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Oh yessss she is an absolute dream!!! I absolutely adore my brand new bedroom, so many gorgeous elements in this space which I can’t wait to share with you this week! One thing that I learnt last week is that you guys are craving information, alllll the details - so get ready and make sure you ask away, don’t be shy!!! Do you want to know what every single person has commented on since coming into this room?!?! The 100% wool carpet called Nobby from @signaturefloors - holy moly it is the most beautiful carpet I have ever laid my eyes on and I’ve done my fair share of carpet! If you missed Episode Three of 2 In Twelve, I’ve saved the link to it in my highlights! Tune in shortly and I’ll be doing a mini live right here 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


EPISODE THREE | MASTER BEDROOM WEEK! Wooo hoooo here we go again @futureflip!!!! It was so much fun to be in my element...bedroom styling YAYYYY! Loved these rooms, both are super different but both equally as gorgeous! I call mine Contemporary Australian style and the investment is Coastal in style. Which is your favorite? Hit the link in my profile to watch the next episode of 2 In Twelve with @realestatelifestyle and get ready for a week of gorgeous bedroom spam 🤗💃🏻🤗💃🏻


Master Bedroom Week for 2 In Twelve with @realestatelifestyle is just around the corner! Wooo hooo, think tranquil retreats, lots of soft lighting and a truck load of bed linen and cushions! Ha ha anyone who know me knows how much I love my bed styling!!! This shot here is a sneak peek of my master bedroom...cannot wait to share! Tune in tomorrow night at 8.30pm so you can view the next episode! If you missed the bathroom episode last week, make sure you catch up and hit the link in my profile to watch. 🌿


Ok I think you guys have seen enough of bathrooms this week to last a life time, well maybe not...you guys are all interior addicts like me BUT I thought I’d share another shot of my recent project! I like to add sheer curtains in my jobs wherever I can, you should see how they change a space...like instantly! The light goes all soft and diffused and you get the perfect amount of day time privacy. @abescooz are my go to guys for all window treatments, they have been for years and I cannot speak highly enough of Rohan and his team. Ok so back to 2 in Twelve, I’m going to be doing a live on the bathrooms at 2.30pm this afternoon so come and join me if there was something you wanted to ask! 🌿


Well what a week!!! I cannot believe the HUGE reaction to these bathrooms, literally blown away! I honestly wasn’t expecting it. I was so nervous but you guys have all reassured me, thank you so so so much!!! This was the room of the week with the most amount of likes. If you missed the bathroom episode, hit the link in my profile to view it! Tomorrow I’ll do some live stories of the bathrooms at 2.30pm if you want to join! Loving this journey with @realestatelifestyle 🌿


Tomorrow I’m going to do some live stories at 2.30pm of all the spaces featured in Bathroom Week from @realestatelifestyle 2 In Twelve!!! If you have had some questions or want to see the spaces in more detail make sure you tune in! Meanwhile here is one of the last spaces to share, the powder room from the investment side! Not sure what I love more, the floor tiles from @dilorenzo_tiles are pretty cute but that mirror from @heartlydesignstudio is just so gorgeous! You have seen me use it before in another client job but I always knew I was going to use it myself! It’s just perfect 🌿


I’ve always just made do with my laundries and never realized until now, the pleasure of a well designed one!! See that detail in the over head cupboards, well that is something my most amazing joiner did especially for me!!! Conpletely custom profile! @uneekinteriorsolutions is absolutely incredible, I feel so lucky to have worked with Reece on this project and am looking forward to lots of upcoming projects with him (all my current clients are smiling knowing what I’m talking about 😉). Call him, follow him, get him out to your place to talk kitchens - honestly I can’t speak highly enough about his passion, his quality and his beautiful team! #sydneysbest


THE POWDER ROOM | The space that all your guests will see so make sure it’s a damn good one!!! This is ours and it’s super cute. I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous light pendant from @dunlinhome for years now so it was always going to be a sure thing for my home! I always tell my clients, when you are choosing a light pendant make sure you think about what it looks like when it’s turned on! It it needs to look beautiful when it’s off AND when it’s on!! I’ve shared a pic in my stories so you can see what this beauty looks like when turned on...stunning 😍 @realestatelifestyle


You have seen the main bathroom in the investment side (see previous post), now it’s our turn!!! This is actually Hudson’s bathroom but he has no idea how lucky he is to have something so beautiful!!! I think the stunning mirrors from @designtwins are a little lost on him but never mind cause I bloody LOVE them! Which bathroom do you prefer now that you have seen them both? Investment or forever? If you want to recreate any of the bathrooms you have seen so far for 2 In Twelve, hit the link in my profile to shop the look!! 🤗


It’s main bathroom time!!! This was one of four bathrooms we created for 2 In Twelve with @realestatelifestyle. The main bathroom in my investment property had the most amazing tiles from @dilorenzo_tiles but if you look closely you’ll notice that they are not done in your standard herringbone...it’s double herringbone! LOVE!!! It kind of reminds me of a basketweave, it’s always the subtle details that make all the difference! Stay tuned tonight for my main bathroom reveal 💃🏻💃🏻


And here she is! My ensuite and isn’t she absolutely STUNNING!! I am in vanity heaven - it was love at first sight when I saw the Baxter Vanity from @loughlinfurniture! Not kidding, I made a bee line for it as soon as I walked into the showroom! Gah it’s all just so lovely, the arch mirror, the tiles, the timber! So which ensuite is your favorite now you have seen both (see previous post)...the investment or the forever home? In case you missed Episode Two | Bathrooms, you can Two the link in my profile. @realestatelifestyle #ensuiteheaven


Let the bathroom spam begin!!! Episode Two launched last night so if you missed it click the link in my profile to check it out! This is the ensuite in the investment side and not kidding every time I walk past this space it makes me smile cause it just feels so right! I’ve fallen in love with one of my new suppliers, @loughlinfurniture who make their own range of gorgeous vanities. This here is from The Staples range! I’ve actually always found it hard to find beautiful ready made vanities - so many clients ask for timber in their bathrooms these days, so now these guys are my go too!!! Stay tuned tonight and I’ll share the ensuite on our side and what vanity I used over there 🤗