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oh wow a picture taken on my left side with my hand in my hair, how off brand for me! also please note the ORANGE FINGERNAIL on the ground HAHAHAH


bae watch ⛑️☀️
have you seen this week’s video? i hired an invisible boyfriend for a month and honestly, most dramatic relationship i’ve ever had 🙄 link in bio!


new hobby 🧜🏼‍♀️ i’ve been experimenting a lot and pushing outside my comfort zone and i’ve really been enjoying it 😁
and also... I HIT 6 MILLION SUBS TODAY 😍😍 i’m sorry WHAT?! that number doesn’t even feel REAL TO ME. thank you all so much for always loving and supporting me through everything ❤️❤️ so excited for our future together 😘


feeling confident in my body. feeling secure in my mind. feeling excitement in my future. feeling peace in my past. feeling gratitude for the people in my life that helped me feel again. -


happy 5th of july from your aunt Gabbie 🇺🇸
just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the love, support, and positivity on my last video. i was REALLY nervous to post it, but the comments section made me so happy i shared my story. remember: just because someone doesn’t hit you or scream at you doesn’t mean they aren’t abusive. constant lying, gaslighting, manipulating, denying, sneaking around, making you feel like you’re crazy when you’re just not stupid... is abuse. -
a part of me feels guilt for sharing this story, but i’m so grateful to my close friends and family (and therapist) for assuring me i have nothing to feel guilty about. still, i hate wondering if i’ve hurt anyone, as my intention is never to cause harm. at the end of the day, my job is to share stories about my life. to entertain, and sometimes educate. and i think that’s what i did.
i hope you’re all happy, healthy, and safe 💞


relationship status: 🐻


forever playing with my hair in photos because i don’t know what to do with my hands 👐🏼 and also putting your hands up elongates your body ⏳ trick of the trade 🤷🏼‍♀️




this looks like i’m laughing in delight but in reality this dog was biting the actual F*CK out of me and i am grimacing in pain. -
i had a very lovely time this weekend at VidCon. this year’s convention was by far the most organized, secure, smooth experience i’ve had, and i’m very grateful for the experience. i got to catch up with people i care about very much, had some amazing conversations with people i don’t get to see enough, and got to perform my music.
i’m even more inspired now than ever to continue creating and building. feeling your support in real life never lets me down. i love you all eternally. ty for everything 🖤


i am my best me. it’s good to be back.🌷🍸 -


( 🌼 Y 🌼 )


happy daddy’s day to me, your daddy 🖤