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And not necessarily in that order..


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This defining moment on @nbctitangames when you get knocked down and injured badly and you have two choices/
Let me know that you can’t continue and it’s over.
You say fuck this I’m finishing what I started - even if it’s on one leg.
I was very proud of @jasminguinn’s incredible display of guts and determination.
As a man who’s had 5 knee surgeries and had to push thru the pain of multiple tendons being torn my pelvis, I understand the angst this decision created for her.
Her decision illuminates the type of human being she is and what @nbctitangames is all about.
Such a privilege produce this show and thank you to my TITANS for this level of effort and willingness to leave it all on the arena floor.
#BloodSweatRespect #ShesABadAss
THURS @8PM on @NBC 💪🏾🔥
@sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod



When you see @jessicargriffith shift into a gear that made the entire TITAN ARENA say holy shit - it’s one of the reason the women of @nbctitangames steal the show.
You have to understand how hard this challenge is — the higher you climb, the heavier the chains become.
Then once your gassed, you have to crank that cinder block to the skies.
Congrats to the bad ass @jessicargriffith on becoming one of my TITANS.
#TitanGames THURS @8PM on @NBC 💪🏾🔥



With his mama cheering him on, our Purple Heart recipient/combat vet @cwatts13 had a helluva night on our @nbctitangames.
Congrats on becoming one of my TITANS.
And most importantly, thank you for your service.
#TitanGames THURS @8pm on @NBC 💪🏾🔥



Ha @shady00018_ gave me a helluva tan 😂💪🏾🏀 thanks for the fun edit.
Laker Nation you’ve been looking for that next superstar to play alongside @kingjames.
Well look no further. Get ready to pass the rock to The Rock.
You want triple doubles?
I’ll give you quadruple doubles. Points, boards, assists and elbow drops.
50/40/90 club is about to evolve to the 50/40/90/500 club
50%fg - 40%3pt - 90%ft - 500lb bench press 🦍

Hey Greek Freak @giannis_an34 I’m bout to put you on a poster son.



Everyday in my head (which can be a very dangerous place;), I strip everything I got away, so the only thing I got left are my two hands and the hard work I’m willing to put in with them.
This daily mental process may not work for everyone, but it works for me.
Keeps my back to wall.
Keeps me hungry & grateful.
In the end, it’ll always come down to our two hands.
#back2thewall #mytwohands #needwaffles



He ain’t “too old for this shit!” 😂👊🏾
Welcome this OG legend and one of my action heroes, Danny Glover to our JUMANJI cast!! The magic of our JUMANJI Universe is “who turns into who?” and I’m excited for our 🌎 audience to join Danny and our entire cast on another wild and fun adventure.



When one of my fav films, THE STING meets my gluttonous CHEAT MEAL COOKIE TRAIN.
A lil’ fun fact to share with you - when I first broke into Hollywood back in 2002 I was filming THE SCORPION KING on the backlot soundstage of Universal Studios. My producer @kevin.misher came to me and said, “someone very special wants to come by set and personally welcome you to Hollywood” and in walks the legend himself, PAUL NEWMAN.
He was so gracious, cool and kind with his words about what my career could potentially be in Hollywood.
Me, on the other hand was a stumbling idiot and kept my answers so short because I was in such awe and respect of this beautiful man. I’m sure Paul thought “this kid’s got potential but Jesus Christ he needs to work on his people skills” 🤦🏽‍♂️
Now years later I’m here watching two of my fav actors in one of my fav movies, while I stuff my greedy fat face with some of the best and biggest cookies I’ve ever had - mahalo Chef Paige.
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.
#TheSting👃🏾 #NewmanRedford #CheatMealCookieTrain #ShitPeopleSkills



For our audience, I wanted to create the most epic athletic competition ever devised on television.
For our competitors I wanted to create the opportunity of a lifetime.
New challenges.
New heartbreaks aka new asses kicked 😈
New TITANS crowned.
@8pm on @NBC.



Here’s our UK 🇬🇧 poster for our little independent film we made @fightingwmyfam.
One fateful night back in 2012, I was in my hotel room in London and couldn’t sleep so I flicked on the tele to a local British station and watched a fascinating documentary about a crazy, loving and passionate pro wrestling family from Norwich and their young daughter’s dream to make it to the @WWE.
Their crazy family, reminded me of my own crazy wrestling family and I felt audiences would really enjoy this story made into a movie.
Happy to bring her family’s story to the big screen and very cool to have played a very very small part in my friend @realpaigewwe‘s journey to stardom.
Big thanks SUNDANCE FILM FEST for seeing the potential in our little gem.
We’ll see ya there for our world premiere.
@sevenbucksprod @kevin.misher @stephenmerchant @florencepugh



FDNY firefighter @frank_sansonetti
Purple Heart recipient @cwatts13
ALL NEW @nbctitangames THIS THURSDAY.
I pushed both these men so hard, but men like this don’t break and sure as fuck don’t quit.
Tune in THIS THURSDAY for another spectacular competition on @nbctitangames.
@8PM on @NBC



Ridin’ that sooosh train 🖤🍣🚂🌴🌊 in Hawaii.
Luv crushin’ sushi all around the world on my cheat days, but today might be my favorite of all time.
Busted my ass for an extremely challenging, yet productive work week and now I get to sit at home with this absolutely absurd ocean view from my office.
Now all you see is this beautiful image for the ‘gram, but here’s what’s happening in real life as I post this/
I hear my 9month old baby girl crying for daddy (at least that’s what my ego thinks), my Mac and phone are both pinging non-stop with texts and email alerts kickin’ off my work week, my legs are on fire because I just trained legs so hard it qualifies me as a f*cking maniac and I just heard my 3yr old daughter say to our nanny, “I think Daddy looks like Shrek” and it all just made me realize THIS is the greatest cheat meal of all time.
Wait til I break out the cookies tonight and mahalo to North Side Grill in Hanalei for the amazing soosh and discreet ❤️🤙🏾
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.
#sooshtrain #paletteorgasm #hawaii



She’s BAD.
My women stand up! 💪🏾
For our @nbctitangames I wanted our platform to illuminate the different strengths that all our diverse women bring to the competition.
They’re all battle tested and have the scars to prove it.
I’m proud of all our SEASON 1 FEMALE TITANS.
They’re killing it.
Watch these bad ass women on THURSDAY NIGHTS @8PM on @NBC.
@sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod