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What are you talking more about? Declare & comment below. -
What you talk about is what you occupy your mind with.
What you occupy your mind with is what defines your outlook on life. -
What defines your outlook on life writes your future. -
Make sure your future is filled with blessings, not problems.
Quote and inspiration via @mindsetofgreatness 👌 thank you 🙏

Queen Victoria Building

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As we walk through this world and observe it's state and lack we don't often enough look into the mirror, to see the potential of change that lies within the mirror reflection.
Look in the mirror more often, stand bold, confident and upright, knowing that you are the one who can initiate and cause change. Especially having God on your side.
You are the one.
Make the change.
Thank you to the late @michaeljackson for this song and reminder 🙌🙌

George Street - Sydney Local

There always will be people that are going to offend you, some unintentional and some on purpose. Don't be moved by them, especially if they're strangers. Your reaction to their comments will give them power over you. The further you go in life and the more successful you are the more haters you will attract, don't let them run your life.
Be Unoffendable.
Thank you @abdenton for the inspiration @100x_legacy 🙌🙌

Sydney, Australia

God created you in His image, yet completely unique. Find yourself and be yourself as uniquely as God created you to be. Be who you are.
Thank you @brenebrown for your work, wisdom and vulnerability. Loving your latest book Braving the Wilderness.

Sydney, Australia

We can be so engulfed in the culture of comparing, fitting in and showing off that, at times, we hardly realise we are doing it. But in the end, none of this is making us any happier. But if we use our God given gifts and talents to the fullest, to help the disadvantaged and to further His Kingdom. If we genuinely care for and love others, without expecting anything in return we live a life that is fulfilling, that impresses ourselves and that makes God happy.
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The BEST pathway. Why wouldn't you want to follow God and trust EVERYTHING you are doing to Him.
As long as you are holding on to the helm, as long as you want to be in control and rely on man made securites He can not fully work His miracles for you.
If you don't NEED Him, if you can get along by yourself, if you are not willing to jump God can't catch you and wont be able to show you that you are always in safe hands with him.
So how are you approaching your 2018?
Are you going to dare and jump or are you continuning to walk in the safe zone.
By the way, this is not about being stupid or testing God! It is about trusting him to walk the path He has purposed for you.
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What are your new years resolutions or goals for 2018?
Bring them before God and align them to His purpose for your life. Then you can see the 'ALL' come true in your life.
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It is throught Christ.
He is the one who gives us strength.
He is the one through whom we can do all things.
Do you have big goals, visions and dreams for 2018?
Keep Him at the centre of it all.
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• Winner will be announced on Sun 24th Dec.
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Learn, develop and grow daily. However long or short time you have, do it daily regardless. Develop a habit of personal growth and you will always be leading.
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Knowledge is freedom and success.
Where to you get your knowledge from?
What are you reading?
Check out and comment on the FINISH STRONG comeptition (earlier post) to win an amazing and jam packed book of knowledge and wisdome by some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs, published by @foundr


What people do you meet?
What books do you read?
How do you feed your mind?
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