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Ronda, I understand your frustration, and I know you’re tired of some of the other women disrespecting you. But that’s part of what makes the WWE different. Verbal attacks are very common. Taking advantage, and bending the rules to benefit yourself will occur, such as Alexa cashing in her MITB contract and winning the Raw Womens’ Title. You need to keep your cool. You have a huge future in WWE. But when you attacked me for trying to keep you calm, you broke that bond we shared. You’re smarter than that. The fact that you’re a true badass, and that you could whoop just about any man or woman on the planet is what I like most about you. BUT if this ever occurs again, do not forget who I am, and what I’m capable of. That’s not a threat, it’s the truth. I Hope you learn from this situation, and we can remain very close. You have the world in the palm of your hands Ronda, if you make the right decisions. It’s damn true!!!


Big night for Monday Night Raw, in Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight. Can’t wait to hear the “You Suck” chants during my entrance. Congrats to the #MITB Contract Winners, #Braun and #Alexa #itstrue


“Money in the Bank” is tonight, LIVE from Chicago, Illinois. Don’t miss it!! #itstrue


Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all the Dads out there. Due to my schedule, we had to celebrate it today. My little ones did not disappoint. I got 3 different coffee mugs from Giuliana, Sophia and Nikoletta. They picked them out themselves. My wife got me a foot spa. Can’t wait to use that. I Hope every father out there has s great Father’s Day. #itstrue


My beautiful wife took me to HyeHolde Restaurant for an Early Fathers Day gift. The restaurant/house has incredible food and has a history of 150 years. I highly recommend it to anyone that lives in or visits the Pittsburgh Pa area. #happyearlyfathersday #itstrue


Be happy with your progress and success, but never satisfied. - Kurt Angle Olympic Champion 1996


Happy #FlagDay !! #itstrue


For athletes who want increased grip strength and no more jammed fingers go to Getgrappz.com and follow @grappzofficial #notape #Grappz #itstrue #Gamechanger #Allathletes


17 years ago was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin gave me a “mini” cowboy hat, and we became best friends. Well.... sort of. #yippeekiyay #realcowboys #itstrue


We are going to have a tremendous show on Monday Night Raw tonight. So get ready Little Rock!!! #itsdamntrue


#AnglevsBryan at the Greatest Royal Rumble. How about a 1 on 1 match up? #itstrue


A Pharmacokinetic and Dynamic Evaluation of Chicken Protein (Chik│Pro™️) as Compared to Beef Protein in healthy adults and their Comparative Pharmacokinetics.
PROTEIN = MUSCLE = Recovery and Growth…… Top bodybuilders, athletes and fitness experts know much of protein’s benefits can be attributed to an essential amino acid leucine and its ability to stimulate protein synthesis, helping to turn on the body’s switch to build muscle and spare muscle when dieting and exercising.
Leucine is an essential amino acid, which simply means your bodies cannot produce it and we must get it from dietary sources. Leucine is the most abundant of the three KEY branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in muscles (the other two are isoleucine and valine). BCAAs make up a high proportion of the amino acids in muscle.
Study method brief
22 physically active adult male subjects.
11 tested using 25 grams of Chicken Protein Isolate
11 tested using 25 grams of Beef Protein Isolate
Blood samples were collected repeatedly pre-ingestion and post-ingestion at 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes. (Review full and actual study attached). Highlight graph results include data on Leucine and Essential amino acids.
Leucine graph:
Chicken Protein Isolate’s (Leucine) at its peak was approximately 4 X’s Greater in the blood than Beef Protein Isolate. Chicken Protein also demonstrated more bioavailable at 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minute marks.
BCAA graph.
Chicken Protein Isolate’s (BCAA’s) at its peak was approximately 3 X’s Greater in the blood than Beef Protein Isolate. Chicken Protein also demonstrated more bioavailable at 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minute marks.
Beef Protein is a quality protein but Chicken Protein Isolate (CHiKPRO) is delivering the key amino acids Leucine and BCAA’s necessary for greater muscle recovery and growth. Choose your protein benefits wisely.
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