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Alternative metal by James O'Toole - free album download at link! For fans of Tool-Iron Maiden-Paradise Lost-Metallica #alternativemetal #heavymetal #

If you’re into doom and gothic metal you may be into this track, Blood And Ashes - definitely inspired by Paradise Lost!
Check it out along with 9 other alternative metal songs in a fusion of influences like Iron Maiden, Tool, Killing Joke and Metallica on the debut album Through Shadow Into Light at - free download for a limited time! Active link in bio.
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Happy Birthday 7th Son 🎂

Hard to believe this album is 30 years old today! An absolute classic, the band branching out and expanding their sound and including keyboards as well. So many great tracks on this album, there’s not a weak song on it! I saw the tour for this album in Vancouver, BC while I was living there and it was my second Maiden gig, the previous tour for Somewhere In Time was my first. Guns ’n Roses were the support act. It was a great show, a mate and I started the gig in our seats but managed to avoid security and jump down on to the floor and get much closer to the action once Maiden started!
This is a great record, definitely one of my favourite Iron Maiden albums. 30 years on it still rocks!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 10 of 10: Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm of a Dying Sun

Ok, so this one isn’t metal but it is dark, and very, very good. This sounds like music from another time, with angelic vocals and shifting orchestral musical passages evoking all kinds of emotions. Lisa Gerrard’s ethereal voice floats throughout, weaving in and out of the music like a ghostly presence. Brendan Perry’s rich baritone provides contrast and the whole album is drenched in lush reverb, conjuring a sense of mystery and otherworldly space.
I bought the entire remastered collection of Dead Can Dance albums a few years ago and they are some of the finest examples of performance, audio recording and mixing in my music collection. I guarantee if you close your eyes, put on some headphones or listen on a really good system and turn this album up it will transport you away from your everyday existence.
I was fortunate enough to finally see Dead Can Dance when they played The Palais in 2013 and it was incredible. I have never heard vocalists as good as Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, not even close. They were so good they were just another level completely. They sounded even better than any of their recordings, which as I mentioned are excellent.
When I need a break from guitar oriented heavy music, this is my first choice, and it has inspired me to try writing using many different instruments.
So that’s 10 - it’s not even close to enough, there are so many more albums I could list. Maybe I’ll do another ten!
I nominate @luizblmoraes to take the ten albums in ten days challenge next!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 9 of 10: Metallica - Master of Puppets

Still the best album Metallica have ever recorded, this is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, coming into their own as songwriters and merging those skills with the technical prowess built by years of playing. This album is tight as hell and the crushing rhythm guitar work of James Hetfield is still damn impressive. Lars Ulrich was an innovator back then, Cliff Burton’s bass playing is inspirational and Kirk Hammett’s solos add colour to the steely riffs. When I first heard this album way back in 1986 I was listening to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but this was darker, heavier and something new altogether. It felt more dangerous, grim and serious, gritty music with gloomy themes of addiction, war and insanity. This is a definitive and formative album that should be in every metal fan’s collection. It never gets old and no matter what Metallica do, they can always look back on this as one of the finest metal albums ever recorded. The fact they followed it with two more albums which are also considered among the best ever in …And Justice For All and the Black album makes this all the more impressive.
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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 8 of 10: Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

This album is a great blend of melody, emotion and heaviness. For me this is their most mature work and incorporates a lot of different sounds to fill out the heavy riffs, with interesting use of electronics, sampled instruments, strings and synths, all tied together by Terry Date’s awesome production work. There’s a really strong group of songs on this album covering a wide range of moods, with some really creative ideas adding to the power of the metal riffs. Antivist is a particular favourite, a heavy but catchy series of riffs accompanied by a vocal line with loads of attitude. If you’re looking for a more recent heavy band than your old favourites to listen to, try this album. It’s now 5 years old, but is one of those heavy albums that will always sound good no matter when you listen to it. A modern classic!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 7 of 10: Killing Joke - Killing Joke (2003)

Killing Joke are a very influential band, and this album is definitely a big influence on me. Jaz Coleman’s insightful lyrics railing against the new world order and the American Empire, Geordie Walker’s distinctive guitar sound and driving, hypnotic riffs combine with Dave Grohl’s drumming to create a classic album. The production by Andy Gill is superb, really showcasing the band’s sound with a crisp and clear mix. Killing Joke have a lot of great albums, and all are worth a listen for anyone into alternative rock or metal. This is one of their heaviest works and was a great comeback album after seven years of silence.
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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 6 of 10: Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

I first heard this album in 1994, cruising around in a small car with a massive stereo system and it sounded phenomenal! The car was literally shaking from the impact of the double kick drums and palm muted guitars.
I had no idea who Pantera were at the time, but after hearing the five song opening assault of Mouth for War, A New Level, Walk, Fucking Hostile and This Love I was hooked and bought the album the next day. Pantera emphatically stamped themselves as rising superstars with Vulgar Display of Power. The monstrous riffs of Dimebag Darrell, precision double kick work of his brother Vinnie Paul and the roaming low end of bassist Rex Brown took metal in a new, aggressive and groove laden direction, with human pit bull Phil Anselmo spitting venom over the mayhem. This album helped keep the torch burning for metal at a time when the worldwide phenomenon of grunge had sounded the death knell for many established metal acts. The brutal guitar sound and blistering solos on this album are still capable of shredding speakers and will ensure Dimebag always lives on!

I nominate @stephzombie to take the ten album challenge next!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 5 of 10: Alice In Chains - Dirt

I first heard the songs from this album at a gig with Suicidal Tendencies. I was there to see S.T. in their first Australian tour in years, but was also curious to check out Alice In Chains. When played live these songs were massive, the drawling vocals of Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell’s harmonies elevating the droning heavy riffs to something else entirely. I’d heard a couple of the songs in passing before and they hadn’t really grabbed me, but they sure did when I heard them blasted out at crushing volume at the gig. This album has been a firm favourite ever since. It’s a dark work, a sprawling downer of an album. Sadly Staley really lived the life he sang about in Junkhead, Dirt and Sickman, losing his battle with heroin addiction and dying of an overdose. This album is heavy, moody and a cautionary tale all rolled into one. Above all, despite the depressing nature of the lyrics the songs are consistently great. Alice In Chains were the most metal of the Seattle bands and this album is in my opinion the best to come out of that whole scene. There’s not a weak track on this album and classics Rooster and Would? make it worth the listen alone.

I nominate @oldschoolblackiron to post your ten albums next!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 4 of 10: Deftones - Around The Fur

When I first heard the opening track My Own Summer (Shove It) from this album I loved it right away. It just sounded different - dark, heavy and moody, all the things I love about this sort of music and given a further twist with Chino Moreno’s breathy vocals. Then it just exploded into a heavy pre-chorus and a melodic, drawn out chorus before slipping back down to a bass-driven verse again.
The twisting riffs and creative chord voicings of Steph Carpenter help Deftones sound unlike any other band. There are so many different expressions of light and shade, melody and aggression, atmosphere and heaviness on this album, yet they flow seamlessly from one movement to the next.
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) is another standout, an emotion charged epic set to sweeping, propulsive chords.
Around The Fur was a breath of fresh air at the time and the crushing Terry Date production still stands up today. I saw the band play the Corner Hotel on the tour for this album and they were sharp, hungry and played with a rare intensity. The songs sounded even more powerful live and it is still one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen, mainly due to the strength of the material on this album. Best listened to at very high volume!
I nominate @segue_myles to post your ten albums next!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 3 of 10: Tool - Lateralus

If I had to choose just one album to listen to from now on, it would probably be Lateralus. This album is so good on so many levels. The musicianship is amazing, the four band members coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The parts weave in and out of each other, taking turns at the forefront then receding, carrying different musical motifs and timings and creating more than just simple songs. The lyrical themes on this album are deep, yet open to interpretation and delivered vocally in such a way they don’t overpower the music but meld with it. If you took just one element out of any of these songs it would become so much less, to the point of falling apart. Everything on this album is perfect and the production is clear and detailed, revealing every subtle inflection of the instrumentation yet still delivering the material with enough weight to support the power of the music. if you’ve never heard this album, grab a pair of really good headphones or put it on a good system with quality speakers, turn up the volume and let it carry you away on a sonic journey. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this album, but I still notice new small details each time and it never outwears its welcome.
I nominate @grech.paul to post your ten albums!

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Ten albums that really made an impact and are still on my rotation list:

Day 2 of 10: Paradise Lost - Draconian Times

This one is all about melody, melancholy and atmosphere. I first heard this album around 1997 and immediately wondered how I had not heard of this band until then, it was another album that just instantly caught my ear and reeled me in. It was completely against the grain of the rock and metal music scene at the time, which was all about grunge and nu metal. This album is the perfect distillation of gothic metal, with just the right blend of heaviness and emotion. Soaring yet sorrowful guitar lines intertwine with heavy riffs and gritty vocals, all shrouded in a layer of dark ambience.

I nominate @toolgirlcarmen to post your ten albums! \m/

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