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What’s better than 70s JDM classics? Drifting 70s JDM classics 🙌 Yup, ShaDynasty might just be the coolest team ever.
Photos by: @tyrphoto
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Our friends @air_lift_performance just dropped their new Mk7 Slam Series kit. We asked @the_kyza to render his two favourite generations of Golf, question is which is yours?

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Modified madness @ Mooneyes Street Car National. We can’t remember an event with such a diverse range of cars in attendance. How many can you name?

Photos by: @speedhunters_dino
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It’s 1986 and you’ve got $500,000 to spend... that’s $1.4 million with today’s inflation. What do you buy? Multiple houses? 70 Ford Mustangs? Maybe even a dozen Ferraris. But if you REALLY hated money you bought this thing, a Gemballa-tuned 930 Turbo... Photos by: @tyrphoto
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Mooneyes Japan ALWAYS unearths some absolute treasures. Kicking things off is this restomod Datsun B210 Coupe spotted by @speedhunters_dino. What do you think? We absolutely LOVE the 14-inch Racing Hart Takachi Project four-spokes 🙌

#Speedhunters #Mooneyes #JoyOfMachine


Andreas Kokor from @kw_suspension is probably the most dedicated Ford fan you’ll ever meet, and the car you’re looking at is his world.

This 1970 MkI Ford Escort RS2000 contains more of his blood, sweat and tears than many of us will ever put into anything in our lifetimes. This is a build driven by pure passion.

Photos by: @pmcgphotos
#Speedhunters #KWsuspension #JoyOfMachine


Porsche passion comes in all shapes and sizes 🇯🇵 Owner: @911omomuki
Photo: @mark_scenemedia
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Ned’s 280ZX rocks. It’s not about to win any concourse awards, but you can’t beat the charm of a slammed Z-Car packin’ an L28 on triple carbs 🙌

Photos by: Macca Greene

#Speedhunters #280ZX #JoyOfMachine


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, few places - if any - do car culture like Tokyo. Reckon you can name all the cars pictured here?
Photos by: @speedhunters_dino
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Fast NEVER goes out of fashion 🙌 @celestinephotography recently uncovered two race-ready monsters at Malaysia’s Retro Havoc event. Question is, which 70s racer would you drive?

#Speedhunters #RetroHavoc #JoyOfMachine


If @the_kyza owned a tuning shop in Japan, we’re pretty sure it’d look something like this. What cars do you want to see next from him?

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@kw_suspension x @manthey_racing = The most successful partnership in N24 history 🙌

Massive congratulations to the no.912 Porsche for taking the win at the Nurburgring 24hr endurance race this weekend just gone. Who wants to see a closer look at the winning car?

Photos by: @porsche_newsroom
#Speedhunters #KWsuspension #MantheyRacing


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