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Sorry for the lefty spam, but this is really important to me and it makes me so angry that as a country we're playing with people's lives, their ability to be in the only place they've called home, going to school and working. The opportunity to grow up in Los Angeles County and then pursue a college degree in Washington made me who I am, and even though my parents were both born in the states, they made sacrifices to make sure I had opportunities they didn't. Dreamers shouldn't be punished for the sacrifices their parents made, end of story. Everyone deserves a chance to pursue their goals and be successful tax paying contributors to society who help American innovation and create jobs with the businesses they start.
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Los Angeles, California

Whoops. A few of my comics flowers didn't make it into my tote on my way to the #womensmarch . Comment or dm if you want one!
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Women's March LA Foundation

New comic for the #womensmarch up on the site now (link in bio). Another year of wonderful people and inspiring interactions. Hope your March was rad too!
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Women's March LA Foundation

This is what a feminist looks like. #feminist #feminism #womensmarch


Happy MLK day! Now as much as ever (if not more) his words and legacy are an important reminder of what injustices we must eradicate not only from laws but from ways of thinking. I wanted to do a quote piece that was both lesser known and felt genuine and still poignant coming through the lens of me being a white woman instead of appropriating his struggle to tout a supposed moral high ground I might have. Bernice King's speech this morning made me feel I chose the absolute perfect quote, as she is challenging us all to rise to the occasion and do 50 acts of service/kindness between now and April. Let's go!

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