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Photo by @daviddoubilet A group of mating loggerhead sea turtles rest on the sand bottom near Key Largo, Florida in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. As I took this photo a fourth and fifth male arrived. After a few minutes the mating group rose to the surface as one to breath and returned to the sand. Loggerhead turtle courtship and mating season can last 4-6 weeks and the female can store sperm from many males resulting in multiple paternity. The female will return to her nesting beach and lay a clutch of 100 +\- eggs over a few days of which only a very few will survive. Loggerheads, like all sea turtles are an endangered species struggling against active and passive harvest, consumption and entanglement in marine debris, loss of nesting beaches to development and rising levels.
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Photo by @migeophoto // After boarding a small boat, I captured this image of a rock structure that stands between Faial and Pico Islands in the Azores. On the way, the sun began dipping behind the island, casting a golden gradient on the rock face. As we approached, we found a cacophony of seabirds hunting inside the small crevice in the center. White rock pigeons made nests on the ledges and their coos echoed across the water. // #faial #azores #pico #faialisland #picoisland #rockpigeon #rockoutcrop #seasunet


Photo by @joannapinneo //Excited to be traveling to India. I will be a Clean Cooking Forum panelist on storytelling and then working on my project on clean cookstoves & Household Air Pollution. #cookstoves #india #cleancookstoves #energyaccess #global health #globalgoals


Photo by @joepetersburger / @thephotosociety // MIRROR MIRROR // A tropical #water #lily #flower reflecting on the water. Heviz lake is the biggest thermal lake in Europe. The flow of water is very strong and the water in the lake is completely replenished every 72 hours! Water lilies are still in blossom because of warm water. Taken only about #100 miles from my actual residency. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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Photo @lucianocandisani (Luciano Candisani). The end of a day in with the giant Baobas of the Madagascar West coast. Next year I will lead two photo expeditions to this amazing island.
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Photo @camdavidsonphoto //Boats were tied up in a Hurricane Hole on Lower Matecumbe Key in advance of Hurricane Irma coming ashore. A Hurricane Hole is a spot where boat owners can tie off and anchor their vessels at several points to protect them. Photographed for National Geographic from a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. To see more of my aerial and landscape photography, please follow me @camdavidsonphoto. #nationalgeographic #hurricaneirma #aerialphoto #florida #floridakeys


Photo by @melissafarlow | Met a few horses and a mother and daughter who are fabulous trainers in Wyoming. They’ve adopted 50 horses -many unwanted mustangs - that make up their small herd. The horses are not fed treats -they came close because they are just curious about who the new person was with shiny glass on a camera. Adopt a Mustang! @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #marieclaire #onassignment #horses #wyoming #inheaven


Out of 651 people in the Marafoto prison in Madagascar, 45 are women. Photo by @hammond_robin for @witness_change. // Around the world prisons are in crisis. The number of people incarcerated is growing, rates of re-offending remain high and too many prisons are dangerously under-resourced. // Too often it is the poorest, least educated and most vulnerable people who find themselves in prison. // In Madagascar, there are inmates who will never meet a lawyer. Many prisons in the country lack adequate food, sanitation and access to proper medical care, and provide few rehabilitative programmes, educational or vocational opportunities. Children are detained alongside adults. Many young children are living with their mothers in prison.// Inmates in such conditions are at high risk of mental illness. For those who enter the system with psychosocial disability, the stress of prison can make their condition dramatically worse.// In Marofoto Prison, Madagascar, Handicap International has partnered with the Ministry of Justice and the prison authorities to work to prevent psychological distress of detained people, and to ensure the care of inmates living with mental health problems.// #InMyWorld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with mental health issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. This first phase of the project was created in collaboration with Handicap International @handicap_uk as part of Witness Change's work on global mental health. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to end human rights violations for marginalized communities through visual storytelling. To see more from this campaign please follow @OneDayInMyWorld.

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Video by @TimLaman. Anything to impress the ladies! Two male Goldie’s Birds of Paradise displaying in the canopy on Fergusson Island, Papua New Guinea. Turn on our sound if you dare to hear these noisy birds! This amazing species is only found on two small islands off the E coast of Papua New Guinea, and current population estimate for the entire species is only 650! I’m trying to spread the word about the need for conservation of the Birds of Paradise and all the other spectacular biodiversity in the rain forests of the New Guinea region. Follow me @TimLaman for more photos and videos of birds-of-paradise wildlife and wild places around the world. #Endangered, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #CornellLabofOrnithology, #Endangered, #birdsofparadise, #birdofparadise, #birds, @natgeocreative, @thephotosociety.


Photo by @bethjwald // “Soon Jang-bu calls me down again, for a man has brought the thin elegant lute known as the danyen, its stem carved as the long neck of a swan. Everyone is dancing. More villagers come, filling the smoky room with the companionable smells of human grease and coarse tobacco….. The lute player, a dashing handsome fellow in short smock and boots, smiles at me wholeheartedly in welcome, as if I were his dearest friend on earth….. The dance is a short rhythmic step well suited to small spaces, and very like Eskimo igloo dances, even to the jet-black braids and red-bronze faces and the shuffle of the soft, mukluk-like boots.” From “The Snow Leopard” by Peter Matthiessen.
In mid-October last year, I took this photo of the villagers of #Pugmo, in the remote Himalayan region of Dolpo, singing and dancing at a celebration in the old Bon gompa to the music of a traditional lute, as described above by Peter Matthiessen. I was traveling through Dolpo with renowned conservation biologist George Schaller, following the route Schaller took with Matthiessen in 1973, a journey that become the basis for his famous book, “The Snow Leopard”. Also with us in 2016 was Peter Matthiessen’s son, Alex, Tshiring Lama, a young biologist from Dolpo who is studying the snow leopard in her #mountain homeland, and Peter Werth, who brings renewable energy to #Dolpo villages. We spent five weeks in Dolpo looking at changes to communities, wildlife and habitat. Although there were many aspects of the culture that have endured, like the hospitality given by villagers here in Pugmo, there are also many changes, including the erosion of the role played by spiritual leaders and religion in both the Buddhist and Bon communities. Thanks to National Geographic for a grant that helped support the project. Check out my feed @bethjwald throughout the month to see more photos of our journey. #Bon #Bon-po #religion #dance #traditionalmusic #sacredspaces #buddhism #thesnowleopard #conservationhero #Himalayan #dolpa #Himalaya #nationalgeographic #sheyphoksundonationalpark #onassignment @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @bluemarbleproject