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‘All I’d been told was that someone would pick me up from my hotel at around midnight, and that this ‘tunnel attack’ was being hosted by a group called the ‘Back Wheel Bitches’. I’m always up for a Speedhunting adventure, and this definitely had all the hallmarks of one.’ Photos by: @celestinephotography
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Classic BMWs are like a fine wine; they just get better with age 👌

Photos by: @tyrphoto
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25 years of celebrating speed with @fosgoodwood - now live on Speedhunters.com

Photos by: @jordanbutters
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Even the threat of Police couldn’t dampen the annual 7’s Day celebration of all things Wankel. Full gallery now live on Speedhunters.com
Photos by: @speedhunters_dino
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Form & function in perfect harmony 🤘 Check out @Rotiform’s killer Wörthersee 2018 film Always Rollin’ - hit up the link in our bio 🏁
Driver: @matej_drift 💨
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Darth Vader called, he wants his GT-R back.

Photos by: @tyrphoto
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Rocket Bunny helped create the wide-body wave of popularity and rode it right to the top, and as a result draws disfavour from detractors. But We challenge anyone to look at this Pandem-kitted E36 M3 and tell me that it doesn’t look completely badass. For the critics? Well, the owner, Saito-san will be waiting for you at Fuji Speedway.

Photos by: @blaketjones
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Looks like a Starion, pulls like a 1JZ. Meet the Toyota-swapped 80s icon, now live on Speedhunters.com

Photos by: @tyrphoto
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Missed out on another year of @gatebil_official? Yeah, that sucks... but what definitely doesn’t suck is @jordanbutters awesome coverage over on Speedhunters.com - go check it out now 🤘

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It’s one thing to attend modified and custom car shows in other countries, but to get a real taste of the culture nothing beats a casual meet-up and cruise.
Photos by: @celestinephotography
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Brace yourselves, internet. It’s @gatebil_official time and ALL the monsters have come out from hiding... Photos by: @jordanbutters
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25 years on and the Mk4 Supra still looks fresher than ever. What’s your favourite 90s JDM icon?

Photos by: @eatwithnaveed
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