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Thank you guys for all the love on the new @IAMX music video for “Stardust”! Such a privilege to have sung on that song, and been in the video of one of my all-time fave bands! 🖤 [watch the full video - link in bio]


All hail Saint Nietzsche.


Official music video for “Stardust” by @IAMX is up! [click link in bio to watch full video!] 🖤


@VonDshoes 🖤🗡️


Too excited for @VonDshoes to launch this year! 🖤 #vondshoes #vegan #crueltyfree #comingsoon


One of my favourite shots of the newly formulated @katvondbeauty Studded Kiss Lipstick in “White Out.” 🖤
This is a highly pigmented pure white that I like to use by itself for more editorial/avant garde lip looks, or as a mixing medium with other shades. #studdedkiss #katvondbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan


For those asking from the video I just posted: •sunglasses by: @valleyeyewear •vegan-leather “halo” hat by: @majestyblack •nylon gloves by: @dstm_ •lipstick: everlasting liquid lipstick in “witches” black by: @katvondbeauty


For those asking from the video I just posted: the shoe-concealing leggings I’m wearing are by: @davidsroad • black nylon gloves are by: @dstm_


Happy Sabbath. 🖤 [song: “pentagram medallion” by @prayers]


Sorry for being so quiet as of late! Been up to my neck in: •finishing up my album •wedding planning
•prepping for the 10 Year Anniversary launch for @katvondbeauty •getting ready to launch @VonDshoes •prepping to go back on tour with @IAMX •plus tattooing, drawing, and garden upkeep amongst many other exciting things!
In the meantime here’s a behind-the-scenes corset shot from the filming of the @IAMX music video for “Stardust!” 🖤
[latex bullet bra +corset by: @atsukokudolatex]


Late night sketching with @prayers for our wedding invitations. 🖤🗡️


For the past 4 months, I’ve been working so hard on this video for @katvondbeauty’s 10 Year Anniversary collection launch and it’s almost done being edited. I wanted to tell the story of @katvondbeauty through 10 of my modern-day muses. Some whom you may already know and others that you should! These 10 muses have blessed me with so much inspiration, not just for their surface beauty but with what they contribute to the world through their art. AND I CANT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO MEET THESE MUSES AND SEE THE FULL VIDEO SOON! 🖤 [this campaign + makeup collection is launching on @katvondbeauty this May!]