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💦 Shade: Queens of NYC, every Thursday at 10:30P on @ThisIsFusion!
Tu: Hardware 8-11
Thur: Therapy 10-1
Sat: Boots & Saddle 10-4
Sun: Hardware 6-9

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Huge thank you to @theorsanoproject for choreographing and my incredible dancers for turning out my Glam Award Performance last night.

Public Arts

✨TONIGHT✨ I'm switching things up and turning The Brita Filter Show into a fundraiser. As you know there was a devastating fire in Washington Heights last week. One of our LGBTQ brothers Frankie Ross lost everything in that fire. I'm bringing our community together to raise money for for his GoFundMe his Mom started to help build him back up. I hope you'll join me at @hardwarebarnyc at 8PM. Showtime at 8:30PM.
Performances from @thebritafilter @jansportnyc @lagoonabloonyc @rosewithanaccent @vannadeux @gloria_swansong @apapnyc @ianjoseph_nyc @celahdoorenyc

@dj2facenyc on the beats.
@lukefontana_ @cherrypoppinsnyc on the drinks.

Hardware Bar NYC

I’m in @moneymag this month! Be sure to pick up a copy. Thank you @mercedesbiancab @will.linendoll for having me! #BritaFilter #AnythingButPure

Time Inc.

One of the most powerful things I did in 2017. #Repost @thisisfusion
#shadequeensofnyc marching for democracy, #equality and civil liberties. Tonight at 10PM

New York, New York

NYE SUNDAY! Start your adventures off with @jasminericenyc and I at @hardwarenyc for #SkinnyBrunch. 7PM.

Hardware Bar NYC

I love these queens! @merrie_cherry @rify_royalty Thank you so much for the picture @dragcentricdeb, I’m so glad we got to connect again. It’s always a pleasure seeing you. #Controversy #DreamHotel #NYCnightlife

My outfit by my sis @florencedlee

Dream Downtown

I had a blast hosting CONTROVERSY last night. I Live for this song... download it now. Money by @leikeli47!!! Huge thanks to Trevor Silva and Hector for slaying the number with me and Ryan for the video. #Money #leikeli47

Dream Hotel

Wonderful CHRISTMAS with my baby sister Pualani! 🎁🎄🙌🏾❤️#Family #BrotherSister

Rockefeller Center

When you fart and realize your padding held in the smell. 🤡🤪 Hair: @bobbiepinzdotcom
Dress: @florencedlee


I started stretching at the start of filming #ShadeQueens so I could do this at the end! #SeasonFinale @Thisisfusion @fusiontv


So excited for tonight’s season finale of #ShadeQueens on @thisisfusion @fusiontv at 10:30PM. BE SURE TO TUNE IN.