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Travelling off grid blacksmiths & metal workshop, sharing our passion giving demos & teaching workshops to all ages around the UK.

Rings, rings, rings, here's a selection of our favourite peices made at Shambala festival! People started to personalise copper rings with letter stamps and initials, the silver ring workshops when down a storm with people coming up with there own unique designs, and check out the bling made in the pewter casting workshop! X


Here's the forge looking good in the sunshine at Shambala Festival last weekend! We were full power with workshops & festival commissions all weekend whilst also having a total blast! That was the last festival with the forge this summer, but we're strapping our tools to our backs to head out to Riberola Festival in Spain early Oct, where we will be both being running some jewellery & copper workshops, as well as helping with the kitchen & build. But first stop Italy for international blacksmithing festival Stia! X


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