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This is everything this morning! 🙌🏻 #respectwomen @parentinginbritain


Who fancies a Mystery Holiday Romance this summer? You never know you may even fall in love? Use the code HOLIDAYROMANCE15 for 15% off! Ends soon! X


Who can relate 😂🙈


Well that’s it! The end of the school year! This is the last time I will ever pick Harry up from this school as he moves into year 3 and a different school in September! Feeling a little sad....his teachers have been amazing this year! Amongst all the wine and chocs his teacher and 2 teaching assistants will no doubt get today they are also having a book date each as a little thanks from me x x #schoolsoutforsummer #thankyouteachers


Good Morning!! Happy Friday! So it would seem well over 100 of you would like to come away on a reading retreat next year! 😵 x (poll run in stories) it’s all just an idea in my brain at the moment but I’m pretty excited about it taking shape.......⚙️⚙️ i will keep you posted on any developments! X


Great pic from @agpogs of her two Book Dates which will be given to teachers as end of term gifts! X #lastdayofterm #schoolsoutforsummer 🙌🏻


How are you all getting on with this months Book Club Book #themermaid by @authorchristinahenry I have been a bit rubbish 🙈 I need to get back into it x


Happiness is just a click away! x 👌🏻


The whole Book Matchmaker concept is quiet a tricky one to sell....I find that people either get it or they just don’t. In a nutshell you choose a fiction book from our website using just the 4 words on the front.....OR (and maybe this is why it’s confusing) you choose your book date by choosing a genre and then we find a book, wrap it up and add the 4 words before sending it out to you. If anyone can think of an easier simple way to describe what we do I would love to hear it below! X x xx


Moving forward and after having some issues with the design we are considering changing the merchandise to this embroidered wording instead. What do you all think? We have a poll running in our stories! X


Friday at last! 🙌🏻 it’s been a long old week but we made it! #fridayfeeling


Stay lucky today guys! Xx #fridaythe13th