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On set with @majestyblack for our collab film project - can’t wait to share all that we’ve created together for this... ❤️🗡️ [photo: @ndrewstuart]


Good morning. ❤️🗡️


Nothing like a good ol’ smoky eye in the morning. 🖤🚬


Sweetest of dreams. X
[photo: @reflectivedesire]


TOMORROW!! Presales for the new @iamx album is happening! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it - and hope you’ll love the songs I sing on, too! *make sure to follow @iamx for song previews and tour dates! 🖤🗡️ #IAMX #iamx7 #AliveInNewLight #AINL


I love these trashy drums just as much as I love overdoing eyeliner. Getting so fucking excited about this album. 🖤⚡️


Sorry for being so MIA lately! Working NON-STOP finishing up mixes for my upcoming album as some of you already know. Good news is: we are almost done AND I haven’t killed @davesitek with having to listen to synths/my voice over and over and over again... yet. 🖤🗡️


Buenas noches. X


When I first teamed up with @juscallmetara to brainstorm on art direction for the @katvondbeauty lip-liner campaign, I was struggling to come up w a way to truly SHOW lip liner in an image. Lip liner is one of those funny products that are rarely used alone, ya know?
I asked @juscallmetara, “How the hell are we gonna do lip liner justice?” And thanks to her genius, this is what she came up with - one of my favourite @katvondbeauty campaign photos to date.❤️ [fun-fact: absolutely no photoshop was used on @juscallmetara’s immaculate line work] #teamwork #KvDArtistryCollective #EverlastingLipLiner #handdrawn #ThisIsArtistry


Behind the scenes with the talented makeup-genius: @juscallmetara during our @katvondbeauty Everlasting Lip Liner campaign shoot. ❤️ #katvondbeauty #KvDArtistryCollective


Big thank you to @teloch1 for coming all the from Norway and letting me tattoo this huge portrait of Bela Lugosi. 🖤🧛🏻‍♂️ This tattoo filled his entire upper thigh, and @teloch1 sat like a motherfucking champ through the entire session. 🖤🗡️ @highvoltagetat #belalugosi

High Voltage Tattoo

Highlight detail on @teloch1’s Bela Lugosi tattoo. 🖤✨ @highvoltagetat

High Voltage Tattoo