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When you play, do you leave everything on the court ? The court meaning your game, sport, business, community, relationships, health, self development , faith .. do you give it your all when you are “there” ? It’s the only way to succeed ... so wherever you are.. whatever the court is for you, be all in , all there, fully committed and watch what happens 😉 - Coach Dar


...don’t do it to impress , do it to make an impact daily.. leave everyone you meet a little better than you found them... show you cared a little more, stop to really listen, call to check in on someone, leave someone their favorite treat, hold the elevator for someone esp. when you know they are coming ( don’t act like you’ve never done that hoping to get the elevator by yourself , we all have but shift that and seek the encounter - be nice) , ask someone over for dinner or a movie or to church or a game so they are not home alone .... •

Look around , I mean really look around to see how many opportunities you have to make an impact thru a simple act of kindness... it’s not hard when you live this way ... it’s the way, it’s your authentic lifestyle ... be kind, speak kind, act kind, live kind #standforkindness - 💛 Dar


The power of positive people is healing to society .... be the medicine the world needs! Are you aware of the energy you radiate onto others daily? Is it pure , is it healthy, is it uplifting? •

Since Energy is contagious ask yourself what is my energy doing to myself and others?? The world gets hurt when people hurt others .. so let’s work on our mindset, frame of mind, energy we give off, interactions and intentions. •

Be positive for others , lift them up , be happy for others, want good for others, cheer on their successes, be a light! •

If you feel anything opposite of this ( envy, hate, jealousy, wishing others don’t succeed etc) then check yourself today because it radiates and comes into your life and has an effect on other peoples well being!! •

So please work on it daily with prayer, meditation, gratitude, and self development work... then we can be all rowing the same direction in life ... it will help the mental well being of society too!! Be the change ! 🙏😃😃😃😃 Sending you tons of positivity today !
- Dar
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What he said ... @champagnepapi #life


The time when I was walking down a hallway at a convention center to speak and I see one of my best friends face as cardboard cut out at his company’s conference 😂😂... so of course I stop to take a pic to haze him:) ha! •

Love you big Tyson , @o2tyson , happy birthday again to someone who lights up the room when he walks in and is the kindest human being to everyone he meets! I am so thankful 6 yrs ago at a Tony Robbins event with 6,000 people that God decides to put a New York Giants fan next to a NE Patriots fan... he knew the fun would start there. Seriously Thank you for all the epic memories, trips, super bowl, talks, work, laughs you truly are an amazing friend with the biggest heart for people. And all month we should celebrate you 😉 cant wait to see you in a week and two days but whose counting. 😂

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... it all starts within. Those that get this, own this, and do something about it will succeed in all areas of life! Try it 😉

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Psyched to be a guest on podcast episode 34 which dropped today w/ @themindstrongproject take a listen if you want to get fired up and tips to help you Lead up, Live it up, get a better Mental Edge on your game, business and life. Serious power hour talk. Link in bio or on their epic IG !
Love you guys, grateful to be part of the family! 🙏 #Repost @themindstrongproject
Episode 34 is now up on iTunes with @thecoachdar (Coach Dar) who has coached and trained over 100,000 people in the mental conditioning and leadership world. Her work span over the last 20 years has created tools and knowledge that made for an amazing conversation. Grab yourself an extra shot of espresso and prepare to "Level Up" as we dive into the energy of Coach Dar- We range from mental health, building routines and establishing your life's anthem. Enjoy!

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You flipping got this today, this week, this month ... shoot you got this all freakin year ... so be bold, unshakable, and reignite that true warrior spirit within you ... you might of just forgot it but I’m here to remind you... STAND UP, STEP UP, AND STAY STRONG... you my friend are a WARRIOR.. don’t ever forget that! Now go be one.
You got this! 👊 Dar •

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Check out this life lesson with My life coach.. 😂 on marriage... she’s the bomb ...Good stuff today! #helen #94 #widsom #preachsista


Just sayin’... oh and he’s kind of a big deal... and let’s not forget who gave the gifts and talents to everyone you’re watching today who you all say is the 🐐 ... ok then ...love you 😉 Happy Sunday •

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Where will this weekend take you?
Fun life lesson for the weekend:

Go on more adventures... be more spontaneous... unplug more from technology and plug into Nature •

Neuroscience has proven doing this can be so beneficial for our physical and mental health ... yet we don’t do it enough and it’s a free drug - getting outside with nature and connecting with people. •

Last weekend I literally decided last minute to goto Sedona. So I called a friend and within hours we had a plan and were in the car and off ...we went with no set itinerary but get a hotel and then explore , hike and go with the flow and make it the best 24hrs possible and we did...

I share this because sometimes just driving out of your everyday scenery to reset is like getting oxygen to your soul.. it’s a great way to realign your mind... the weekend cost literally the amount it would cost most for a therapy session and I got the best therapy possible... spending time with my friend laughing, hiking a mountain we had never hiked but pushed ourselves , got out of our comfort zone and found a view so spectacular words could never explain it... ate amazing food, met wonderful people, saw sights that took my breath away... & by the end of the day I was sunburn ( yes even with sunscreen ), was sweating my as% off, full of dust, soaked from crossing brooks to get to / from the mountain but it felt so freakin Good and I never looked at my phone once ( it didn’t come in anyhow🤪) and within 24 hrs I had
Reset & Realigned so I can Restart again...

So do your mind, body, and spirit a favor and go on an adventure this weekend or soon !!!! Exploring doesn’t cost a lot but what does cost a lot is not taking care of your mind, body & spirit... so go do it! 💛Dar ( live life now)

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You getting this? Key principle in leadership and life !!! Now go out there and bring the best out of others.
Thank you @jongordon11 for sharing your wisdom to help us all become great within ! Forever grateful. •

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