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My lil brother @mingolitoo FINALLY moved down to Miami with me ! I don’t think y’all ready for 2 wild mofos on your timeline 🔥🔥🔥 @mingolitoo 🔥🔥🔥 summer is looking 🏝️🏝️🏝️ follow my brother @mingolitoo


Ran up on a wild sloth and he said “ aye take this flick for the gram cuzz”! @colgate ain’t ready for ya boy😁


STAY HUNGRY 🦍 @blackstonelabs_official


So you guys are up ! I need you all to research the difference between a alligator a caiman and a crocodile! TEACH ME BELOW🔥💪🏾🐊🐊🐊


Sponsored by @footlocker ! Some dope air max i had my eyes on ! They’re called the BEFORE THE BITE and AFTER THE BITE. They have a double meaning. One is sharks. That’s the overt meaning. One is grey and one is red. Grey for the shark. The red is for blood after the bite. The other meaning is grinding before you make it and staying hungry after you make it.
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When you love what you do... you’ll never work a day in your life. You won’t get burned out, won’t get sick of it, you’ll look at the bright side when it’s the absolute worst! Your dreams, goals and your life is all up to you. Believe in yourself and in God and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! And last but not least STAY HUNGRY


JUST HIT 800k FOLLOWERS🔥🔥 we as a unit gained 100k followers in 6 days thanks to you all ❤️ when I hit 900k I’m giving away 3 free trips out of the country with an opportunity to see animals up close in the wild!
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Early morning swims with the little ones 🐆 female jaguar ❤️
This platform I have on social media is what I asked god for so can spread love, awareness, education, and compassion for what I consider the most beautiful creatures on earth .. ANIMALS! I hope all messages get spread in a positive insight and we can all live and love one another on Mother Earth 🌏 happy Sunday god bless ❤️❤️ @jeffvanags
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My mom always been my bestfriend❤️ I love you mom keep being awesome 🙏🏽 @doctorlwilliams everyone go follow mi madre ❤️ @doctorlwilliams


I’ve been working with snakes my entire life and there more times than many where I see an animal for the first time in person and I can’t believe it’s real! My brain literally shuts down out of excitement and I can’t function 😂 EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS 🙏🏽 @evilmorphgod_official


What would you name this reticulated python👀 drop a name and a 🐍 emoji below !


Anybody up for a kiss with this dinosaur 😍
This is a dwarf caiman a member of the crocodilian family! Native to the amazon! 🔥🔥🔥🐊 @evilmorphgod_official thanks for my buddy I picked up today (not the caiman) ! •
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