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Forever marvelled by the wonders of this world - @jaylenecook_ ❤️

On this occasion we got dropped on a volcanic island off the east coast of New Zealand, where we spent the day exploring on foot and learning about the history of this place. Thank you @whiteislandtours for this incredible experience 🌋

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out here searching for the @mouseshouseretreat 🏚️🐭🍃

in other news - how good is @jaylenecook_ getting at photography?! drop a comment and give her some love for this one 🙌❤️ #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #qldparks #qldfolk #jaylenecook #joshshaw #thejoshshaw #springbrooknationalpark #goldcoast #australia #nature #travel #travelphotographer #natgeotravel #sonyalpha #hiking #adventure #cabinporn #cabinlife


Snug as bug in a rug 🐛- another from our 3 month road trip around the north island of #NewZealand. Driving until our eye lids grew heavy with no destination in mind, pulling off the road and onto the beach front to setup camp in the car for the night as the rains came down all around and sung us to sleep. It’s these moments from the road that will stay with me for a lifetime ❤️ @jaylenecook_

Who else loves adventures like this?!

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last year we spent 3 months on the road exploring the north island of New Zealand. Along the way we visited all four furtherest corners of the island, as well as the 100+ year old lighthouses that lived there. Of all the lighthouses we visited I can say that none were more special than this one. We travelled for hours through remote, dry and windy landscapes before arriving to a bus filled car park swarming with tourists. Feeling a little disappointed and also exhausted from the journey we had just made, we decided to take a nap and wait it out for the buses to leave - awakening right before sunset we were amazed to realise we were the only ones left (also a little spooked 😂). The sky burst into sunset during our descend down to the lighthouse, the howling wind gradually eased as we became sheltered by the sea cliffs that began to surround us, until the night became completely silent and still. We lay beneath the lighthouse for hours talking about life, all of the adventures we’d had and all the adventures we had yet to have. We counted shooting stars together wishing on every single one and listened on as currents of the Tasman Sea swirled together with those of the Pacific Ocean, their waves occasionally clashing together in a never ending war below. We both felt such a strong, almost overwhelming spiritual presence there that night and is a place and moment in time I will never forget. I feel so blessed to share these memories with you @jaylenecook_ 🌙❤️

How many of you just read that entire comment? Do you prefer stories or should I just stick to quotes and emojis 😂 Let me know!🔻


the past few months on the road have been CRAZY and we needed some place to slow down and catch up on it all.. we arrived at @templefarmhouse_byron just in time to catch this ridiculous sunset 😍✨

thankyou for another amazing birthday spent far away with you my love x @jaylenecook_ #28 🎂


one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever witnessed - the very first night of a 3 month road trip through New Zealand with my love @jaylenecook_ ⛺️💕

I personally love sharing these RAW moments from the road with you, I feel they capture exactly how it felt to be there at the time - do you agree?


my two favourite things 🌿❤️

lately I have been struggling to find substance in social media - a place I used to go to find inspiration has become a place of inauthenticity flooded with adverts or “sponsored posts” - a place where everyone’s images look the same because they are using purchased presets or travelling to the same location to take the same image - or is it just me?

social media for many has become a place of business in which they’re unable to post images like this in fear of affecting current brand relationships or future opportunities, but for me it has always been and will continue to be a place to share authentic moments, memories and experiences with the world - like this one when @jaylenecook_ and I hiked through remote farmland to a waterfall where we spent the entire day in our birthday suites without seeing another single soul - these are the moments that inspire me to keep exploring and discovering not only new destinations but new parts of myself 🌿❤️

I would love to hear what inspires you?
your thoughts on social media?
create photobooks or a webpage?
stick to Facebook and Instagram?


the first ray of light peeps over the horizon, hitting your face with warmth as it spreads light across the land chasing away the darkness - what a magical process to witness..

when was the last time you slowed down to watch the sunrise? 🔆💭 @goproanz | #goproanz


frothing the new Uber underwater transport service - shouts to my driver @jaylenecook_ 5 stars for you mam 😂💙


ever wanted to get to know me & @jaylenecook_ a little better?

vlog from our sneaky shoot w/ @citybeachaustralia has just gone live on YouTube: full length in bio, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


moments in #africa 🌾🐘

who else has been lucky enough to see an elephant in the wild?!


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