Evan LaRue@thatruinedmk1

16. Freelance Photographer and Videographer. Everything Volkswagen. #Cabby2point0: 9-13-17


Having the opportunity to shoot for yearbook this year has been amazing. Becoming more involved in school activities and being able to capture such a memorable time in so many people’s lives, and applying my vision to that, is something I’ll forever be grateful for. It’s amazing what being around people that see your vision can do for the quality level of your content. Not only do they see your vision, but they help build on it as well. I can’t help but thank everyone that I met this year not only in the program, but through going to events too. You all are amazing.


Cars and Coffee was dope.


F40. 🇮🇹


felt good to shoot some cars again.


my favorite co-driver. #RuindMk1 #VWDogs


couple of my favorite frames from this past weekend. #70300mm #musical


new LED shop lights for the garage 😍😍 so much brighter in here!


COME CHECK OUT THE SECRET GARDEN THIS WEEKEND @ WALLED LAKE CENTRAL!!!! Never been one to get super involved in school activities, but I just wanted to say to any of the cast that sees this, I am blown away by your dedication and drive to putting on what will be such a great show. I could not be more excited to shoot this event this weekend to showcase all of the build up to this amazing show. You all are the best, photos coming soon...


Got the head back from the shop today...and I gotta say...I’m stoked, this thing is immaculate #RuindMk1 #Mk1 #JHBuild #8ValvesOfFury #Cabby2point0 #ValveJob #CylinderHead


wouldn’t trade what I do for any amount of money in the world. #RuindMk1 #Mk1 #JHBuild #Cabby2point0


Love when you see the bare metal again under 30 years of grime and oil. Probably scraped off a pound of this stuff lol. Engine and trans being painted soon😏 #RuindMk1 #Mk1 #JHBuild #Cabby2point0


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