Live. Laugh. Love. Photography is my happy place. My soul craves: Chuck, Twiztid, Slipknot, kitties, turtles, Batman, and horror/Halloween 🖤

Chuck is the best person I know. He is my rock, my sponge, my absolute BEST friend. Even on the days that I’m the WORST he knows how to get me back to my best. I’m forever thankful for him and his love. @2chooz (Don’t friend him;he’ll deny you lol)


I’ve been suffering from depression for the last few months; thankfully I find as much positivity in the world that I can, and I always smile. Today my actions and decisions made me super happy. I’m also super excited because I told Chuck after these last few months the ONLY thing I NEED in my life is a Twiztid show so :::fingerscrossed::: we will be there! See you in CT @officialtwiztid @majikninjaentertainment


“These are a few of my favorite things” and as I just singsonged this to them in a whisper they with perfect synchronization jumped out of the window! 🤣😻😹


“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from the flower and draws all good things towards you” - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 📸 credit: Me


🙋🏻‍♀️ That’s how I live. Finger pistols and all....lmao 🤣🔫💊@officialtwiztid @therealtechn9ne @therealicp @blazeyadead1 @filthnificent


I’m working with the @mnestreetteam and @mikecoz87 to establish a Maine team to support our favorite Ninjas! If any #mne fans from #Maine are interested hit me up! If you know someone from Maine who is interested give them my info! #supportmytribe #family #MNE2018 #twiztid #blazeyadeadhomie #attackoftheninjas #jamiemadrox #monoxide #gmoskee #theroc #gorillavoltage #lexthehexmaster #musicistherapy #howilive


This is too cute. Annie the kittysaurus Rex.


Over the weekend I jokingly said to Chuck “I think I like Annie (our new fur baby) the best because she’s not as needy as you and Bubba”. Chuck completely serious says “That’s where you’re wrong; she needs you the MOST. She needs you to teach her how to love because your love is the best”. Be still my heart ❤️ One of the millions of reasons he’s my favorite person in the world


That feeling you get when you think your Dad is 100’s of miles away, but then you find out he’s less than 30 and you had no clue. No worries I didn’t want to see you anyways. #blacksheep #andiwonderwhy #imthedefinitionofinsanity #amithatbad


So this just happened!!! It was really good I found myself glued to the big screen! #disney #incredibles #incredibles2 #movie #theater #daydate #superhero #bigkid #bki #bigkidsincorporated


As I was getting ready to head in this am I looked out my front window and saw this little baby in my front yard. I live on a very very busy road so I was shocked when I saw it. It hung out until I left peaking around the corner at me lol. As soon as she heard the car she ran in the woods behind the house. #deer #deersighting #mainelife #nature #mainethewaylifeshouldbe #maine #207isgreat