
Voices inside his head.
Talking. Loud.
One’s Convincing.
One’s Preventing.
The voices getting louder.
A shrill sound.
He’s following the trail.
He’s following his dreams.


Roland Kraemer

Sometimes a picture doesn’t do its justice. The scenery you captured with your own eyes. The tingling feeling of joy in your stomach. The grin on your face you can not hold back. Your numb thumb because of pressing the shutter too hard. The sheer scale of everything around you. The smell of the different colored flowers blowing in the wind. Yeah - sometimes 4x5 and 1x1 is just not enough to transfer that feeling.
In a world of 4x5 and 1x1 its always nice to remind yourself on how you kept the impression in your head. Vivid and real.

Compare it and be astonished how the sheer scale of a scenery changes.


Roland Kraemer

long forgotten.
voices from the past.
echoing of the walls.
some laugh.
some scream.
crumbling stones.
into a place of disparity.
a place of abundance.
yet lost and destroyed.
years later.


Roland Kraemer

Welcome to the feed Finland. Glad to call you my home for the next months. 🇫🇮