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Photo by @bethjwald // A beautiful green tree snake loops itself around a branch in the dense montane rainforest of the Cordillera del Condor in the Ecuadorean Amazon, a place that I spent many months exploring while documenting the threats to the rich biological and cultural diversity of this region being posed by the development of Ecuador’s first large-scale metal mines. The first of these mines, the Chinese-owned Mirador Mine, is slated to open in just a few months and other mines are planned for the Condor, which is also the ancestral territory of the Shuar people. Their way of life, environment and human rights are being heavily impacted by the development of industrial mining in this remote corner of Ecuador. See more images on my feed and also at Global Greengrants this week @globalgreengrants #biodiversity #amazonwildlife #amazongreen #Ecuadoramazon #everydayecuador @amazon #Cordilleradelcondor @ilcp_photographers



Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz // Nature is slowly strangling the past in the solitary confinement cells of Devil’s Island, French Guiana. Less than half the prisoners sent here survived. As a young man I was fascinated by Papillon, the story of Henri Charrière, a convict who escaped from this maximum security prison in 1941 by floating away on a bag of coconuts. Now Ile St. Joesph is a popular place for picnics and weekend vacations, and remains a Department of France in South America.
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Photo by @catherinekarnow // I have been photographing for over 40 years and I think I will never explain why it is that when I start to take photographs, I feel overcome with an immense feeling of love. I feel almost instantly connected to the #divine. After I create a portrait, for example, and it is a shared experience with that person, I am awash in emotion, feeling and realising the beauty all around and within me. I feel the passing of time, the sweetness of the moment - what we have now and what is slipping away, in life. Photography will always be about containing loss while feeling the poignancy of its beauty. I will never understand this beautiful mystery; I am grateful for this gift and calling. Please head on over to my profile to see more of my images. Join me for the photo workshop closest to my heart: Vietnam-Cambodia 2019. Learn more here: #vietnamphotoworkshop #inspirationalexperiencevietnam #photographingpeoplelove #peoplephotography #lovepeoplephotography #masterphotoclass #thedivineinphotography #catherinekarnowsignaturephotoworkshops



Photo by @FransLanting The Asiatic cheetah is facing a death sentence. Fewer than 50 survive—and only in Iran. But some of the best people dedicated to saving these unique cats from extinction are now in jail for their work and may even face the death penalty. They’ve been accused of using camera traps for espionage. But camera traps are only good for one thing—to capture images of animals at close range just like you see here. This rare image of a cheetah in Iran was captured by one of my camera traps while on assignment for @NatGeo. I worked there with permission and support of Iran’s Department of Environment, and with several of the excellent Iranian scientists who have been arrested. They belong to the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, but they worked closely with the government, and yet they are now on trial—for charges that are politically motivated. This is horrible for the individuals involved, but it is also a tragedy for the animal which faces extinction. And that is a great loss for everyone in Iran because the Asiatic cheetah is a powerful symbol for Iran’s unique natural heritage.
If you care about cheetahs in Asia and the plight of the people whose mission is to protect them, please go to the link in my Instagram profile (@FransLanting) to read the story @NatGeo just published and spread the word about it. You can also sign a petition to express your concern at Care2. Search for “conservationists face death penalty in Iran.” @hassanrouhani @jzarif@hediyehtehrany @Reza_Kianian_Official@mitra.hajjar @raisi_org @FedericaMog @leonardodicaprio @hope4nature #ConservationIsNotaCrime #FreeIranianConservationists #anyhopefornature #hope4nature ⁩⁩#wildlife #conservation #cheetahs #bigcats #اميد_براى_طبيعت #امید_برای_طبیعت #فعالان_محیط_زیست #فعالان_محیط_زیستی #امیرحسین_خالقی #هومن_جوکار #طاهر_قدیریان #نیلوفر_بیانی #سام_رجبی #سپیده_کاشانی #مراد_طاهباز #عبدالرضا_کوهپایه #کاووس_سیدامامی



Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // ON TARGET // #honeybee (Apis mellifera) prepares to land on #paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha) #flowers. Pollen basket of the #bee is orange, because of the color of #pollen grains. I had only 15 minutes to take this pic in suit, in between my lectures and a quick lunch! Only about 50 steps from my car, when I parked at the university I am lecturing in #Hungary. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // An Italian explorer traverses through a canyon, avoiding deep cold water below a thin unstable crust of ice inside a moulin on the Gorner glacier, Switzerland. Progress is often slow when the floor is dangerously unstable like here. This was the first of many glacier caves we descended during our last expedition to the area.



Photo by @MichaelGeorge // What happens when an environment becomes too beloved? Sedona, Arizona is a magical place that has long attracted visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the red rocks. Certain trails and iconic locations have begun to deteriorate because of the ever-increasing volume of traffic. In an effort to save the environment, Sedona has released the 'Sedona Secret 7,' a website and program that outlines less crowded trails and locations. Exploring the Secret 7 is a benefit for all: Visitors get to experience the beauty without too many people, and the environment gets a chance to regenerate. While on assignment for @natgeotravel I rolled out of bed, into the car, and stumbled over vague red rocks in the dark to catch the Yavapai Vista Trail at sunrise. My assistant and I were totally alone as we watched this gorgeous area come alive. These images are of a few twisted branches that I fell in love with between naps while waiting on a time-lapse video to finish. Patience (and rising early) are always a part of life in the field! // #sedonasecret7 #sedonasecretseven #sedona #yavapaivista #arizona #sedonaarizona #twistedtrees #sunrisehike



Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Red squirrel in windblown snow – When I’m leading clients on either 1-2-1 tuition or on photographic tours around the world one of the many things that I waffle on about endlessly is the importance of shooting flexibly. Shooting not just for what is in front of you at any given moment but also anticipating what might happen, what could happen. Of course an in depth knowledge of one’s subject is vital but often times just thinking logically and thinking ahead can be of great assistance, not just obsessing about the current moment. Take this squirrel image for example, taken at my good friend and renowned squizza whisperer @neilmcintyre3151 site. I could have, as the squirrel at this moment is relative inactive and slow moving, taken my ISO right down and shot this image at anything between 1/30th and 1/100th of a second. It would still have been sharp but what then if something else might have happened. What if the squirrel suddenly ran off, or another squirrel turned up for a bit of nut thievery, or an arboreal assault course. I’d have been scuppered, or frantically trying to increase the ISO and as such my shutter speed to try and capture the action that I was already missing! No, much better to have already factored this in and to shoot at a shutter speed that can do both, that is prepared for all eventualities. For something as fast moving as a squizza at full speed then 1/800sec is a good base mark and with the high ISO capacity of modern cameras then with this light there’s really no reason not to be able to guarantee that. That way if the squirrel does leg it, or some windblown snow blows past as speed as has done here then you’ll be able to freeze the action, not end up with blurry and distracting blobs of snow or blurry and distracting streaks of squirrel.



Photo by @ivankphoto // We left San Miguel, an isolated Afro-Ecuadorian community, and traveled down the Cayapas River towards Borbón, in the northwestern province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. This was the beginning of a book project, in which Karla (@kchete77) and I traveled from the equator to the southern tip of South America. @runa_photos, #runaflirts



Photo by @pedromcbride // I’m so saddened by the violent news from New Zealand, one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited. Travels have repeatedly taught me, the bonds that unite us are far greater than those that divide us. #newzealand #lovetrumpshate #peace



Video and Photo by by @rubensalgadoescudero //
“It’s important for us to be role models for women, and more importantly, Native American women who are still very underrepresented in the sciences.” -KeNeda Randall, project manager and engineering Senior student.

For the last week I’ve had the honor of working with these inspiring, intelligent, and fierce Navajo women. As engineering students at Ft. Luis College in Colorado (The school with the highest rate of graduating Native American students in the sciences across the US) they aim to use their passion & newly developed skills to give back to their community. For the last school-year, they learned to design solar-panel array systems.  Most of these students grew up on the Navajo Reservation across New Mexico and Arizona, many without access to electricity or running water. 
During their Spring Break, instead of taking a week off as most students do across the country, these women spent the last week installing solar power systems in homes within their own communities in the Eastern Agency on the Navajo Nation. 
It’s time to champion initiatives like this and the women who are leading the world by example. 
This is a work in progress chapter of my ongoing project “Solar Portraits” in the Americas, thanks to @insidenatgeo Explorer’s Grant.
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Photo by @melissafarlow | Bachelor band of wild horses-so curious. Some herds are approachable but you still have to respect their space. I always want to get close but it’s a delicate dance because I don’t want to disturb them. So cool to watch these guys who are like playful teenagers hanging out. If you love these beasts you need to speak up and help protect them in the American west. They are a political football and although federally protected, its complicated but they are in the way of resource extraction. We need to find solutions and places for them to continue to roam free. @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart @wildhorsephotos #wildhorses #horses #mustangs #sandwashbasin #colorado