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Photo by @jasperdoest while #onassignment in #Japan for @natgeoexpeditions // Togura93, one of the elder females within the famous Japanese snow monkey group of the Jigokudani-valley.

Togura93 was born in 1993 and is the sister of this troop's alpha monkey. I have known her for 11 years now. "Unbelievable how time flies. We both got older, but you aged quickly since the last time I saw you. You looked weak today, but beautiful as always. And when you looked up, gazing at the sky, you seemed to know the end is near. Perhaps this is the last time our paths crossed. Who knows. We’re not in control of that. Accepting is one of the challenges of life. You seem to know how to do that…I’m still learning. Nevertheless I hope to see you again. If not, thank you for allowing me to be part of your story.” Follow me @jasperdoest for more images of my recent winter adventures in Japan.

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Photo: @ivankphoto / Fog rolls over the Santa Monica Mountains into Topanga Canyon, near Los Angeles, at dusk. @panospictures, @runa_photos, #runaflirts


Photo by @davidalanharvey . Ahhhh Brazil. It’s summertime, it’s Carnaval. I havn’t been to Rio nor Salvador during Carnaval for I think 3 years. Well it takes that long to recover! Seriously Carnaval is a full time job especially if you are trying to cover it for a magazine like NatGeo which I’ve done a couple of times. Sure it’s exciting, sensuous, fun, yet if you must get pro pictures it’s 4-5 non-stop, no sleep, food on the run, days and nights. Why hard work? To get in the middle of anything and be able to shoot requires diplomacy, press passes, ability to slip and slide working in tight spaces and incredible situational awareness. Still it’s exhilarating if you can get in and get out with a picture. It’s what magazine photographers live for. Yet this process is not what any new assistant is expecting. Not what my students think assignments are really like. When you see a picture in a magazine you imagine that somehow the photographer was just magically in the right spot. It’s all about access access and access. Seemingly simple , every picture shown here required special permission to shoot. For sure I’ll go back to Carnaval next year. I’m ready for the process all over again. Besides my Carioca friends will disown me if I don’t show up soon. Always special thanks to @roberta.tavares.146 and #brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Photo by @geosteinmetz // Last rays of light on the 17th Century masterpiece of Aït Ben Haddou in Morocco, a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been restored and used in Hollywood movies such as Lawrence of Arabia and The Gladiator. The fortified village is still occupied, and requires constant maintenance as it constructed solely of wood and mud. To see more of the world from above follow @geosteinmetz


Photograph by Michael Yamashita @Yamashitaphoto - Beauty in my backyard - the morning after this weekends snowstorm that dumped a foot of powdery snow here in Chester. Wind gusts blow snow through backlit trees. #snowbound #backlight @natgeocreative

Chester Township, New Jersey

Photo by @andyparkinsonphoto /@thephotosociety 2018 Bengal tiger tour - With spaces rapidly filling up for my second 2018 Bengal tiger tour (tour 1 - SOLD OUT) I thought that I’d send a quick shout-out to anyone who might be interested in travelling with me to see these remarkable creatures in the wild. This image was captured in Bandhavgarh National Park, a 105 square KM park with the highest density of tigers anywhere in India. There are currently at least 70 individuals in Bandhavgarh and with 8 days in the Park this will maximise your photographic opportunities. This image was actually captured way back in 2006 and whilst I wouldn’t do so in these more enlightened times this was actually captured from the back of an elephant. At that time the elephants would be employed to access parts of the Park that the jeeps simply couldn’t reach and on this occasion we found two young sub-adults asleep on the forest floor. Whilst the light could have been much better in this image I do at least like the relaxed pose of this individual and the spotlit effect of the sunlight filtering through the trees, the young tiger looking off into the distance. I was very careful in this instance that, because of the harsher nature of the light I decided to underexpose the image just slightly (about 1/3 stop) as this can have a softening effect on harsh light but this is the only kind of situation where I would do this. As a rule it is generally better to either try and get your exposure spot on, or to overexpose slightly as darkening the image in post-processing won’t introduce noise whereas lightening an underexposed image will. Please #followme at@andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety #andysphototours #Bengaltiger #IncredibleIndia#Bandhavgarh #ethicsbeforeimages #educateandinspire #nature #naturelovers #wildlifephotography #majestic_wildlife #nature_brilliance #featuredwildlife


Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - sunrise with these ladies this morning. A herd of over 200 camels in bomas made by the Somali herders from acacia trees to defend against lion - northern Kenya #camel #kenya #nothernkenya #conserving #conservation #lion #nopoaching


Photo by @jim_sugar | National Geographic photographer Sisse Brimberg visited friends & family to celebrate her birthday. The food was delicious, and the cake was magnificent. Thanks for the wonderful party, Sisse. It was great to see you again. Borrowed food photographer Craig Lee’s tips & tricks to photograph the cake. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #sissebrimberg #havingabirthday


Photo by @rezaphotography #Morocco, 2006

I was on assignment in Morocco , in a small hamlet at the heart of an oasis

The inhabitants struggled every day so that the water succeeds in irrigating the earth and fed the rare cultures.

I was moved by the carefull and tender farmers’ hands to earth, dried up by the lack of water. Every sprout which defied the aridity was a victory. This is my special tribute to the Earth.

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Photo by @nickcobbing // Deep crevasses break the surface of Kangerlussuaq glacier, on the south east coast of Greenland. This picture was taken from a camera fixed below a helicopter and triggered remotely. The image was made before drones became commercially available, remembering the terrain and the winds that day though, the photograph may not have been possible with a drone! Warmer temperatures and a loss of albedo (reflectance) have been recorded on the surface of many of Greenland’s large glaciers -including this one. This glacier has lost mass and is predicted to speed up, as atmospheric warming continues. Is the glacier this blue? Yes, as far as a digital camera sensor can render light reflected from ice. A lot of people ask me if I’ve turned the saturation of this image up -actually I desaturated this image slightly before posting. The blue colour comes from the denser ice with less air bubbles inside, which allows light to travel further into the ice absorbing the red part of the colour spectrum.

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Photo by @migeophoto // There are two art islands in southwest Japan: Naoshima & Teshima. Two pieces of land with one unified purpose. To wow, intrigue, question, humor. There's a vaulted room with three Monets, where visitors are asked to wear soft slippers before entering the room. On a few cement docks, Yayoi Kasuma's giant spotted pumpkins are sitting squat, next to the ocean. There's a secluded modern building on the coast where a woman sits in a white coat, waiting for people to arrive and record their heartbeat. After a while, everything begins to look like art. Is that boat wreck on the beach an installation? Are those stray cats a performance? It is a mindset I'd like to hold onto. // #naoshima #teshima #japan #artisland #ferryride #japaneseart #culturaljapan


Photo by @FransLanting When an elephant calf is born everyone in the herd gets excited and wants to touch and smell the newborn. The pace of the herd—made up of related females and their offspring—slows down to accommodate the needs of the youngest. The adults become very protective and surround the calf at all times. You can’t get close without causing commotion, so I made this image with a long lens from a respectful distance. This baby had been born just a day earlier; it could barely walk and its trunk was still limp. It takes young elephants a few weeks before they learn how to manage the many complex muscles that govern a trunk. It’s endearing to see them struggle with that odd appendage. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more intimate stories from the world of elephants.

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