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Dinglehoppers are my weapon of choice🍴
I eat like I work out 🏋🏽
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When @nycfoodmuse told me a while back she wanted to host a brunch group I knew immediately where it had to happen: @thebronxpublic. Then she proceeds to host an amazing brunch 🥂🔸#MelaninMagicBrunch🔸
where I ended up having a chimi burger 🇩🇴 (The BXP Chimi) made with a signature beef blend, fresh cabbage, carrots & topped off with tomato, sautéed onions & house sauce & served on a Portuguese roll that I cannot and literally will not stop thinking of until the next time I have it 😭 Great host, great food & great people, and a chimi burger to top it all off #score
Thank you to Chef Kenny (@kennyskitchen) for plate after plate of some serious deliciousness (check out some of his amazing food on my Stories), Jose, Edwin & the whole crew (I can’t ever stress enough how amazing the service is here) of the #TheBronxPublic 🙌


I need way more Dominican 🇩🇴 food 🍛 on my page 👀 something’s not adding up here 🤔 But until I get there, here’s some delicious Malaysian food: Roti Canai with curry chicken 🍗
@papparichusa 👈


Shroom burgers & fries 🍄🍟


Pork belly 😭


Enjoying delicious, crispy calamari with roasted tomato sauce, fried chilis & lemon while impatiently waiting for the winter solstice ⛄️ Kudos to this plate for making me forget about the fact that it was only an appetizer 🦑


Whatta buncha jerks 🐓


ME: But everytime I post up a picture of dumplings I always think of Sisqo's monumentally epic, and dare I say, landmark song, "The Thong Song.”
LIFE: 🤜🤛


A 🍕 you lives inside of me


Is it nuts that out of all the things I was legitimately waiting to eat while enjoying the day at the last @bigapplebbq in @madsqparknyc (after 16 years!) it was vegan sandwiches made of bbq cabbage & pickles? Well, when Chef Shawn Burnette (@3starstudent) is the one making them then, “No.” The answer’s simply, “No.” It took a while for that cabbage to come out as tasty as it did and once I took my first bite I knew that the hours long wait was completely worth it. Take a look at my Stories for some footage of these bad boys being prepared and do yourself the favor of following Chef Shawn because I gotta give credit to anyone who makes me forgot about bbq meat while being neck deep in it.


4 ways to find out you’re dating a lizard person 🦎
1) They don’t like chocolate
This is bad and must be rectified by letting that person go.
2) They don’t like pizza
Contact your local authorities cause that person needs to be locked the f*ck up.
3) They haven’t had (or even heard of) @steamriceroll
This offense was thought to be excusable until recently but once you try out a “cheong fun” (Cantonese rice roll) you’ll understand that it can’t, in no way shape or form, be excused.
4) They take their face off and reveal to you that they’re a lizard person.
This really shoulda be number 1, you guys.


Chicken. Cheddar. Bacon. Melt.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. 😬
Kinda wish I waited till tomorrow so I could #TBT the eff outta this sangwich but I couldn’t go any longer without showing it some love 😭


Spoiler alert: these delicious fish tacos from @pokejunke_official did not survive this photoshoot. #RIP 🤤 🌮