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Photo by @edkashi/@viiphoto. School boys play together outside their primary school before classes begin in the central Punjab farming village of Pipli, Pakistan in 2009. #fromthearchives #edkashi #viiphoto #student #education #punjab #pakistan #play #fog #youth


Photo by @williamalbertallard // Paris, France, 2013
A woman descending the steps of the dinner cruise boat “Le Calife,” paused to gaze out at the golden shape of the Eiffel Tower on a rainy night on the Seine. I saw her and quickly made several exposures as she stepped down among the myriad of shapes that encompassed her figure. The geometric graphics of the image are striking and I felt quite fortunate in making it. It was one successful image out of several failures because, of course, the boat is moving, the person is moving, and the moment is fleeting. To take on perhaps the most iconic of Parisian subjects and come up with something well beyond a cliché is difficult to do. It was used as the lead picture in my essay on central Paris published in National Geographic magazine in May, 2014. When the layout for the story was completed, editor-in-chief Chris Johns told me, “That lead picture is a killer.” I had to agree.

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Photo by @ljohnphoto for @rippleeffectimages. We met Muzoon (right) at the UNHCR (@refugees) Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan. Only a teenager, she is already an activist. After meeting girls in her first camp who chose early marriage over an education, she now works passionately to convince her peers in Azraq to remain in school. She is outspoken and strident, campaigning with the full support of her parents who are both educators. Here she is pictured with her study buddy from the camp.

This week, the global community observes World Refugee Day, a day to redouble our efforts to end conflict and strife so that the more 68.5 million refugees may soon return home to rebuild their lives in peace. In the process, we will need all the Muzoons we can find.
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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto //
Lion snarling – As wildlife photographers we spend our lives seeking to protect the animals that we cherish so much. First in the mind of every decent wildlife photographer is the welfare of the animal but inevitably sometimes there can, no matter the intentions, be a negative consequence, often brought on by a chain of unexpected events outside of our control. I would love at this moment to say that this male lion is snarling at another vehicle but he isn’t, he’s snarling at the one that I was in. The male lion was with a female and they’d been mating over the course of that day but prior to this moment the female strolled casually over to our stationary vehicle and lay down beside it. Before we had a chance to move the male suddenly took exception to our unplanned proximity and made his displeasure known. I immediately whispered to our driver to back away but, in our door-less, windowless and windscreen-less vehicle my request was met simply with a ‘shh’! By now our driver was huddled as close to the gearstick as he possibly could be, hat pulled over his face and making zero eye contact with the incensed lion. I at least had the disconnect of my massive 600mm lens between me and the obviously furious lion but despite repeated pleas from me to back away I was at every point politely told to ‘shh’. Our driver later told me that, with his 16 years of experience as a guide and with 10 previous years of experience as a game ranger that the act of starting the engine, he believed, might have triggered an attack. Now, whether I agree with him or not is irrelevant. He was the trusted expert and he rightly was the one making the critical decisions but I must admit that I found the whole experience excruciating, not least because of a horrific feeling that one’s own presence was having a negative consequence. With other vehicles behind us I can only imagine what I’d been thinking if I was in one of them, watching a male lion show his displeasure to a vehicle and the vehicle not move! So what do you all think, stick or twist, me, I’d have backed away! Please do #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto. @natgeo


Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography. Young male lions socialize on an overcast day in #Serengeti National Park, #Tanzania. Despite their territorial nature, male #lions are remarkably social.


Photo by @stephenedwardferry // Marmato, Caldas, Colombia | “(...) The town’s structures may be shaky, but the social fabric is stronger than in other cities and towns in Colombia. In part this is because of the high employment rate in the mining economy. One resident told us, “You can’t get your shoes shined in Marmato, because everyone has a better job than shining shoes.” Notably, Marmato has kept itself relatively separate from the internal armed conflict. Neither the guerrillas nor the paramilitaries were able to recruit many combatants, spies, or collaborators in Marmato.” - From the chapter Marmato of LA BATEA (Elizabeth Emma Ferry and Stephen Ferry, Red Hook Editions, 2018). You can buy LA BATEA (with a spot of real gold on the cover) at
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Photo by Carlos Villalon @villalonsantamaria // Ms. Yerlis Pushaina, 20, a Wayuu indigenous, and student of Audubon´s bird watching tourism program in La Guajira, during a field class. Colombia.
The program consists into teach locals to become tourists guides and to promote bird watching in a country that was at war for 52 years.

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Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz
Ninety years old, and still beautiful up close. #airtime #Manhattan#newyorkairbook
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Photo by @RobertClarkphoto // The Paralympian sprinter @Wallace_Jarryd // Bio­ mechanics are analyzed by #DrPeterWeyand with help from the Southern Methodist University Locomotor Performance Laboratory in Dallas, Texas. “There was a lot I was doing wrong,” says Wallace, 28 and a four-­time world record holder, whose lower right leg had to be amputated because of a muscle disorder. Wallace uses the lab’s analysis of his stride to run even faster. The lab has a host of amazing contributors @Lance_sportscienceguy @SMUsimmons . This is a picture from a human performance story for @NatGeo about the boost that technology can provide athletes which is published in the July issue if the magazine and is currently online


Photo by @rezaphotography #Turkey #Istanbul

Dear Photographers,
If you are less than 25 years old, you live or you visited one of the countries of the SilkRoads: send your photographs to take part in the new edition of “Youth eyes on the Silk Roads” orgnized by UNESCO.

We invite you to read information on the site:
Be numerous, perhaps you will be the lucky winner.

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Photo by @irablockphoto//
A young Mongolian archer at a local Naadam contest in the south Gobi desert. The Naadam festival celebrates the three major Mongolian sports- archery, wrestling and horseback riding. On July 11, Mongolian Independence Day the National festival and competition takes place in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. -
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Photo by @joemcnallyphoto. Leo “Bud” Welch in NYC. Leo was a classic Delta blues guitarist of legend and lore for many years. He has passed on now, but his music still resonates. Was a pleasure spending time with him. And, as a photographer, when working in a neon red music club and your portrait subject walks in with a red guitar, red shoes and a silvery blue suit, you know it’s a good day behind the lens. #music #blues #guitar #color


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