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Okay - serious question. What would you do with it. On a $10k budget. Already has new 408 stroker, 4-speed and tubular k-frame with rack, but needs everything else.


The coolest part about being in this hobby is there’s always a buddy with cooler car than yours. This is one family owned from NEW ‘32 or ‘33 Ford Model A. It’s awesome to see these still on the road!


The beard is back and this time it's behind the wheel of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. For those wondering, this 755-hp rocket is the biggest and baddest C7 Corvette that Chevrolet will ever produce, so make sure to check it out at
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From the factory the 2018 Dodge Demon is rated at 808bhp / 717 lb-ft on 91 octane and 840bhp / 770 lb-ft of torque on 100 octane with the performance PCM. We strapped our Demon to the dyno to find out what the real numbers were on this episode of The Demon Diaries!

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Top or bottom? Let us know in the comments! #GTO vs #Cuda


Top or bottom? Let us know in the comments!


Check out the next two episodes of The Demon Diaries now. Episode 2 covers the Demon crate and its contents. Episode 3 is your step-by-step guide to launching a Demon down the 1320. Enjoy!


Top or bottom? Let us know in the comments! #GTO vs #chevelle


Thoughts? This is a bit crazy - Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck Concept.


This was a rough one and we held out publishing this in the hopes that our ‘72 Monte Carlo would be returned. Sadly that was not the case. Take a bow Mr. Monte as you will always be missed. 😢

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