👍👍 because Ashton's fave band is VDB, obvi. Thanks for coming to Z the other day, guys!! #5sos #VooDooBlue


Happy Opening Day!! Go Os!! (If this isn't a "take me out to the ballgame... buy me all the snacks" face, idk what is.) #Orioles #Baltimore #Baseball


My favorite thing about driving in the rain? This. Seeing the birds airing out their wings. It's beautiful but also makes you think.
(Otherwise, screw driving in the rain. People are awful drivers. And wet roads are terrible even if there's nobody else around.)
But the birds are pretty. So let's just remember the beauty of that.
#Birds #Traffic #NoFilter😂 #RainyDay


Being at the March For Our Lives yesterday was wonderfully inspiring. With kids as amazing as those we saw and heard yesterday, the future is nothing but bright. Things need to change and we need way better gun control than what we have now because it is clearly failing us. Corrupt politicians need to be voted out. We need our kids to feel and be safe over everything. Thank you to everyone that was there- especially my crew!! Proud of Rob & Barb coming out to their first in DC (even though we got separated within the first hour or so) and so glad my sister, Felicia, and nieces, Dani & Morgan, came down for their first D.C. march too!! Shoutout to all the people that spoke, performed, made great signs, and to the TRex and Superman, Joey, for dancing/talking with us a bit!! Swipe to see some of my fave shots Felicia and I got!! Also, re: the last video with Miranda chanting: when it was over Miranda asked why we didn't chant her fave march rhyme, then started to do it herself with no help. #MarchForOurLives #MarchForOurLivesDC #✊️#EnoughIsEnough #WeWantALeaderNotACreepyTweeter


Making a huge fruit plate at least once a week for Miranda and I to share is my fave. And today our dragonfruit was red... we normally get the white ones- so I was surprised when I cut it open. Anyway, it's pretty and makes me happy, so it belongs here! #Fruit #Colorful #Vegan


Hey guys! Miranda is a finalist in a contest for @thebaublefairy and we'd both appreciate it if you would go like this pic on @thebaublefairy's page to help her win!! She wears these bracelets nearly everyday and loves the bows she gets from @thebaublefairy too!! Thanks everyone!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Also, when @thebaublefairy reopens later this week, you should check out her newest items and can use the code "GIVEMEBAUBLES" for 20% off!!


Lucky🍀❤️ Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Happy birthday, Roberto!! Thanks for coming home from work each night and giving me a few minutes of real talking with someone who also remembers the '80s. And also thank you for being older than me because I will forever be young to someone. Plus, thanks for taking care of the animals because they are chill when I'm alone with them and go nuts when you get home... so that's your fault and your problem. 😜 Love you!! 😘 Here's to many more years of you giving me some sanity!!


Happy birthday Penny Lane!! Can't believe she's 14 now- she may be having some old lady problems but I'm glad she hasn't gotten too crotchety yet. Here's to many more with her as my number 1 copilot!! Love you, PenPen!! #HappyBirthday #Yorkie #YorkiesOfInstagram


This Valentine's Day is also Little Lucy's 8th birthday!! She's still pretty friggin cute after all these years 😍#HappyBirthday #Yorkie #YorkiesOfInstagram


We both love Hanson and candy. The Hanson conversation heart tshirt was a no brainer for her Vday outfit. Her smile is killing me in this 😂 Love y'all! #HappyValentinesDay


She's 3.5 years old already 😭 and she talks like a teen... seriously, after this picture she got a LOL Doll and goes "like oh my gawsh." She's spunky, sassy, opinionated, loving, and full of fun, most of the time. I like her best when she's sleeping though 😂Threenager IS a real thing. #3AndAHalfYearsOld #ToddlerLife


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