Brita Filter / Jesse Havea@thebritafilter

Shade: Queens of NY
M: Monster 11
Tu: Hardware 8-11
Thur: Boxers UES 8-10
Thur: Therapy 10-2
Fri: Pieces 11-2
Sun: Hardware 6-9
Sun: Moxy Hotel 10

I have never felt so welcomed and loved at a new venue. Huge thank you to @frankiesharp, the entire staff at @metropolitan_bk and all my friends who i haven’t seen in a while who came out! You’ve made my week. I love BROOKLYN. #Repost @frankiesharp


I can not wait for tonight! ✨🙌🏾❤️See you at @metropolitan_bk. @frankiesharp


TONIGHT!!! While @rubyrubyroo is away... @arikiki_hotmess and I are going to play at @piecesbar! SHOWTIME 11PM.


SUNDAY! You don’t want to MAGIC! Celebrating the Royal House of LaBeija! Ticket link in BIO! #MagicSundaysNYC


Posh Spice, I’m coming for you. 🖤
Collar by @abrahamdlevy
Outfit by @florencedlee
#MagzineShoot #CoverGirl #BritaFilter #AnythingButPure #drag #dragquern #shadequeens


Misssss VANJIE! 👆🏽 Scroll through ✨✨
What a night! @frankiesharp’s #MagicSundaysNYC was everything! I had the best time emceeing the night and turning it out with @vanessavanjie!
See you this SUNDAY at @moxytimessquare @magichourny! 💕🔮 LINK IN BIO.
Photos: @jwilson77


Do you want the 212 henny? @azealiabanks is performing at @frankiesharp’s #MagicSundaysNYC this week! Get into this gig. TIX link in BIO.

@moxyhotels @moxytimessquare @magichourny


Casting spells because I’m at 10K.
@frankiesharp’s #MagicSundaysNYC!
MISSSS VANJIEEEE! 💎🔮 Costume: @florencedlee
Photo: @mattrkoval


I’m excited to be the 2018 Headliner for the #InternationalDragFestival this year in Austin, TX! Get your tickets now at!
Photo: @welovequeens @davidelaffe


It’s called SKINNY BRUNCH because we ate everything before you got there. #AlcoholOnly @jasminericenyc and I are serving you the best damn show at @hardwarebarnyc at 7PM.


SUNDAYS have never been the same since @frankiesharp’s #MagicSundaysNYC became a thing! I host and perform every week. MESSAGE me if you want to come. See you this week with shows from MISS VANJIE herself @vanessavanjie! 💕LINK IN BIO FOR TIX! 💕

All my outfits: @florencedlee
Hair: @bobbiepinzdotcom
Photos: @jwilson77


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