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Loved this LEGENDS OF THE SEAS unboxing pic from @linzidef from earlier this year ❤️ one of our favourite cases!


Happy Friday! What’s everyone doing this weekend? It’s a busy one at The Book Case! Finishing off July’s THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS case 😍 Preparing for August’s theme launch early next week! And and and...catching up on unboxing pictures from June’s FROM FRANCE, WITH LOVE case. If you haven’t already, send us any unboxing pictures you have and you could win 10% off your next case! Have a good weekend, my friends 😀


Good night, everyone ❤️


❗️August’s theme is coming soon❗️Look our for it early next week 😜😜😜 Theme day is my best, so much excitement!


Love this pic from @transkeimeg of our gift from The Little Soap Shop in LEGENDS OF THE SEAS earlier this year! Really glad you liked the book, Meg. I loved it! Have a good Thursday, everyone!!!


Hello Monday! A chance to start again, be productive and get things done! Lots to do at The Book Case this week! HP cases are coming together nicely, the items in the case are beautiful 😍😍😍 can’t can’t can’t wait to send them to you! Have a good week, everyone!


My TBR pile 😂 how many do you have in yours?


Sprinkling you with words 😂


#TBT to this lovely pic from @popcorn_and_pearls cup of tea anyone?


Books take us to so many different places. Where have you been recently?


This is what I want to do today! But I can’t 😂 cos we’ve got lots of work to do! CHAMBER OF SECRETS cases are coming together nicely! Can’t can’t wait to send them! The books are absolutely beautiful, you’re in for a real treat!


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