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Your panty line is the problem! Don’t wear panties! It’s not the end of the world! Nobody will even know but you! I mean unless you flash somebody! 😬 #styleExpert #Designer #teamCommando #VanitybyKenyaK


STYLE TIP | if you absolutely MUST wear underwear, placement is important! Create a U shape. It’s sexy AND it won’t allow your stomach to overlap. #teamcommando #undergarments #styletip #getstyledbyTheeStyleIcom


What?!? You’re scared to go commando?! I uploaded a funny vid to YouTube yesterday about when you should go without panties!! I’m still shocked by the number of women who are against letting “her” breathe! But the topic came up because my client was complaining about her stomach appearing larger when wearing our #AaliyahPencilDress. Turns out her underwear was squeezing her waist and causing her stomach to hang over a bit. My question...”why are you wearing panties?!?” Chime in. What are some of your reasons for going commando?! CREEPS WILL BE BLOCKED

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Be BOLD. Be CONFIDENT. And Dress Like It! You have the #freedom to be who you want to be! If it feels good, DO IT! Wear a crop top. Rock a fitted dress. Watch my video on YouTube for a few tips on HOW TO CREATE FREEDOM in YOUR WARDROBE. Click the link in my bio. ❤️ #independenceday #beyou #freedom #style #icon #camo


You have the freedom to dress how you want! Don’t ask for permission to BE BOLD! One of my biggest rewards as a designer is witnessing women become liberated by a new wardrobe. They think can’t dress sexy, they can’t be bold until I show them how! It usually ends with them dancing and smiling in the mirror. I’m uploading a video on YouTube today with TIPS TO FIND FREEDOM IN YOUR WARDROBE! You want to bust out and you should. But let me tell you how to do it!! #freedomtowearwhatyouwant #BeBOLD #StyleExpert #IndependenceDay Subscribe to my channel. Click link in bio.


Walk it like you talk it. Aye! #VanitybyKenyaK #BeVain #StopTraffic


YESSSS Fro!! Go off!! @singerdebbijames was captivating in our Strawberry Lace Kennedi Dress!! I can’t wait to wear this on somebody’s beach! #VanitybyKenyaK #BeVain #StopTraffic


Vanity by Kenya K. Summa 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 TRAFFIC STOP!


This collection was created to STOP TRAFFIC. In the design process it’s my goal to create garments that encourage women to break the rules, break barriers, shock the world. #VanitybyKenyaK #BeVain


@vanitybykenyak Summa ‘18 Collection 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @the_hollywoodhoneys 📸 @hairwrks