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Thank you to: @cosmicvinyl for letting me tattoo you here at @highvoltagetat [and for also running my fave record store in LA 🎧] - can’t wait to finish it! 🖤

High Voltage Tattoo

Tattooing a portrait of William Burroughs 🖤🖋️ [song: “hysteria” by @iamx]

High Voltage Tattoo

You know it’s a good day at @highvoltagetat when @cosmicvinyl comes to get tattooed. 🖤⚡️

High Voltage Tattoo

DRAMÁTICA! 🖤 Check out the new smoky feline-cat eye tutorial on the @katvondbeauty YouTube channel! 🖤 *link in bio* 🖤 Pretty sure this will be my new everyday-casual look. 🖤🗡️ [for those asking: I’m wearing @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lip in “Double Dare” • Vegan-leather bolero by: @majestyblack]


Good morning indeed, waking up to these two. @normloveletters 🖤 #heaven


Con mi angelita-linda: @anythingforselenaaas 🖤 [and yes, that muted olive green lip on my lips is a new @katvondbeauty shade I’m naming: “Tank Girl” - coming soon!]


“the thin line” between love + hate. 🖤 Thank you, @redlipstickmonster for coming to visit me all the way from Poland, and letting me tattoo you here at @highvoltagetat 🖤 [song: “the ballad of the broken birdie records” by múm]

High Voltage Tattoo

Still one of my all-time fave tattoo machines made by: @normloveletters 🖤⚡️

High Voltage Tattoo

Not sure how I ever lived without @bigsleeps black ink. Tattooing will never be the same. 🖤🗡️

High Voltage Tattoo

Loved getting to see @THESOUNDSband play last night and again tonight, too! 🖤✨

Fonda Theatre

Met my match. @normloveletters 🖤✨


...and like magik, @juscallmetara effortlessly creates something I could only dream of coming up with. Her work is beautiful in the way that it makes you FEEL - and to me, that’s the most powerful type of makeup artistry. Thank you, Tara, for always taking @katvondbeauty to the next level. 🖤 #KvDArtistryCollective #katvondbeauty


BTS with my talented makeup artist: @juscallmetara - brainstorming ideas for the @katvondbeauty Alchemist photoshoot. 🖤 [photo: @ndrewstuart] #KvDArtistryCollective


Making my @katvondbeauty Artistry Collective team a bit nervous when I’m checking their work - but I don’t think they truly know how much their level of skill keeps ME on my toes! 🖤 I love working with artists who intimidate/inspire/motivate/elevate me. I love you girls! @sstrazzere @iamleah @kelseyannaf @juscallmetara 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🖤🏆#KvDArtistryCollective #dreamteam


Caterpillar doodling while listening to @davesitek mix a song for my upcoming album. 🖤 [coffin-shaped sketchbook by: @killstarco]

Los Angeles, California

Happy birthday to my beloved: @llewellyn 🖤🗡️


Hope you guys like my new SMOKY-AS-FUCK Lolita eyeshadow video! Watch the tutorial now on the @katvondbeauty YouTube channel! 🖤🚬🖤 *link in bio*


Love this girl! My beautiful #vegan sister: @harleyquinnsmith 🖤


This is our morning ritual. Nietzsche waits outside my shower like a little gentleman, and then demands at least 5 kisses. 🖤 #crazycatlady #forever #bestadoptionever #pleaseadoptdontshop #happysabbath


Tattooed the first session of @twiggy.gram’s Grandmother portrait here at @highvoltagetat - and can’t wait to finish it next round! Thanks, Steph! 🖤 [i’ll post final photos of the tattoo once it’s done on @highvoltagetat]

High Voltage Tattoo

Although my office isn’t 100% done being rebuilt, it’s finally ready for me to tattoo in it! ❤️ @highvoltagetat #homesweethome

High Voltage Tattoo

The best apology balloon ever. 🙃


You fuckin’ kidding me with all this cuteness?! 🖤🗡️


It’s official! The @katvondbeauty x @farmsanctuary lip collection is Live on sephora.com! The first 3,000 people to purchase the collection, receive a signed print of this drawing! [proceeds benefitting @farmsanctuary!] 🖤🗡️ PS. HAPPY #WORLDVEGANDAY!


...so here’s just a little way of saying “Thank You” to all my friends out there who support #crueltyfree beauty!
I’ll be including a signed print of this drawing I made specifically for the @katvondbeauty x @farmsanctuary lip collection LAUNCHING TOMORROW [9am PST]! And yes, I personally signed each and every single print [in gold, too!] So once the first 3,000 bundles are sold, there won’t be anymore prints available! #farmsanctuary #KATVONDxFARMSANCTUARY #vegan


So excited for the @katvondbeauty x @farmsanctuary lip collection LAUNCHING TOMORROW! All 4 limited edition shades will go Live at 9am [PST] for this months #EverlastingFlash sale through @sephora - [proceeds benefitting @farmsanctuary] AND!!! The first 3,000 people to purchase the #FarmSanctuary collection will be receiving something super special from me!! TOPLEFT: Julia
BOTTOM LEFT: Thumbelina
#crueltyfree #vegan #KvDxFarmSanctuary


❤️SNEAK PEEK!❤️ I mean, come on! This scarlet red shade is making me wanna dye my hair just to match my brows to it! #superbrow #comingsoon #putaskullonit #katvondbeauty @katvondbeauty


❤️SNEAK PEEK!❤️I know I shouldn’t be posting about this so early, but I just can’t help it! 😩 Are you guys ready for THE BEST bullet-proof longwear eyebrow product of all time?! And in every mixable shade to match your hair?! 🌈🖤 I’ll be launching 3 different brow formulas this Spring [along with #crueltyfree brow brushes]: •Brow Struck [reflective powder] •Signature Brow [precision pencil] •Super Brow [pigmented pomade] *as seen in photo.
Follow @katvondbeauty for more info on release dates! And as always, all @katvondbeauty products are #crueltyfree and #vegan. #superbrow #comingsoon #notyourgrandmasbrows