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Anzac Day, dawn service at the Shire of Remembrance, Melbourne. Pictures by @joe_armao


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On April 25 Australians observe Anzac Day as a solemn reminder of those who lost their lives fighting for the country.

April 25 marks the day Australian and New Zealand forces landed at Anzac Cove under a hail of bullets. Many Australians lost their lives at Gallipoli attempting to take a foothold on its beaches and hills. -

The landing marks one of the most important moments in Australian history, and is considered a crucial moment in the creation of an Australian identity. -

In this picture from the archives, the Anzac Day march is pictured en route to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne in 1940. -

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Sure, it's a little ironic. But one of Australia's leading businessswomen has turned to Instagram to declare she is "really effing furious" about the expectations imposed on female entrepreneurs - particularly the pressure to "look pretty on Instagram".

"It’s not good enough that we have to be twice as good, to build amazing companies with much less money," the founder of online business Adore Beauty, which turned over $52 million last year, has posted.

"If you want to be recognised as a successful female founder, you also have to do all this while looking pretty on Instagram. (But not too pretty! Because you also have to be relatable!)."

To read the full story, go to 🖊 Cara Waters
📷 Arsineh Houspian

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The Greens are contesting the election at a time when public concern about the environment has arguably never been higher. -

This also comes off the back of growing community action around climate change and a summer featuring record temperatures, drought, floods, bushfires and horrifying fish kills, as well as voter dissatisfaction with the major parties. -

Richard Di Natale has said the primary focus for the party is on re-electing the existing Senate team. But rather than being worried about losing its existing seats, shouldn't the Greens be guaranteed to pick up a host of new ones? -

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Dabbling and experimenting. Playing both sides. Promiscuous, traitorous, closeted, wanting the “best of both worlds”, relationship-wreckers or confused. -
Bisexual people face numerous stereotypes and negative assumptions, and since he was a teen who realised he was attracted to people of different genders, Anthony Lekkas has heard them all.
Growing up, he says he was ''fearful of rejection and discrimination''.
The largest study of bisexual people in the world has examined why bisexual people experience higher rates of psychological distress than heterosexual and homosexual people.
It found there are significant links between poor mental health and the following factors: bisexual people in heterosexual relationships; bisexual people perceiving their sexuality to be bad or wrong, and bisexual people thinking their partner’s support for their sexuality is low.
Research has consistently shown bisexual people have poorer mental health than gay, lesbian or heterosexual people, the report said.
To talk to someone about these issues Qlife: 1800 184527
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📰Miki Perkins 📷 Eddie Jim


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As Australia's first Pentecostal Prime Minister, Scott Morrison will spend time this Easter in the fold of a fast-growing church movement that's starkly different to many of its Christian counterparts.

Read the full story @goodweekendmag

Photo: @ellinghausen
Words: @jacquelinemaley

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The Age

Water from a burst pipe lifts the bitumen at Highbury rd Mount Waverley. By @joe_armao


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Furious Facebook posts, abusive emails, school sit-ins, menacing behaviour. The new bullies in the schoolyard aren't children - they're mums and dads.
Read the full story in the @GoodWeekendMag today.

Illustration: Bren Luke/

Words: @melfyfe and @henriettacook

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When the temperature inside their home climbs above 40 degrees, Jay soaks a sheet, spreads it over his three-year-old daughter Hayley and turns the fan on high in the hope she will sleep. *

There is not much more Jay can do during the prolonged stretches of summer heat, when the temperature reached 47 degrees, in their public housing unit in Mildura. *

The truth is that living without an air conditioner is unbearable. *

In an era of climate change, and in the wake of Australia’s warmest summer on record, housing and health services are urging the state government to revise a 20-year-old law which means people like Jay who live in public housing can’t apply for air conditioning unless they have a chronic health condition. * #heat #summer #publichousing #mildura

Words: Miki Perkins

Photo: Louise Barker


The Age

Almost three years after Karen Ristevski, 47, disappeared from her Melbourne home, her husband has been sentenced to at least six years behind bars for manslaughter.

Justice Christopher Beale today sentenced Ristevski, 55, to a maximum of nine years' prison.

Their daughter Sarah Ristevski - who provided a glowing character reference for her father that described him as a "good dad and husband" - was among family and friends at the Supreme Court.

Ristevski has never told police how or why he killed his wife. Justice Beale said the possibility of closure for her family was complicated, if not cruelled, as they will never know how she died. • 📷 AAP 🖊 Tammy Mills and Adam Cooper

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The Age

In 1982, a wild storm ripped through Melbourne. The storm flooded roads, ripped roofs from buildings and left large parts of the city without electricity.

In some suburbs, shops and homes were evacuated as high winds, two centimetre hailstones and heavy rain brought down powerlines, uprooted trees and hurled cars from roads.

Shoppers at Chirnside, Ringwood and Gladstone shopping centres were lucky to escape without serious injuries as walls and ceilings collapsed in the storm and flood waters swept along passages.

In this photo from the archives, a van lies on its side after it was hurled from the road and over a fence, near Tullamarine.

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The Age

A day after one of the world’s most iconic cathedrals, Notre-Dame, was gutted by fire, architects, engineers and firefighters are assessing the damage.

The Age’s Matt Golding has created this illustration of Paris following the devastating blaze.

“I was thinking that both emotionally and geographically, Notre-Dame is the heart of Paris, in relation to the Left and Right Banks, and the fire had blackened that heart,” says Golding. “That was the image I was trying to capture.”

Illustration: @golding68
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