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Sunset at the Pinnacles and more of that orangey yellow glow that works so well with WA landscapes.
We’re well into winter here now but you can still get some awesome sunsets and warm days. This weekends weather looks good too so I’ll be venturing out again. 🙂
Where are you planning to shoot this weekend?!


So more about these Pinnacles....
These limestone structures cover an area of about 2 square kilometres. Some stand up to 5 metres high and due to the variation in soil types they have an array of colours and shades.
There’s some debate over how they were formed which is an interesting read if you’re into that kind of thing. From a photographers point of view I admire their unique beauty! The golden hours give you long shadows and a warm glow of orange and it’s also a spectacular place to do a night shoot.
Go check them out if you’re in the area. ❤️WA!


The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia.
An awesome place to go and shoot and only a 2 hour drive north of Perth.
I went up there to do a night shoot but the highlight was actually being blessed with this beautiful sunset. The clouds only cleared an hour or so before sun down and as they did I got this stunning light pouring through. I’ll be going back to this place soon, as I’m super keen to get more shots of this stunning WA landscape. ❤️ WA


So back in WA and I have a few shots to catch up on now. First off - a night shot of the city from under the freeway bridge in South Perth. This has already been shared on my other page @d_a_p_nocturnal but it would be rude not to share it on here too!


Finally, the last of the Iceland shots and the quick stop I was on about in the last post. This is called Búðakirkja Church and was on my journey back to Reykjavik. With no time I could only take a couple of shots before having to catch my flight out of there.
In summary - Iceland is stunning. Yes it’s expensive and yes, the environment can be harsh but please don’t let that put you off going. It’s raw nature is incredible, the people are friendly and the photographic opportunities and adventures this country provides are unforgettable.
I will go back, and I hope for longer than 8 days. I just need to win the lottery first.
#brokephotographer #loveiceland


Happy Monday ya’ll. 🤔🙃
Last shot of Kirkjufell and a final reflection one. I had one more spot to visit before my flight home and it was only going to be a quick one. There’s no problem with a quick stop off somewhere but I find the best shots come from the places where you had time to explore the scene, experiment with angles and finally, wait (and hope!) for some magic light to appear to get the best out of your subject. Sometimes that’s not possible, after all I only had 8 days in Iceland but photography is not the only reason I went there. I also went to escape, witness nature’s beauty, to simply go on a road trip and be.... here comes that word..... a tourist. And I’m alright with that.


A tighter angle on Kirkjufellfoss and Kirkjufell. This has to be one of Iceland’s most famous locations and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful place. I do wish I’d had time to do a night shoot there!


The final shot from Dynjandi and one which shows an area of photography that I’m always trying to improve in - Creativity. Ok so this is not the most creative shot you’ll see on Instagram today but it’s one which started as an idea and moved me away from my typical landscape photos. I then scouted for an area I could implement it in and it then became a reality through trial and error.
The point I’m trying to get across - I’m enjoying this learning process of arriving to a much photographed location and trying to come up with something new. That, ladies and gentlemen, is creativity. And we all have it within us. 🙏


Dynjandi waterfall. As a fan of both long exposures and nature, waterfalls are obviously a firm favourite of mine. Iceland’s full of them! I must have seen over 10 in my time there but Dynjandi was my number 1. Sunrise here was spectacular as I spent 4 hours here admiring and shooting nature’s magnificence. What a world we live in. Sorry I’ve been away a while by the way, life’s been somewhat busy!


More reflections of the stunning scenery of Iceland. This shot was taken near Kirkjufell, you can see Kirkjufellsfoss to the right hand side, the famous waterfall that photographers love. The day was overcast but it was still which gave mirror like waters. I sat in this spot for a good half hour, thankful for my time in this country but knowing one day I would be back. #lovetravel #lovephotography


Another reflection shot of Kirkjufells. I do wish I’d had time to stay in this area for longer than 1 day. But time was running short and I had to hurry back to catch my flight. What a country. ♥️ 🇮🇸


Iceland will astound you in many ways. Yes you’ll get rainy days and plenty of snow and ice in the winter but this always leads you to incredible sights. You’ve just got to get out there and be challenged by the elements - I can’t describe how windy it was when I took this shot, I could barely get the car door open...!