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15.05.18 : Good vibes only in North Somerset today .. The Guernseys at Bickfeild farm and the Jersey girls at Sleight farm are out enjoying the fresh pasture and soaking up the sun 👌🍃👌🍼👌 #freerange #betterdairy #somerset #bristol 📸 @jonnysimpson


Can't wait to get over to @hide_restaurant this weekend .. Possibly the most beautiful restaurant to open in a while and we're so proud to supply the best of Somerset dairy produce to Ollie Dabbous and his chefs 👌🍼👌🍼👌 #newopening #hide #london #milk #cream #scenes


Cracking open an ice cold @pumpstreetchocolate x Estate Chocolate Milk . We've made some slight changes to the recipe and process from today (05 May onwards) and its tasting absolutely on point.. You can now find it at more stockist than ever across London including @sallyclarkeltd , @crumbsanddoilies @marestreetmarket and the @thebreadstation from tomorrow 🙌🍫🍼🙌 #freshchocolatemilk #chocolate #dairy #london #somerset 📷 @jonnysimpson


Day 2 @londoncoffeefestival .. Come and see us on stand T06B ( Hyde Park) with @notescoffeeroasters 👌🔥👌 📷 @cedarcreates
#londoncoffeefestival2018 #theestatedairy


Fresh off the bottling line are these beautiful 100% recyclable glass 1 litre bottles exclusively for @wework .. The plastic footprint of the dairy industry is huge and it's time for change! We're currently one of the only dairies in the Uk processing glass in a larger format than the traditional pints and we're so delighted to be launching this in line with @wework reduced plastic policy.. It's also great to be able to transfer the sustainable work that we do on the farm into our packaging. 2 litre size is in the pipeline too. Since we launched we've been supplying reduced plastic options for @rosslyncoffee @sourcedmarket , @hackneygelato , @nonnasgelato , @weinobib , @pocogelatoleigh @blutopicecream @lagelatiera @catalyst_roasters and @hadleysdairy 🙌👌🍼🔥🌎👌 #reducedplastic #wework #glass #theestatedairy


Beautiful dinner last night @ducksoupsoho ... Proud to have our milk and Guernsey cream in the kitchen here as well as @raw_duck @littleduckthepicklery 👌🍼👌 #london #ducksoup #dairy


The beautiful has now started serving Breakfast.. Delicious times all round and you can grab a bottle of our @pumpstreetchocolate Fresh Chocolate milk to go with it 🙌🍼🍫 #luca #freshchocolatemilk #london #dairy #chocolatemilk



What an absolute ride of highs and lows and we've given it absolutely everything to make it to this point! There are to many people to thank from our customers , suppliers and our small team that make it happen daily. We're far from perfect and have a long way to go but we're genuinely so excited about the years to come.. we're working on some new delicious products , refining everything behind the scenes and are so proud it's still 100% owned by the 2 of us despite continually growing since day 1.
Here's to more night shifts , delicious well sourced dairy and a bright future for everyone involved 👌💯👌 P.S check our stories today for some behind the scenes footage of the past 2 years 😂

#theestatedairy #dairy #thankyouthankyouthankyou 📸 @jonnysimpson


Such a good weekend in Paris! Coffee , Food and 🥐 all so on point from @tenbelles , @coutumecafe & @desgateauxetdupain 👌⚡️👌 #paris #coffee #weekendoff


Absolutely delighted to announce that from today our #freshchocolatemilk and 1 litres are now on the shelf @fortnums ... The best of @pumpstreetchocolate and Bickfield + Sleight farm all on deck 👌🍫👌🍼👌 #freshchocolatemilk #london #fortnumandmason


Absolute scenes over a @crosstowndoughnuts this month. Any Doughnut and Fresh Chocolate Milk for just £5 across all sites... Go get it! ✖️🍼✖️🍫✖️🍼✖️🍫 #freshchocolatemilk #london #somerset #dairy


Happy New Year from everyone at The Estate Dairy.. Unbelievable year and we want to say a huge thanks to our customers , suppliers , everyone at Bickfeild , Sleight and New Manor farm and our team in here in London.. Plenty of strong memories including the launch of our retail milks and our Fresh Chocolate Milk with @pumpstreetchocolate.. Here's to a bigger 2018 kicking off tomorrow 🙏👌🍼👊 #dairy #theestatedairy #bristol #london


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