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"I hope that #PoseFX is teaching #Hollywood that stories about queer people, about #Black and brown people, about trans people can be done authentically." Well said, @ryanjamaalswain. The first season of Pose has taught us so much about not only the plights of the #queer and #trans community in the 80's, but about the power of representation in media, not just in casting, but in writing, directing, and producing. We have been so happy to see the rise of so much great talent. Thank you all for your dedication to authentic storytelling. Hit the link in bio for more photos from this shoot.


If you're not following #ChromatPoolRules, we're going to have to ask you to leave. Intolerance is not tolerated. 📷: @anastasiagphoto


As a young boy, @rivergallo had a series of medical appointments. His doctor at the time assured him that, after surgery, he would be “a normal man.” From that moment on, River spent much of his life in shame —  grappling with a “secret” and no way to “adequately process this new information.” As an adult, River would become a director. While writing @Ponyboi_film last year, his research brought him to the discovery of the word “intersex,” and with it, a new discovery of himself. Hit the link in bio to read more.


"We haven’t seen a lot of #Black, #queer love stories between young men. We had Moonlight and Noah’s Arc, but beyond that, we haven’t had a lot of different representations — something that showcases Black queer love in a positive light.” @dyllonburnside and @ryanjamaalswain have us losing our minds over these photos and their love story on #PoseFX. They spoke to us about #queerlove in media and what family means to #queer people. Hit the link in bio for the full story. 📷: @mylesloftin


The unofficial collab of the summer has arrived: the new #TroyeSivan and #ArianaGrande music video (directed by legend @bardiazeinali) is out, and we’re gagged. Hit the link in bio for our full interview with Bardia on collaborating with Troye.


What's "FEMME" mean, anyway? Allow the one-and-only @MunroeBergdorf to break it down for you, in our latest installment of #InQueery! Hit the link in bio for the full video


As we remember #TabHunter and his impact on an era of #Hollywood, it's important to remember the closet he was forced into and the consequences he faced from the industry when he came out publicly. "As a gay man navigating his way through Hollywood, Hunter was advised by everyone from friends to industry insiders to lovers to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Through that lens, it’s hard not to look back on his career with a touch a sadness when you see him parading around Hollywood with various starlets or playing up his bachelor image each week on The Tab Hunter Show." Hit the link in bio for the full story.


"Love between queer people is proof of our resilience, of our ability to stand strong against antagonism while opening our tender hearts to each other. Queer relationships give us the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and one another! My darling, my truest love, Sage, makes me know I am special and desirable as a soft masc nonbinary boy, and that their love for me can grow and change along with my identities!" We love the beautiful displays of love between @mars.wright and Sage. ❤️ Want to be featured? Tag your photos #oneofthem and we just might DM ya.


“Many trans people — myself included — feel deeply connected to characters such as Blanca, a budding HIV-positive house mother who we watch build her own chosen family, and Angel, a Black trans woman and sex worker who falls for a wealthy, married white cisgender man. The show handles sensitive topics concerning trans bodies — like gender affirming surgeries — in ways that are not exploitative, and without diminishing us to stereotypes.” @steroidbeyonce writes for us about zis affirming experience being on the set of #PoseFX and watching it all come to life. Hit the link in bio for the full story. 📷: @liaclay for @wmag


You may have hit the follow button on @thelimitdoesnotexist after his cameo in our #NoAsians photo series. But he's not just a marvel in front of the camera — lately, he's been documenting his pals and their summer frolics on his page. "Finding my place in a loving community of queer people of color has completely changed my life here in the city. There’s power in being both loud and comfortable in my queerness —I was given that gift when I saw other queers around me be comfortable with who they are," he says. This is a particularly pivotal moment for him and his art, as he continues to reckon with his upbringing. "Growing up in a conservative Asian country meant I had to hide fundamental parts of who I am my entire life. Being forced to serve in the military for two years also meant being surrounded by toxic, hyper-masculine personalities that drove me into a dark, self-hating place. But I’ve learned that there’s absolutely nothing in the world more powerful than learning not to give a fuck—to abandon the shame and fear that was instilled in me so intensely and repeatedly." Want to be featured as #oneofthem? Use the hashtag on your own posts and we just might slide in the DMs.


Today, the full-length trailer for #BohemianRhapsody, the #FreddieMercury biopic, finally dropped — partially assuaging fan concerns that Hollywood was going to straightwash his story. The new trailer includes an intimate encounter between Mercury and another man, as well as a heartbreaking quote from the rockstar: “What if I don’t have time?” Hit the link in bio to learn more.


A new #Batwoman series is in development at @thecw, and she's a Jewish #lesbian! "It’s about time we had more #LGBTQ+ representation in #comics — especially lesbian representation. We look forward to seeing Batwoman kick ass and take names, and we can’t wait to see this project (hopefully) take to the skies." Who do you think should play Batwoman? Hit the link in bio for the full story.