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My Summer Home in San Diego....can that be a mantra or vision board thing because with all the podcasts I’m listening to those mantras work. In the meantime I’ll start putting money in the piggy bank because I mean I walked by this house and was like hold up this rose picket fence...are you kiddin me!?


It’s officially summmmmmmer!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ Growing up in Oregon, summer was the season you waited allllll year for. The time of the year where you laid on the trampoline with baby oil and hung out in the pool all day and for some reason it felt justifiable at the time because we never saw the sun the rest of the year (🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️). Where we lived in our swim suits and not joking slept in them. We would play all day outside, pulled a lot of weeds and painted fences. We picked buckets of berries to make jam and cobblers. Slept with the windows open, which was our version of AC.

Compare to summers in AZ...survive.


Your images could use a serious makeover!!! Yup YOU!! Let me help you help yourself!!! I’m going to teach you all things i wish i would’ve known when i was starting out shooting food!! It was a rough and hard road that you don’t deserve to be on! Get off that bumpy road and come to the food workshop. A $200 investment that will be actually be worth it for your business!!! Click the link in bio for more information & to buy a seat!!


Workcations seem to be a thing for me. If you’re going to travel you better stay an extra day to enjoy, am I right?! Here’s a pic from my day of exploring before my flight because i had fun taking pics of water on Sunday because i don’t see it all the time!


My food photography workshop is less then one month away!!!! It’s going to be yummy!!! Eating + learning all morning about how to get your biz + social+ blog photos looking like a pro did them!!! $199 that you will easily get back when I help teach you how to transform your imagery and content!!! Tag your fav foodie or photographer or biz owner that should come!!


This weekend was so freaking fun capturing these two!!! AND even more fun seeing my friend soooooo happy!! The happiest ending... ❤️😭❤️


Friyay anyone? So excited to head to San Diego this weekend, ready for some chilly weather and celebrating!!! (P.S. are you a cbd fan?! I’ve been learning all about it since shooting for my client @2risenaturals’s amazing for so many literally everything...check them out 🤓)


“You are so beautiful to me” we’re the lyrics that played in my cool down at my yoga class this morning ...and got me thinking...when was the last time I looked in the mirror and said those words? YOU are so beautiful to me!!! I think i need a stickie note to remember to say those words daily to myself!! Hit the ❤️ if you need to give yourself more love, more slack, more forgiveness!!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ #justsayin


Allllll my secrets of product/food photography will be DRIPPING at my workshop next month!!! You’re going to learn lighting, styling, backdrops, camera and iPhone crap, andddddd do i dare say editing! Yup, you know your cupcakes want you to come!!! You will thank me later when everyone wants to buy them!!! Tag your foodie creators that should come 😋


🍳🥞My Sunday’s don’t look like this, but wouldn’t mind if they did!!! This weekend has been freakin amazing being able to work and play☀️ thanks @sheratongrandaz for the VIP treatment 💕😘


Sometimes life gives us the sweetest gifts. 🍯 today it hit me that being a honey bee pays off because the sweetness is worth all the hard work!! 🐝


Can’t think of anything to say, but I’ve been told you have to post every day for your business to grow 🤓 so here it is. Bye.